Chapter 17

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Avery's Pov:

The day from hell has officially ended and with impeccable timing, one more hour and would have killed myself.

Brett and his ass hole ways have grown quite popular with the sluts around school, all trying to get some quick action with no stings attached.

I slam my locker shut as the collision rings down the halls.

I sigh deeply with an empty frustration. I don't know why I've been sighing all day but I'm over it and ready to move on, I have to stop thinking about Brett as a good person, he was a liar and a no good womanizer.

"Having a bad day?" A voice jolts me. I turn and see Jase walking up to me.

"Is it that obvious?" I ask.

"Just a lit bit." he lies for me.

"My days been absolute crap." I sigh yet again.

"I'm sorry Avey," he pouts and loops an arm over my shoulder, "let's cheer you up shall we?"

I nod silently and he leads me to his car parked in the school lot. We take off down the street in silence, the only sound is of the car motor running and the air blasting trough the already freezing car.

"Where are we going?" I ask as he drives past my street.

"Ready for that make up date you promised?" He asks me smiling. I begin to blush uncontrollably.

"I guess I don't have a choice." I joke as we pull into an ikea. I give him a weary look as he chuckles with a sly grin.

"Ready for some fun?" He asks with bright eyes as he gets out of the car.

"What kind of fun are we going to have at a furniture store, from Sweden?" I inquire very unsure of this boys mental sanity.

"Just, let go and play pretend." is all he says before he runs ahead of me toward the automatic doors like a five year old kid.

"Well this will be interesting..." I mumble to myself as I chase after him and into the store of strangely named furniture an unsuspecting shoppers.


"Oh would you like a cup of tea?" Jase mimicks a British accent as he grabs a tea pot off a stove and a model cup with a giant tag on it and pretends to fill the cup with tea.

"Why am I doing this?" I laugh as I take the fake tea.

"Why dear, what ever are you talking about?" He continues acting and playing with all the utensils in the display kitchen.

I decide to join in because well, why the fuck not?

"Darling can you cook up the goose, my mother is coming in from Prague." I say as I open the fridge to find empty pitchers.

"Ohh!" I gasp, "we're all out of wine,what ever shall I do?" I sit at the bar in distress.

I look out the the walkway where family's are giving us deranged looks and slight chuckles.

"Oh dear, don't fret, we can find some." he says triumphantly as he walks into another display kitchen across the way.

"My hero!" I hug him and we laugh as he pulls my hand towards the living room area.

The curious looks from innocent shoppers increase as we live in the living room displays.

"How was your day at work?" He asks in a deep manly tone as he clicks the fake remote towards the fake tv.

"Oh, same as always, but the kids are finally asleep." I sigh as I plop down next to him letting his put his arm around my shoulder as I lean towards his chest.

"Well that's nice honey." he says clicking though imaginary channels.

"I'm so tired." I say honestly but still in character.

He turns to me, "okay let's go to bed." he takes my hand and slowly leads me to a bedroom display. Now this display was a little different than the rest, it was secluded by two walls so you could only see it if you looked past the closet built-in.

He lays down and pat the bed beside him, I obviously lay down as he wraps a protective arm around my waist and spoons me.

I close my eyes for a second to breathe. Besides the fact we're in ikea this seems real, like a total possibility for my future.

"Smile." I hear him say cheekily as I open my eyes to him taking a selfie of us.

"Jase!" I say with a giggle, wait what? I don't fucking giggle.

What is going on?!?

He winks playfully at me and I turn my head away in disapproval. I turn back again a second later and his nose is in front of mine. We are breathing the same store pumped oxygen, and looking closely into each other's eyes. For a second no one moves, it's like we're frozen here, just looking at each other and seeing things about the other words would never be able to say.

'What are you doing avery?' My conscious asks, "no boys remember?"

I shake out of the silly haze I let myself run into.

"It's um... late, I think we hold get going." I say in a dull tone, sitting up turned away from him.

"Okay." was all he said.

Nothing got awkward. the ride home was fun and we even got cookies from ikea's food court before we left.

As he pulled up in my driveway he put the car on park. he shifted in his seat and looked over at me.

"I don't know about you, but today was fun, I hope we could do it again sometime." he said calmly with a small grin the made a smaller dimple appear.

"Id love to." I said with a blush I couldn't subdue. He smiled as I said so and he leaned forward and like a true gentleman, gave me a peck on the cheek and leaned away.

"See you tomorrow Avery. goodnight." he says smoothly as the words rolled out like flowing water.

I stepped out of the car and walked myself to the front door. This date was perfect, I forgot all my problem from the day, well at least until the problem itself was laying on my bed half dressed.


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