Chapter 37

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It was next week Friday when Francis got another call.

"Hey Francis." Alfred's tired voice came through the phone.

"Oh, it's you Alfred. How's Arthur?" Francis asks.

"He's asleep, he's exhausted and he's not the only one. I decided to call you to tell you that Arthur's fine and that I made sure that he made it through in a healthy condition." Alfred says. Francis goes to say something when he hears Alfred talking to someone.

"Arthur I'm right here." Alfred says, sitting down next to the omega.

"I thought you left me!" Arthur's sobbing voice came through the phone. Francis sat down on the couch in his house.

"Don't worry I'd never do that, I was just calling Francis to tell him that you're alive and healthy." Alfred says.

"That frog can wait." Arthur grumbled, and just like that the phone hung up.

"Oh well, I wasn't expecting that." Francis chuckled.

"What weren't you expecting?" Mathew asks as he walks over to sit with Francis.

"Alfred just called, telling me that Arthur's alive and well and that the heat has passed. Although from the sounds of it, Arthur isn't quite finished with the poor boy." Francis chuckles. Mathew laughs along with Francis before Mathew goes quiet as Francis grabs his chin gently. "How about we have some fun ourselves?" Francis questions innocently. Mathew goes red and stands up. "Sorry, we can just-" Francis is cut off.

"Well are you coming or not?" Mathew asks as he disappears down the hall taking his cooking apron off. Francis just smirked and stood up to follow his tall mate.

It wasn't until Monday that anyone saw Alfred and Arthur again; the pair closer than ever. Alfred also announced that they were dating. News spread faster than melted butter. Everyone congratulated Alfred on his feat; much to the annoyance of Arthur. Everyone also stated how amazed they were on the match. No one expected Arthur to get together with someone like Alfred, Alfred decided to take it as a compliment. Arthur laughed and agreed, apparently he was also amazed that he settled on someone like Alfred, Alfred once again took it as a compliment.

"This calls for a celebration!" Feliciano smiles. Everyone agreed to meet up at Feliciano and Ludwig's house to throw a party that night for Alfred and Arthur and Feliciano and Ludwig. The mated pair were very happy knowing that they were hopefully going to be parents in 9 months.

That night Lovino came to accept the pregnancy, with the help of Antonio of course. The Italian omega always wondered where he would be if it wasn't for the Spanish alpha. He assumed he'd be rotting in some dumpster, Antonio had saved his life more than once – and Lovino was more than grateful for it.

Peter also appeared at the house that night, he'd gone with Lars. Apparently the two had gone on their first date two days ago, this gave Feliciano another reason to celebrate. Arthur just laughed at his younger brother's embarrassment; the poor boy was not used to all the attention.

"So when's the wedding?" Mathias grins. Alfred and Arthur just rolled their eyes.

"Honestly Alfred and I start dating and all of a sudden everyone is flipping out." Arthur grumbles.

"Not to mention how many people are losing money on bets." Alfred huffs. Mathias just offers Alfred a beer; the alpha happily took it. Lukas popped out from beside the large alpha.

"I figured the two of you would get together, I didn't think it would happen so quickly however. It makes me fear for Emil." Lukas' gaze rests on his son and Leon. The pair were happily talking away, cuddled together on the couch.

"Do not worry about Emil, that boy has part you in him. It would be a feat for Leon to even get him in bed." Arthur laughs.

"I guess that is true." The Norwegian male nods. "Yet he is part, Mathias." Lukas sighs before saying Mathias. Arthur just grins and looks over at the two alphas who were now chatting away with Gilbert as well. Elizaveta seemed busy with Roderich and Lilli. Tulipa was nowhere in sight but Arthur assumed she was hanging around some of the other teens here.

"Hello!" A cheery voice says.

"Oh hello Vlad." Arthur says. Lukas just nods at the Romanian individual.

"I decided to come say hi, I noticed you from over there." Vladimir points over to the kitchen.

"Of course you were in the darkest part of the house." Arthur rolls his eyes.

"Hey! At least Milen and I got some alone time while in there." Vladimir smiles.

"Seriously? There are children here!" Arthur grumbles.

"Arthur, it's Vlad." Lukas says.

"Anyway I'm going back to Milen, bye!" The cheery Romanian goes back to his Bulgarian mate.

"It's getting pretty late, I think I might go back home." Arthur says and Lukas nods.

"I'll go fight with Emil about leaving now." Lukas sighs.

"I also recommend that this month you think about letting those two share a heat." Arthur says before walking off; not giving Lukas enough time to say anything. Yet the omega just tapped his chin in thought as he turned and walked off.

"Alfred, I'm pretty tired, can we go home?" Arthur questions. Alfred looks at Arthur and nods with a smile.

"Course dude. See you later Mathias, Gilbert." Alfred throws the beer bottle in the bin and offers his hand to Arthur, who rolls his eyes but grabs it with a soft smile.

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