Chapter 13

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Arthur smiled at Alfred who placed a plate with some steak and vegetables on it in front of him.

"I see you've started to buy raw meats for me to cook." Alfred chuckles.

"Well you are a good cook." Arthur states. He was also glad for the warm meal as Alfred had opened up all the windows in the apartment allowing the crisp air to spill into the place. The two talked over dinner and Arthur washed the dishes with Alfred drying them and putting them away. Alfred and Arthur talked well into the night before they realised what the time was.

"Oh God it's nearly midnight." Arthur says rubbing his face. Alfred stretches spreading out on the couch.

"Can I stay the night? You can lock me somewhere so I don't go anywhere and you can even say no." Alfred sleepily looks over at Arthur.

"Yeah sure, I'll get you some sheets so you can sleep out on the couch." Alfred nods going to get up but is stopped by a porcelain hand.

"Don't worry I'll get them for you." Arthur quietly walks over to the closet pulling out a sheet and a pillow for Alfred. Arthur quickly returned placing the pillow under Alfred's head and putting the sheet over him.

"You really didn't need to do that Artie, I could've done it myself." Alfred says gratefully.

"It's fine, your my guest I need to treat you properly." Arthur smiles taking Alfred's jacket from the end of the couch and hangs it up by the door. Arthur retreats into the bathroom having a shower and changing into his pyjamas before crawling into bed and going to sleep.

"Artie wake up, c'mon it's time to get up." Alfred gently shakes awake the omega. Arthur just rolls over slapping the large hand away.

"Five more minutes." Arthur grumbles. Alfred laughs lightly.

"C'mon I made breakfast for you. You also need to get up if you're going to make it to work." Alfred shakes Arthur a little more.

"Did you just say you made breakfast?" Arthur shoots up rubbing his eyes. Alfred chuckles and nods moving out of the way to allow Arthur to jump out of bed and swiftly walk into the kitchen. Arthur piled his plate up with bacon and eggs happily eating them. Alfred sat across from him grinning at Arthur who smiled back.

"Hey you opened the windows up." Arthur says looking around. Alfred nods laughing. That's when Arthur heard his name being called from outside. Standing up Arthur walks over to one of the open windows. Sticking his head out he spots Lukas leaning out a window.

"Oh Lukas, what's wrong?" Arthur asks.

"Nothing we just wanted to say hi." Mathias sticks his head out. Arthur chuckles smiling at the couple.

"Well hello to you two. How are you?" Arthur asks and the two reply also saying how Emil was doing.

"Hey Artie, the foods getting cold." Alfred says leaning on the window sill. Arthur turns to him quickly apologising.

"Sorry Alfred I'll be right there." Arthur says waving his hand with a little smile.

"Just don't be too long, you have to attend work in about half-an-hour." Alfred states waving bye to the couple. Arthur nods watching Alfred leave still smiling.

"Well you heard him, I have to go. Goodbye and send my best wishes to Emil." Arthur says quickly walking back to the table before continuing with his breakfast.

"Told you." Mathias says smugly and Lukas shakes his head.

"I knew you weren't lying but I had to see for myself. Plus if what you say is true, Alfred must've stayed the night." Lukas says walking back into the living room with Mathias following him.

"Yeah, I wonder how close they are. I mean Arthur practically chases most alphas off so I wonder what makes Alfred special." Lukas taps his chin in thought and Mathias stretches across Lukas' lap.

"Well Alfred has always been good with omegas, I know that from being friends with him for so long. However I don't think that's what got him a place in Arthur's life." Mathias says and Lukas nods before the pair continue watching the news.

"Alfred are you going to have a shower?" Arthur asks and Alfred shakes his head.

"Nah, I don't have anything to change into and I'll be going home after I walk you to the cafe." Alfred states and Arthur nods hurrying off to have a shower and change into his uniform.

When Arthur returns the pair head out the door. They walk along the street laughing and joking with each other. Arthur bumps into a beta who quickly turns around.

"Sorry I didn't mean to bump into you." Arthur says casually and the beta nods.

"Watch were you're going." The beta snaps. This quickly gets a growl out of Alfred who moves to stand protectively in front of Arthur. The three people didn't realise that from the windows of the house across the road multiple pairs of eyes watched the scene play out.

"Did Arthur just allow an alpha protect him?" Leon asks.

"I think so." Yao says amazed before moving in between his two daughters watching very intently.

"Look dude calm down and just keep walking." Alfred says crossing his arms over his chest. The beta snarls back before continuing on walking.

"You alright?" Alfred asks turning around. Arthur nods looking up at the alpha.

"Thanks for that Alfred." Arthur smiles before allowing Alfred to lead the way to the cafe.

"See ya later Artie." Alfred says and Arthur hugs Alfred.

"Once again, don't call me Artie. Goodbye Alfred see you later." Arthur says and Alfred hugs Arthur back before walking off. Arthur sighs before turning around to walk into the cafe.

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