Chapter 32

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"Let's go." Arthur says after the two had finished eating. Alfred had nodded and hurriedly changed before grabbing his keys and jacket and leaving with the other male. They passed Leon and Emil, only a brief hello between Leon and Arthur before they went their separate ways. Emil and Leon apparently had an angry alpha to deal with. Arthur could only assume that the two got up to something and that Mathias was now furious with them.

Alfred and Arthur hop in the car and Alfred started up the car before they start driving. Alfred tells Arthur that he might be late as he would grab some clothes so he could continue to stay over Arthur's for the rest of the week. Arthur had nodded before the two exchanged goodbyes and Arthur hopped out of the car walking into work. Francis raised an eyebrow at the happy skip in Arthur's step.

"What happened to you?" Francis questions.

"Nothing." Arthur said with a giggle. Feliciano bounced over happily.

"Tell us Arthur! What happened?" The bubbly Italian asks. Arthur chuckles and ties his apron on.

"Fine, I'll tell you guys. Alfred and I scented last night." Arthur smiles.

"Again?" Mathew asks walking over swiftly.

"Please Arthur be careful, scenting at your age is a little dangerous. Since you haven't been with an alpha and you're in your prime age, same with Alfred, your body could react. It could send you into early heat if you keep this up." Francis crosses his arms.

"I know, I already told Alfred we needed to stop. However that didn't really go down as planned." Arthur replies. "But I know I still got my point across." Arthur grins. Francis sighs before opening up the shop. Feliciano continued to ask questions, even Lovino asked a few. However no matter how hard Arthur tried to concentrate his thoughts kept taking him back to what Alfred had said.

"Plus if you really wanted everything to stop, you have the power to make it stop. Yet here you are allowing me to control you." Arthur felt himself rub his forehead a little. He knew Alfred was right, he knew he needed to stop, I mean they were only friends weren't they? Friends don't do that. He never did that with Francis or Gilbert or Antonio, however Lovino would've had his head if he did touch Antonio in any sort of way like that.

"Is something wrong?" Lovino asks. Arthur turns to look at him. His thoughts take him back to the way Alfred so easily manhandled him and the way he had looked down at him when he'd said that statement. "Arthur?" Lovino asks nervously, Arthur jumps a little.

"Sorry just thinking about something Alfred said before." Arthur smiles.

"What did he say?" Antonio questions from behind the two.

"He said, plus if you really wanted everything to stop, you have the power to make it stop. Yet here you are allowing me to control you." Arthur breathes out quietly. The omega looks down and plays with the edge of the pocket on his apron.

"Why is that statement such a big deal?" Feliciano appears out of thin air. Lovino smacks his brother's arm and tells him not to scare people like that.

"It's a big deal because it's the answer he gave when I told him we needed to stop. The worst part is that he's right." Arthur whispers the last part. He leans his elbows on the counter and covers his face with his hands.

"Well if you have any trouble with him you can stay with Mathew and I." Francis says. Arthur shrugs away the hand placed on his shoulder.

"I do not want to stay in a house with you frog, and anyway I have to sort out my own problems." Arthur replies. He soon shoves out of the circle around him and grabs some more take-away coffee cups from the back room. When he returned everyone was back to normal. He started to make some drinks and just like that his thoughts bought him back to the obnoxious alpha. Arthur sighed realising how good Alfred was with his words.

It was 10 minutes after the shop had closed when Alfred appeared. Arthur had quickly said his goodbyes before fleeing the scene. He hopped in the car with Alfred and the muscular man drove them back to Arthur's.

"Gilbert and I smoothed things over today. He apologised for his behaviour and said he'd had some troubles with some staff earlier that day and ended up taking out his anger on us." Alfred says. The pair were walking upstairs. Alfred raised an eyebrow at Arthur's blank face, but decided not to question it. Once inside the apartment Alfred grabbed Arthur and sat the individual down. "What's wrong?" Alfred asks, crouching down to meet Arthur's eyes.

"What are we Alfred?" Arthur asks.

"Friends, duh." Alfred responds. However Arthur just covers his eyes and a slight sob leaves his throat.

"We obviously aren't friends anymore Alfred." Arthur mumbles still hiding his face. Alfred sighs and looks down knowing that it was true.

"Well Arthur, how about we go on a date?" Alfred asks.

"When?" Arthur asks uncovering his face.

"How about right now?" Alfred smiles when Arthur gives him a quick nod.

"Give me a sec to get ready, I need to have a shower so I don't smell like a barista." Arthur stands up.

"Same with me." Alfred grins.

Alfred offers his hand to the omega once they had finished getting ready. Alfred had put on some jeans along with his work shoes and a white button down shirt which he had rolled the sleeves of. Arthur was wearing some black jeans along with a white button down with a black jacket thrown over the top. He decided to just undo the top button on the shirt and leave the suit jacket open. Arthur grabs the hand and the two leave the apartment, not noticing the multiple pairs of eyes watching them as they walk off.

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