Chapter 36

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Arthur kept his promise and turned up at work the next morning on time. He actually came a little early, just to please Francis. The others chuckled at Arthur's proud expression. He set to work the second the doors opened. Deciding to do as much as he could to make up for yesterday. It wasn't until an hour or two into the day that Arthur's co-workers noticed his odd behaviour. Arthur seemed very friendly with a lot of alphas, however he seemed very defensive against omegas. As if trying to keep them from getting too close.

"Do you think he might be going into an early heat?" Antonio whispers to Francis. The blonde alpha just sighs.

"I think so but I hope he isn't. I honestly don't think he even knows what he is getting into." Francis replies to the brunette. The two huff at the same time.

"Arthur?" Feliciano questions, looking at the two. The two alphas nod and Feliciano giggles.

"Yeah, he must be seeing as he's actually being friendly to most of the alpha's here. Yet he has picked three fights with Lovino in one hour. It's typical teenage heat behaviour – and that's what is so surprising." The Italian replies, the odd curl sticking off the side of his head bouncing slightly.

"You're right Feli, the behaviour Arthur is showing really reminds me of young teenagers just after they present. After they start dating and have someone they can call 'theirs', of course Alfred and Arthur are practically dating, even though they aren't they definitely act like it." Mathew says. "However, I have also seen this behaviour in people who scent with people a lot in a short amount of time after they haven't done anything sexual for years. It's really hard to tell which one is the reason why he's behaving like this. It could even be a bit of both." The Canadian finishes.

"Isn't mon amour just a little genius?" Francis gushes. Mathew flushes and smiles at his alpha.

"To tell you the truth, if I had known that Alfred and Arthur would hit it off I would've hooked them up ages ago. I just assumed that Arthur wouldn't be the type to sleep around with an alpha so much, I assumed he wanted an alpha that was sophisticated and mature, maybe a little older then himself. I wasn't expecting him to go for my immature twin brother, who is the type that sleeps around with his omega or beta. I guess opposites do attract." Mathew laughs.

"I think we all would've done the same Mattie." Feliciano smiles encouragingly. Feliciano and Lovino were complete opposites, there was no doubt about it. Feliciano would do anything for his alpha, he happily did everything and took everything in stride. Lovino on the other hand made Antonio do everything and made more enemies than friends. Yet those two were so close that even Feliciano would not allow his alpha – Ludwig – to separate them, even if it meant leaving him. It was another case of opposites attract, just in a different kind of way. It was also the case for Lovino and Antonio.

"Now are we all done? Can we get back to work? Honestly, people these days." Lovino huffs at the group. Feliciano and Antonio swiftly apologise before going back to work. Francis and Mathew laugh lightly before also getting back to work.

Throughout most of the day, Lovino and Arthur yelled at each other while making drinks. Arthur somehow even provoked Feliciano into being slightly sarcastic about something. Francis could not have been any happier knowing that Arthur would not be working the next two days. This was because they were his days off. Mathew also admitted he would be slightly happy, seeing as Arthur was insulting Lovino, Feliciano and Mathew left, right and centre. Somehow the day went by faster even though Arthur was constantly bothering everyone. No one knew why it went so fast, in the end they assumed it was because their mind was always on something else.

Alfred appeared and Arthur nearly, he nearly ran to him. Instead he walked over and flopped onto Alfred. The alpha easily caught him, he even grinned while doing so. Arthur said goodbye to them before pushing Alfred out the door.

"Whoa Artie what's wrong?" Alfred questioned.

"I want to go home." Arthur muttered, he seemed awfully fidgety. Alfred nodded and quickly drove them to the apartment complex. Arthur left Alfred in the dust as he went straight to the apartment. Alfred locked the car up and made his way upstairs. He stopped in the hallway to have a conversation with Mathias.

"Cool dude! Anyway I gotta go, I think Arthur wants me. I'm not too sure, he seemed to be in an awful hurry to get into his apartment." Alfred says, Mathias just shrugs and says goodbye. Alfred made his way to the door and opened it up. Taking his jacket off and hanging it up he called out for Arthur.

"Arthur where are you?" Alfred asks. He doesn't receive an answer. That's when the smell hits him. Alfred frowned at first before relaxing at the smell and breathing in heavily. He follows it and opens up Arthur's bedroom door. The omega was sitting on the bed surrounded by tons of pillows and blankets, some of Alfred's clothes were a part of the nest. "Arthur?" Alfred questions cautiously.

"Alfred," Arthur starts, gulping before he continues, "will you stay?" Arthur finishes. Alfred feels himself gulp nervously. He knew what could go wrong if this went bad. Yet Arthur obviously trusted him enough to ask him. Alfred turned around and walked off. He heard Arthur let out a noise that sounded like a sob. Arthur stopped his cries when he felt the bed dip, he looked up to see Alfred there holding his jacket out to him.

"Take this, I'll be back as soon as possible. I didn't exactly come prepared for this and neither did you. I'll also lock the place up when I leave to get some stuff." Alfred gently patted Arthur's head. Arthur let out a little noise at the touch. Alfred just smiled before he quickly left.

It felt like forever had passed before Alfred returned to the little omega. By that stage Arthur was starting to really feel the effects of an early and strong heat. Luckily Alfred was now here, he was very careful with the little omega, making sure he ate something, drank some water and took The Pill before they did anything. Alfred also called Francis and told him about what was going on. It took longer than necessary, but that was Arthur's fault.

"Alfred." Arthur whined again. The omega pushed himself onto the alpha trying to move his attention away from the phone to him.

"Yes I'll be very careful. Yes I made sure to get every form of protection. Yes I made him eat. Yes I made sure he was hydrated. Alright bye." Alfred hung up and placed the phone down. He then turned to look at the omega who was sitting in the corner of the nest with his arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face. Alfred crawled over before pulling the omega into his lap.

"Have you done everything I asked you to?" Alfred asks and allows Arthur to spin around to face him.

"Of course I did! Now will you do what I ask you to do?" Arthur questions, as sternly as possible.

"Of course." Alfred connected their lips.

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