Chapter 3

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Arthur didn't know how he ended up thinking about Alfred but he found himself admiring the way he helped Arthur out with the obnoxious ravenette omega. Very few alphas would come between two omegas. Every alpha was programmed to instinctively protect omegas but none new who to protect when omegas fought. Luckily Alfred seemed to know who to stand up for.

Arthur stopped in front of a medium sized apartment complex. Walking inside he walked up the stairs bumping into five people on his way to his apartment.

"Hey!" An obnoxious voice says and Arthur huffs at the tall alpha.

"Are you going to join us?" An ashy blonde omega asks and Arthur shakes his head.

"Sorry Lukas I don't think I'll come out tonight." Arthur says and the three omegas in the group nod before all of them turned and left. Arthur hurried along hoping to not bump into anyone else. Fortunately for him luck was on his side and he was able to get to his apartment without any other distractions. Opening his door he walks inside closing and locking the door behind him before moving towards the kitchen.

Arthur tapped his chin wondering what he would cook for himself for dinner. After deciding that he would just order take-away he made himself a cup of Rose Tea to soothe him. He grabs a book on his way to the couch to start reading. Arthur gently runs a hand over the worn cover of the book. 'It's a Secret' was the title. It was about forbidden love between two omegas. Sure Arthur had no interest in being with another omega but it was a very good story. He usually read it once every year and he had done so for around ten years now.

"I haven't read it this year." Arthur mumbles before taking a sip of his tea and turning to page 1. He hums in delight to see that the book hadn't been badly damaged by the move. It didn't take long for the sun to slowly go down. His apartment room was shrouded in a beautiful red-orange hue with strokes of pink in-between. Arthur folded a page in the book before setting it down on the coffee table. Grabbing the empty tea cup he put it in the sink washing it before leaving it to dry. He pulled out his cell phone and called his favourite Chinese take-out store asking for it to be delivered. On his way back into the living room he turned on some lights before reaching out to grab his book.

"Delivery!" Came a voice after a series of knocks. Arthur quickly stood up opening the door and staring up at the huge alpha.

"Hello Ivan, I didn't expect you." Arthur says and the large Russian nods.

"I make sure Yao doesn't leave the restaurant after dark." Ivan says and Arthur nods knowing that the alpha was very protective over his Chinese omega. Ivan quickly handed him the bag with his noodles in before leaving. Arthur closed the door returning back to the couch turning on the television before switching stations to watch the BBC News. Opening up the box he grabbed the plastic fork and dug in.

"Dear me, I'll have to text Francis to see if his family is alright." Arthur mumbles after hearing about a mass shooting in Paris. He texts Francis very quickly getting a response instantly. 'Do not fear Arthur my family is fine. However I cannot say the same about some of my family's friends' Francis replies and Arthur sighs, before throwing out his Chinese container. He turns the volume down on the TV and goes away having a shower before changing into his pyjamas, he looks in the mirror at his choice of pyjama wear. He nods in appreciation finding that the new clothes suited him well enough for his liking. He glances at the clock. 'Oh my it's already 8, wow time really does fly' Arthur thinks before turning off the TV and turning out the lights as he makes his way around the apartment locking everything up.

Arthur stumbles tiredly to bed before sliding beneath the warm sheets. He rolls onto his back and stares up at the ceiling. His mind leads him to thoughts about Alfred but he quickly dismisses them and closes his eyes waiting for sleep to overcome him. Sadly he seemed to have used up most of his luck that day and was now stuck rolling around trying to get comfortable enough to sleep.

Eventually with a huff he leaves his bed and hurries to grab his book. Returning to bed he turns on his bedside lamp and starts to read. He only gets through one chapter before he folds the corner of the page and places it next to him on the bedside table. Turning off the lamp he shifts into a comfortable side position that he knew would let him fall asleep faster. His thoughts wondered back to Alfred and his kindness. 'I guess he was alright... Oh God I'm not telling that stupid frog anything he'll never let me live it down!' Arthur huffs before allowing his eyes to slowly droop closed.

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