Chapter 15

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The usually long walk to Antonio's house seemed much shorter as Alfred drove Arthur to the place. The two stopped and hopped out Arthur swiftly walking up to the front door and knocking on it. Antonio opens the door before raising an eyebrow, of course spotting Alfred walking up behind Arthur.

"He was going to come either way so I bought him with me to keep him safe." Alfred says and Antonio nods stepping aside allowing the two to walk in. Arthur sits beside Lovino who stares at him with surprise.

"What are you doing here?" Lovino asks.

"I bought him along to help, Antonio says the youngest alpha is 17. That means he is still at an age where an older omega can have control over him and I believe Arthur is someone who could easily control the teen." Alfred answers the question for Arthur and leans on the back of the couch ruffling Arthur's hair. Arthur looks up at the blonde male giving him a warm smile. Everyone looks at Arthur and Alfred in surprise, they continue their chatter making it out like they weren't watching them however the two easily new that they were being watched.

"Did Arthur just allow Alfred to answer for him?" Gilbert whispers to Mathias.

"Yeah the two seem to have grown very close over the past couple of weeks." Mathias states.

Not much later they heard a lot of yelling and loud noise come from next door. Lovino instantly started to get angry, he started to pace however Antonio sat him on the couch and Arthur moved so Antonio could cuddle the omega and try and calm him down. It was an hour later when the group walked out of the house and over to the other. The most intimidating alphas stood at the front. Berwald a Swedish man stood at the very front next to Ivan and Ludwig. They were situated just behind Antonio, he was the one who knocked.

"Hello?" A young alpha says opening the door cautiously. Antonio easily shoves past him and walks into the house. The others follow behind and they start shutting down the party. The music is turned off and the normal lights are flicked on. One alpha challenges Berwald but the much older male chases him off with just a glance.

Arthur grips Alfred's sleeve as they walk in, he knew that he could hold his ground against a few alphas but he could never hold his own against all these alphas. He trusted Alfred enough to protect him to some extent. Arthur tilts his head up slightly sniffing the air, his eyes land on a very young omega sitting on the couch. The girl had obviously only presented months earlier. Arthur releases his grip on Alfred and stalks over to the young girl, he quickly grabs her arm starting to tug her out. An alpha not much younger than himself steps forward growling but Alfred is instantly in front towering over the shorter alpha.

"Let my sister go." The female alpha says and Alfred growls back.

"If she was so important to you, you would've never bought her here in the first place. It's obvious she's in pre-heat and at such a young age she could get her heat at any given moment. I recommend you take your sister and leave this place and never return or you won't just be hearing from us." Arthur snaps pulling the girl out of the house. The sister follows suit and once outside grabs her sister's hand and the two walk off in a random direction.

"Now we'll tell you now. Everyone who does not live here, leave now, for those who do live here slow down on the party throwing. My omega and I have been telling you lot for months to turn the volume down or to stop throwing parties on weekdays. You all have obviously not listened so we of course had to come to this decision. Now for those who don't live here you will leave whether we have to force all of you out or you walk out on your own." Antonio states calmly. A lot of omegas left tugging on different alphas to also go. Every beta left deciding that even though they were betas they definitely could not hold their own against the much older alphas. The only people left in the house were three young alphas obviously only just beginning university.

"So it's you three who are the trouble makers." Antonio says. The three nod and gulp looking down nervously, they had no back-up to help them now.

"We apologise for partying so hard, we'll throw parties at someone else's house now." A male speaks up.

"Alright, just don't bother anyone else when you do so. If you throw another loud party you'll be hearing from not only us but police as well. This is the only warning that will come from us, also don't ever party with such a young omega again. That girl is too young and inexperienced to be here around older people like yourselves. Also as alphas at your age you should know better." Arthur says stepping next to Antonio, Alfred hovered over Arthur keeping him close, as to him the alphas in front of him were still a threat. The alphas in front of them nodded listening to the older omega in front of them. It surprised them that the omega seemed so dominant in how he acted.

"Well my work is done, I'm very tired and I'm going home." Arthur says stretching and Alfred walks over to the door opening it up for Arthur who strolled out the door without a care in the world. Before leaving they drop by to say goodbye to Lovino.

"So Artie, my home is closer than your house so would you allow me to repay you by allowing you to sleep over?" Alfred asks opening the car door for Arthur. Arthur just yawned and nodded.

"I'm too tired to care, but what will I sleep in?" Arthur asks.

"I'll let you borrow some clothes so you can have a shower and everything." Alfred says.

"Now you're making me feel like a horrible host, I never offered you clothes." Arthur grumbles. Alfred laughed.

"Sorry dude, you were a great host trust me. I felt like I was actually treated very well when I was staying over." Alfred grins at Arthur who gently smiles back.

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