Chapter 40

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Brett's POV:

"Ok guys, my cousin says we can use his cabin this week since he's going to visit his girlfriend in Tampa." I announce to the lunch table.

"I'm so excited for this trip!" Avery says with her hazel eyes sparkling as she takes a bite of another one of her salads. I don't know why she eats them, it's not like she need to lose weight, she's hot enough as it is.

"I'm bringing booze so everyone pitch in a $20." Reese says smirking at the thought of his inevitable mass consumption of alcohol.

"This week is gonna be bomb as hell!" Violet yells, "hey so is Jase coming with us?" She asks turning to Avery.

"Oh, well um... He hasn't really been responding to any of my texts so I don't really know." She says kind of awkwardly and we all drop that topic.

Jase, that son of a bitch, has been completely ignoring Avery. I mean he's obviously been having a grand old time since he decides to update his Twitter and Instagram everyday with picture of girls and beautiful places. Avery's deceiving herself, he's trying to run from the relationship.

"We're leaving Wednesday right?" Owen asks and we all nod.

"How are we so lucky guys?" Parker asks wonder struck, " we get to spend a week and a half in a cabin with no adults and a shit load of booze!" We all burst into laughter and begin taking about the up coming trip.

Out of no where, the cafeteria goes silent and we all look up to see what the big ass deal is when I see it. My heart sinks and I quickly look over to Avery.

It took me a second to notice it, the darkness of her eyes and the slight bit of sadness that trickled out.

I knows she's trying her hardest not to cry, I think she's one of the strongest girls I've ever met. I know her heart is shattering into grains of dust and it's being thrashed and torn out of her chest and yet she still manages to maintain that beautiful stolid face.

She looks unfazed besides that single tear lurking in the corner of her eye. I can almost feel her shaking and each deep breath choppier than the last.

From under the table I reach my hand over and place it gently onto of hers. I softly squeeze it to stop the shaking and she turns to me slowly, a pained look that hurts me resting on her face.

I attempt to say something, anything to make her feel better right now but nothing comes out of my mouth. But maybe that's a good thing, I don't think I could say anything that'd make her feel any better anyways.

All eyes are on Jase.

He just walked into the cafeteria with out a god damn care in the world. After almost a month of leaving Avery on a shelf, he decides to strut in with a lanky blonde bitch thrown over his arm.

She leans over and kisses him quickly and he grabs her face and the start eating each other's faces. I see a few jaws drop an I hear a few gasps.

Avery never takes her eyes off them as she takes a big shaky breath. All the while she keeps her face stone cold and calm.

After his little make out sesh, the bastard makes his way over to our table and stands across from Avery. Her grip on my hand tightens and I feel it shake.

"Oh hi Avery." He says evilly as he smiles, "I just wanted to let you know a little something." His grin grows.

"Actually I wanted to let the whole school know." He says a little louder. "If you couldn't already tell, I'm done with you." He says coldly as he turns back to Avery.

"I mean I never found you that hot, plus the whole relationship thing was getting old. I don't know why I decided to date you. but I mean after awhile you stupid love struck act was starting to get boring, and that's when I decided to 'visit grandma' and I hooked up with Talia." He says wickedly and walks out with Talia leaving the whole room gawking at Avery to see how she reacts to the atomic bomb just dropped on her.

I can see her eyes welling with tears and she try's to blink them away, it doesn't nothing but make them fall faster.

"Okay there's nothing to see! So go mind you're own fucking business!" I yell annoyed that everyone has to stink their noses into this.

"You wanna go?" I ask her softly, seeing her cry like this kills me.

"Yeah." She croaks out barely louder than a whisper.

I take her bag on my shoulder along with mine and wrap my arm around her shoulder.

"We'll see you later guys." I say and the group nods.

"Brett!" Violet calls as we turn to walk away," take care of her." She says and I nod.

The second were out of the cafeteria she stops holding back the tears that are now silent waterfalls.

I know anything I say won't help her right now. She just need me to be there for her and that's what I'll do.

I stop up both for a second as we reach the end of the hall. I pull her into my chest and wrap her in a hug.

I can feel her muscles loosen and the crying lessen. I don't even process what I'm doing its just instinct.

I place my lips on her head and whisper into her hair the only thing I can think of, "I'm sorry."

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