Chapter 18

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Towards the end of the day before they shut the cafe up Arthur made a cappuccino for Alfred. Alfred walked in and over to Arthur paying for the coffee.

"Hey Artie, can I sleep over again?" Alfred asks. Arthur blinks in surprise.

"Why?" Arthur questions back innocently.

"Well I wanna stay with you again, it's fun cooking for you and you're an awesome host." Alfred grins.

"Alright, do we need to stop by your house?" Arthur asks. Alfred walks past Arthur pulling the bow on his apron to undo it.

"No I have clothes in a bag, let's get going too my cars parked outside." Alfred says. Arthur quickly nods slipping his apron off and saying goodbye as he rushes out the door that Alfred held open for him. The two walked to Alfred's car and once again Alfred got the door for Arthur and closed it for him before they drove off.

"Did I just see what I think I saw?" Lovino asks.

"Yep." Antonio mutters walking up to stand next to Lovino.

"Luddy says-a Gilbert told him about-a the two being super close of late." Feliciano smiles.

"Where did Gilbert find that out?" Mathew asks leaning on the counter.

"I don't-a know sorry." Feliciano says back.

"My guess is Mathias." Francis states. The others nod in agreement seeing that as the only real answer. Mathias and Lukas had both been talking about Alfred and Arthur and the twos little moments.

Alfred parked in the car-park outside the red brick building. The two get out of the car and Alfred grabs a bag from the backseat. They walk up the stairs passing Berwald, Tino and their omega son Lars. The pair stopped and had a conversation and when they walked off Arthur looked over his shoulder seeing Lars texting on a phone. Arthur guessed Lars would be texting someone about bumping into Alfred and himself. His statement was given more evidence when Lars looked back over his shoulder at the two before looking down and texting more.

Arthur stopped outside his front door unlocking it for them to walk in. Alfred walked in and placed his bag down on the couch. Walking back to the front door to hang his jacket up he returned to see Arthur walking into his bedroom with the bag. Alfred followed leaning on the doorframe as Arthur tidied up his room.

"Is this a mutual invitation to sleep here?" Alfred asks making Arthur jump in surprise.

"Well I thought we could watch another horror movie tonight, probably a less scary one but one none the less. So I thought that I might need comforting again." Arthur smiles. Alfred laughs pushing himself off the doorframe and walking over to Arthur.

"I can live with that." Alfred ruffles Arthur's hair, the unruly blonde mess being messed up further.

"Don't." Arthur whined brushing Alfred's hand away. Alfred just laughed and walked out of the bedroom and back into the living room.

"How about I start on dinner?" Alfred asks and Arthur nods. "Would you like to go have a shower?" Alfred stops looking back at Arthur. Arthur nodded turning around and walking into the bathroom, grabbing some pyjamas before going in.

Once he returned to Alfred the alpha had placed a plate of food down for the omega along with a plate of food for himself. Arthur sat down and Alfred started to eat, the two made small talk about typical things such as the weather.

"Gilbert and Elizaveta are apparently fighting again. Something about Gilbert not giving the family enough attention as of late." Alfred states.

"Yeah I heard about it from Feliciano, I feel sorry for the two even though they're both 25 however they have a 13 year old child to look after. Did you hear that the girl presented?" Arthur twirls a bit of spaghetti on his fork.

"I'd heard through Gilbert that she'd presented however I was in a hurry to get here and didn't hear the part on what she was." Alfred sighs.

"She's an alpha, Gilbert's happy. You know how he always wanted an alpha as a first born because it apparently means that Elizaveta and himself have good genes. Well something like that." Arthur mutters.

"Most families think like that, I have a feeling that's why the Italian brothers were raised by their grandfather not their parents. I mean they came from a very traditional family so the family might have been horrified at having two omega sons." Alfred says. Arthur nods in agreement.

"Do you want an alpha as a first born?" Arthur asks. Alfred just shrugs.

"I really don't care, they would still be my child no matter what they presented as. However I guess it's just an alpha thing that I kinda would like an alpha as a first born. But I would never ditch my wife or husband just because they didn't produce an alpha first born. What about you?" Alfred asks.

"I'm about the same, I don't really care what my children present as however I would like an alpha first born. I'd finally be able to show those stuck-up omegas down the hall that I must have good genes to do that. Although I'm pretty sure it won't be difficult for me to produce alphas seeing as the omegas either with Kirkland blood or mated to Kirklands always seem to produce a large amount of alphas. Like my family for example; 6 sons, only one is an omega while all the others are alphas." Arthur smiles.

"I see, well at least I'm sure you'd make any alpha happy with that knowledge." Alfred smiles back at Arthur. The two continue talking about different issues and of course the new knowledge circling their group of friends.

After they finished eating Arthur grabbed their plates and walked into the kitchen to wash them while Alfred had a shower. Once Arthur finished he went to his television and looked to see what horror movies there was on Netflix.

"What about that one?" Alfred asks sitting down next to Arthur. Arthur reads the description and shrugs.

"Sure why not." Arthur plays the movie. Looking next to him he sees Alfred preparing himself with a blanket and pillow.

"Really?" Arthur asks.

"Yes, I'm making sure that you're comfortable." Alfred states pulling the blanket further up on him. Arthur just laughs at the alpha wrapped in a blanket clinging to a pillow. Arthur ended up moving closer to Alfred as the movie began.

Just like before it was half-way through the movie when a bad jumpscare happened that Alfred ditched the pillow clinging onto Arthur instead. Arthur just pulled the blanket to cover Alfred more as the alpha yelped seeing some random paranormal movement in the movie.

"It's just a movie Alfred, nothing is going to hurt you." Arthur smiled before jumping at Alfred's cry.

When the movie ended Arthur had to stand up and turn the lights on so Alfred could run into the bedroom. Arthur followed the alpha turning all the lights off as he passed them. When he walked into the room he noticed the male hiding under the bed sheets. Arthur just shook his head and turned the light off hearing Alfred squeak in surprise.

"Jeez you sound like an omega." Arthur muttered. He removes the sheets away from Alfred and slid into bed next to him. The alpha popped up next to him.

"Artie, I saw one of the shirts in the closet move." Alfred mumbled. Arthur sighed getting out of bed and closing the closet door.

"There you go Alfred, now come on let's go to sleep." Arthur muttered. Arthur got back into bed lying on his side. Alfred eventually crawled out from underneath the sheets to sleep properly. He started to drift off when he heard Arthur lightly snoring. It wasn't much longer when sleep consumed him and he stretched out like a star-fish, probably hitting Arthur in the process.

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