Chapter 22

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Avery's POV:

The next day at school I was in a beautiful blur. All I remember is a few stolen glaces from my hot new boyfriend Jase and talking to Reese who may or may not have caught Jase and I kissing behind the staircase.

As the lunch bell rang I grabbed all my stuff and hurried out to the cafeteria. I heard a rumor there were poppy seed muffins today I need one of those!

I raced I to line and bought myself the treat. I then sat down at the table next to Vi and Saved a seat for Jase.

I kinda zone out for awhile while I waited for the rest of the group files in but I snap back to life when I hear a certain player make a very ass hole remark as he approaches the table.

"Avery? She's not even close to the girlfriend type." He chuckles to Reese who furrowed his brows and I hope he doesn't bring up what I think he'll bring up.

"Oh! Avery, how is your boyfriend?" He asks and I face palm. oh fuck.

"She has a boyfriend?!" Brett ask spitting his soda out all over his sandwich chocking on the drink.

"Yeah you didn't know?" Reese asks oblivious to fact Brett was left in the dark.

"No, who is he?" Brett asks with a hint of anger in his voice. Reese still doesn't pick up on it and continues talking.

"Dude, it's Jase." He says nonchalantly.

I shoot Vi a look begging her to take Reese away before it gets any worse.

She stand up and tells us she's going to get a water and walks away dragging Reese with her.

As soon as they are far away enough to not hear us Brett snaps his head towards me with a glare.

"Jase? Really?" He asks annoyed as he rubs his temples.

"Yes Brett I am dating Jase, it's none of your business anyways." I say taking my muffin and standing up. "And speaking of my boyfriend, I'm going to spend my lunch with him thank you very much." I say as I see Jase walk into the cafeteria and I walk away without another word.

I know for a fact that there will be a bomb coming after this whole mess of events today.

Oh Jesus help me.

Brett's POV:

Ever since Summers dropped that bomb on me I've been craving a nice bottle of Jack Daniels. I hate that this makes angry. I hate how she has this effect on me, what am I? I am not and will never be some stupid love struck idiot. Yet Avery over here is making me go insane and angry.

"That's it. Too many stupid emotions." I think before downing a mouthful of alcohol. This won't end well and I'm counting on that.

Next thing I know I'm out on the street. As I turn the corner down my street, the light are dim and the street lamps cast large shadows down the street like giraffe necks.

Ok maybe the intoxication talking a bit but I swear I'm just buzzed.

As I get a few houses away from my own I see the lights on in Avery's living room. Being the curious person I am an seeing that her curtain were open I glance in from the sidewalk, bad idea on my part.

There on the couch was that stupid-fuck Jase and Avery tonguing each other and sucking face, his hand was running up her skirt like the perv he is.

Unexplainable rage bubble up inside of me and I walked into my house slamming the door shut, I fumbled to my bathroom and tried to cool off. I don't know why I was so angry, I looked up in the mirror and I could see her house through my open window.

"Ughhh!" I grunted as slammed my fist into the mirror without thought, the glass shattered and my knuckles split.

"Fuck!" I yell as I clench my jaw from the pain, I feel my cheek stinging and I reach up to feel warm red blood ooze out of my cheek, I guess the shards flew. Fucking great.

"This is what I get for trying to be a good person." I mumble to myself as I try and clean up my stupid mess, to hell my life is a stupid mess.

Just like this broken glass I have to clean my life up too.

Damn, I'm poetic, Avery is really rubbing off on me, oh shit.

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