Chapter 6

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Alfred had walked Arthur home every night for the next few days. It was now Friday and luckily for Arthur it was his day off. He had texted Francis earlier to see if he needed help, he said that Lovino and Antonio had turned up. It meant that Lovino's heat had ended and hopefully tomorrow or the day after Feliciano would return as well. It also meant that Antonio and Francis' best friend Gilbert would also start appearing at the café. Gilbert annoyed Arthur to no extent; the albino always seemed to be everywhere. Gilbert was also your stereotypical alpha same with his younger brother Ludwig. Both boys were obsessed with the gym and being the best at everything, they had gotten awards for all sorts of athletic and academic subjects.

Arthur was at least pleased that his friend Lovino would be working when he got back to work on Sunday. The two boys were as stubborn as a mule when it came to alphas. The only reason Lovino and Antonio ended up together was because Antonio was friends with Lovino his whole life and after Lovino presented when he was fourteen the alpha had continually courted him. It took Antonio four years but the pair couldn't be separated no matter what. Even when Lovino was still in school Antonio would walk him to and from school, the omega had told Arthur that he liked the company Antonio gave him that's why he never pushed him away.

Arthur huffed realising that Lovino was right; as much as Arthur wanted to punch the Spanish alpha some days Antonio definitely was a good people person. Arthur decided to finally have a shower and go shopping for groceries, there was also a sale at his favourite clothes shop. Arthur had a shower and pulled on some black trousers and pulled on a white dress shirt. He tied a tie around his neck and slipped his cream knitted vest on making sure he looked presentable he slipped on some black shoes and grabbed his keys, wallet and phone before heading out the door.

Arthur was halfway to the grocery store when he decided to check the time. He sighed when he looked at an empty wrist only now realising that he'd forgotten to put his watch on. 'Oh well at least I still have my phone.' Arthur checks the time on his phone. It was half-past twelve. Arthur grabbed a basket on the way in and wondered around grabbing his favourite cereal quickly before moving on. He got some more fruit and vegetables so he could make different salads. Grabbing some ham, bread and milk on his way to the self-checkout. After paying Arthur goes to a certain Chinese take out across the road.

"Ah Arthur! What you doing here?" The Chinese man ask and Arthur sighs at the bad English. He decided not to correct Yao.

"Hello Yao, do you mind if I leave my groceries here?" Arthur asks already moving around the counter knowing the other omegas answer. He put them in the back fridge before walking back over to Yao.

"Arthur where you go today?" Yao adds some beef to the wok.

"There's a sale on down at 'Ladies and Gentlemen' so I decided to go down and check out what they have." Arthur hands Yao a spoon.

"Well try not to buy too much." The male said.

"How's the family?" Arthur asks nervously.

"Everything fine except Leon. That boy is head over heels for Emil." Yao snaps and Arthur laughs.

"Yes Lukas said Emil has been sneaking out to meet with Leon, those two really need to be careful there's been a rise in omega attacks lately and they haven't discovered the culprit." Arthur sighs and Yao nods.

"Da Yao-Yao and I are very scared that little Emil will get hurt. Leon is too young to hold his own against a full-grown alpha." Ivan says walking over to the two omegas and Arthur nods.

"I'll see what I can do to make the two re-think their idea of sneaking out. For now I'm going shopping, goodbye." Arthur leaves and the pair says their goodbyes before going back to work.

Arthur made his way slowly over to the clothing store, walking inside the old-fashioned store he gazed at all the different sale signs. Arthur made his way to where some knitted vests hung. He was in need of a new dark green one as his other had gotten destroyed when a loose string got caught in the washing machine and had been pulled until it was snapped off. He looked through the different styles and colours until he came across what he was looking for. Putting the vest against his chest he looked to see if it fit, he couldn't quite tell. Sliding off the vest he had on he slipped on the green one. It fit perfectly. He changed back to his cream vest and smiled when he saw that all vests were 50% off. This made the $40 vest now $20.

He moved along and nearly laughed when stumbled across a familiar pair. Leon and Emil stood in front of the ties together.

"Having trouble boys?" Arthur asks smirking and they both sigh.

"Lukas wants a new tie but he didn't say what colour." Emil says and rubs his face leaning against Leon who had a blank face on.

"Well last time I saw Lukas he was saying he needed a new dark blue tie. Something like this." Arthur grabs a dark blue tie and shows the two who nod in unison.

"Thanks." Leon mumbles.

"Now I have something to tell you," Arthur turns to the two boys with a serious expression "your late night visits need to stop now. It's too dangerous for Emil to go walking around and before you say that Leon's with you let me continue. Yes Emil you have an alpha with you however the two of you are only seventeen. No matter how heroic Leon seems he is still too young to take on an adult alpha. So please reconsider your behaviour and instead just go to each other's houses during the day and sleep over. Now if you'll excuse me." Arthur smiles gently at the two as he passes by. Leon turns to Emil who leans into Leon's embrace.

"He's right Em, how about we go to your place tonight." Leon says and Emil sighs before nodding.

"Let's hope my brother doesn't go into detective mode." Emil grumbles making Leon chuckle.

Arthur left the store with a new vest, a new tie, two new dress shirts and a three pairs of socks. He made his way back to Yao's shop telling Yao he'd bumped into Emil and Leon and discussed the issue with them Yao had said that both boys had gone into a rebellious stage and wouldn't listen to their family on the matter but he had known that Leon would listen to Arthur. Arthur collected his groceries and had promised that he'd tell Lukas when he got back to the apartment complex.

Arthur sighed feeling like his arms were going to fall off as he walked home with the little amount of bags he carried. That was until they felt lighter. Arthur had ran on the spot as he realised that someone had grabbed them. That was until familiar obnoxious laughter came from the alpha.

"Alfred!" Arthur had snapped hitting Alfred on his shoulder.

"Sorry dude! I seriously didn't expect you to react like that. Anyway can I carry these for you?" Alfred questioned wiping his face on his shoulder as more tears ran down his face from laughing. Arthur pulled out a handkerchief and dried them for the boy who smiled gratefully.

"Fine just don't do that to me again." Arthur shook his head still trying to calm himself down. Thankfully Alfred let off a calming scent allowing the omega to calm down even faster.

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