Chapter 20

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"So what do you want to know?" Arthur questions once out of hearing range. Alfred laughs shaking his head.

"I thought you were a little to calm about me coming over. I just wanted to know what you were talking about, I also missed you." Alfred stops and the pair look at a nice looking dresser.

"We were discussing Gilbert and Elizaveta, along with my brother apparently courting Lars. But you missed me?" Arthur glanced up at the alpha.

"Well yeah, I've gotten used to it just being us or at least us together when we're with others." Alfred sighs.

"Well keep in mind that I am not your omega. I'm still my own self." Arthur grumbles.

"Yeah yeah I know. It's just that I didn't expect you to just leave me instantly, I mean you took the day off for us to share together yet all we've done together is sit in a car. However we can get lunch together, you should talk to your friends." Alfred puts his hands in his pockets.

"I guess that's true. Thank you though, I'll spend some more time with my omega friends and I'll come to you when I get hungry. After we have lunch we should go see a movie." Arthur smiles looking at Alfred. Alfred nods running a hand threw his own hair. Arthur scratches the back of his neck before the two separate.

"There you go, they were talking about you and Liz." Alfred states once he gets back to Mathias and Gilbert.

"How did you get that out of him so easily?" Mathias questions.

"It's Arthur, we're close." Alfred smiles.

"Vell I have to be off, Liz and I are going to be going out for lunch together. Ve are trying to sort zhis all out." Gilbert hugs his two friends.

"Good luck." Alfred says.

"So what was that all about?" Tino asks when Arthur returns.

"Nothing." Arthur smiles looking over at Alfred. Said alpha looked over at Arthur and the two grinned at each other.

"Yeah nothing at all." Lukas rolls his eyes.

"Look he just wanted to know what was happening later, nothing more nothing less." Arthur sighed. "Anyway Lilli, I've heard about Natalya."

"Yes Nat and I are very happy bruder allowed us to share my heat." Lilli smiles.

"Well just be careful or you'll end up like Gilbert and Elizaveta." Tino mutters. The two older omegas nod and Lilli just smiles.

"Yes we are very careful, it will be planned. It was only an accident for Gilbert and Elizaveta." Lilli's green eyes harden.

"Always defending Elizaveta and Gilbert." Lukas mumbles.

"Well Gilbert is my cousin." Lilli says. The others nod knowing that it was true. It also did explain why she was so defensive over Gilbert and Elizaveta.

"Lilli!" The omegas look to see Natalya standing near them. The ashy blonde girl was playing with the tips of her long hair.

"Well I must be off, goodbye." Lilli hurries to her alpha and the two wave before leaving.

"Honestly, why does Lilli even have any interest in that alpha. Natalya is trouble, I mean that alpha doesn't even show facial expressions." Arthur grumbles.

"Berwald doesn't show expressions yet look at him." Tino snaps defending his alpha.

"He sure seems to fight with Mathias a lot." Lukas snorts. The two quickly make eye contact. Lukas stands over Tino and uses his height to try and scare Tino off. Arthur backs up a little nervously. The two omegas seem to size each other up and Arthur feels himself hurry over to Alfred.

"Alfred!" Arthur shrieks jumping into the alphas chest.

"Whoa dude what's up?" Alfred asks confused. Mathias and Berwald stared at the omega. The two shared a glance seeing as they'd never seen Arthur act like that.

"It's Tino and Lukas." Arthur mutters looking over his shoulder at the two. Mathias and Berwald quickly walk over and split the two up. "Can we go? I really don't want to end up in between them and their fights." Arthur looks up at Alfred.

"Of course dude." Alfred smiles. The two say their goodbyes and leave the shop.

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