Chapter 5

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Arthur calmly walked next to the boisterous alpha. Alfred was whistling his favourite song as he skipped along.

"So Artie how old are ya?" Alfred asks and Arthur frowns annoyed with his bad English.

"First of all; my name is Arthur not Artie. Second of all; I'm twenty-two. What about you?" Arthur states in an annoyed tone.

"I'm twenty-two as well. I mean I am Mattie's twin." Alfred says matter-of-factly. Arthur nods while looking down at his feet. He had no real interest in Alfred's age. He ran a hand through his own unruly pale blonde hair as he thought about some questions to ask the man.

"Do you have any other siblings other then Mathew?" Arthur decides on.

"Nah, it's always just been me and Mattie." Arthur felt his bushy eyebrow twitch.

"Mattie and I." Arthur corrects him, Alfred just rolls his eyes.

"Do you have any siblings?" Alfred asks trying to get the conversation away from his English and back to questioning each other.

"Yes I do. I have 5 alpha brothers; 4 of them are older than me and the 5th presented last year." Arthur says thinking back to when Peter presented. All the alphas in the family had celebrated with happy grins while Arthur had congratulated Peter before quickly leaving the house and going to Francis'. The fact Arthur barely had any interest in being with an alpha was due to living with six alphas for most of his life. He also acted the way he did since he had to try and hold his own, if he didn't he would've been made the house slave. His mother was the same; she held her own very well and taught Arthur how to hold his own against alphas.

"Wow no wonder you turned out like you did." Alfred says before covering his mouth in surprise of his own comment.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Arthur grumbles glaring at Alfred who just went along with it.

"Yeah that's totally what I meant anyway." Alfred says waving his hands around before laughing his obnoxiously loud laugh. Arthur huffed pushing some of his fringe out of his eyes. He'd have to get a trim so the hair sat above his eyes again.

"So what was it like growing up with a single parent? I never asked Mathew since the subject seemed to bring up bad memories." Arthur says and Alfred nods.

"Yeah when our parents split they split bad. I know Mathew was horrified watching the way our alpha mother dominated our omega mother. Mathew was more or less sheltered away from angry alphas so he would continue to think alphas were the greatest, I on the other hand always got the wrong end of the stick. Since I was an alpha I was taught to avoid fights and if they couldn't be avoided not to fight in front of omegas. This was mainly because omegas are easy to scare and even easier to scar. When my mum left with Mathew it was just mother and I. It was difficult at first since she refused to clean the house or cook since she was an alpha. I needed to eat so I learnt how to cook and clean." Alfred smiles sadly looking down and scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh my, now I see why you don't seem as alpha as you look. I also understand how Mathew would feel. I'm this stubborn to everyone because I grew up seeing huge alpha fights between my brothers, it's very scary so I learnt to just avoid them and leave the house or I would usually just start cleaning." Arthur says and Alfred nods.

"You don't cook?" Alfred questions looking at Arthur with curious eyes. Arthur felt his face flush red.

"I-I uh... Ok yes I don't cook but that's because I can't cook. I'm very good at cleaning mainly due to my stress cleaning. Plus don't hold it against me, barely any omega with Kirkland blood can cook. I have no idea why but we just can't cook, but we all succeed at cleaning and calming alphas." Arthur states trying to hide his embarrassment by saying how good he was at cleaning.

"I see! Well that's funny, have you ever gotten cooking lessons?" Alfred decides to ask trying not to come off rude in any way.

"I tried and tried and tried but I still burn toast, I just can't cook!" Arthur huffs angrily. Alfred laughs before going quiet at the poisonous look he receives from the omega. Arthur stops in front of the red brick building.

"Well this is my stop. Goodbye Alfred and thank you for walking me back, it was nice to have some company." Arthur genuinely smiles at the taller male. Alfred smiles back and pats Arthur on the head before loosely letting his hand fall off of Arthur's head.

"No thank you for letting me join you, it was fun while it lasted. Do you mind if I walk you home tomorrow?" Alfred questions in a hopeful voice.

"I think I could live with you walking me home again." Arthur nods. Alfred lets a huge grin spread across his face before he waves goodbye and walks back in the direction they came. Arthur sighs walking inside and up the first flight of stairs entering his apartment when he reaches his door. As he walks inside he puts a hand on his head a ghost of a smile on his face as he thinks back to Alfred touching him. He quickly gets the same scowl on his face.

"Hormones." He states shutting the door and heading to the kitchen making some tea and pulling out some fruit to chop up. He makes a little fruit salad for dinner before situating himself on the couch to watch the news.

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