Chapter 11

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Avery's POV:

The noise could be heard from down the hall, the jumbled words drifting from the cafeteria doors. As I got closer the noise and screams and secrets got louder and more coherent.

I pulled open the heavy metal doors, which truly was a struggle because they weigh a shit-ton. The aroma of fresh baked frozen pizza enveloped my nose and tempted my grumbling stomach.

I needed to keep strong, no pizza. I need to eat health and just stick to the salads and fruit, but damn do I want something greasy.

As I approached the table I usually sit at with Violet and the boys, it was full of strangers and unless everyone had plastic surgery and dyed their hair, I think I have misplaced my friends.

"Looking for someone?" A deep whisper cooes in my ear causing me to jump.

Of course it's Brett and of course he's laughing at how he scared the living shit out of me.

"Where is everyone ass wipe." I say flatly but can't not laugh with him. I don know why, nothing was even funny, but his laughter is contagious.

"Outside, come on princess." He says after catching his breath and pulls me along beside him.

"So, what are you doing Friday night?" He asks slowing down his pace.

"Nothing why?"

"Oh, no reason." He seems suspicious.

"What do you want Brett, spit it out." I ask annoyed as he opens the door that leads us out to the courtyard.

"You're such a bitch you know that?" I shrug as we walk under a few trees and he seems sort of angry, "I was just going to say that the guys want you to come watch their football game at 7." He says defeated .

Now I feel bad. He wasn't even flirting or trying to hook up, it was for the guys, and besides Mason, all the guys seem really sweet. They've all really grow on me.

"Well, if it's for the boys..." I tease knowing full well Vi and I are going to support.

"Avery," he warns and gives me a glare, "please?"

I send him a smile as confirmation that I'm going to go watch.

It really is nice outside, the sun is out and there's not a single cloud in sight. The wind has died down and in mid-autumn the leaves are crunchy and brown.

"Fine, I'll go, only because it's obvious how desperately in love you are with me." I tease him with a big smile and skip off to the cement table under the shady tree where our friends are enjoying a meal.

"Ave, love isn't my thing." he yells after me but it doesn't seem too enthusiastic.

"Hey guys." I slid into the open spot between Reese and Parker.

"Hey," "Sup," "Avery!!" They all simultaneously respond. Brett walks up to the table and I think he is contemplating what to say, because he's opened and closed his mouth not letting his words out.

"I don't do love, Avery." he states very firmly and I try not to, but I can't hold in the giggles erupting from my sealed lips.

"What's so funny Avery?" Parker pipes in as he pokes around at his chicken and stars soup.

"No, nothing." I say between hole in laughter.

"I'm serious, why is this funny?" Brett says crossing his arms a serious scowl on his face.

"She's never seen you in play." Mason sidebars to Brett but I could still make it out. I don't know why but this intrigues and confuses me.

"What do you mean play?" I ask dumbfounded even though I full well know exactly what he means, just a hidden part of me doesn't want it to be true.

Brett is a pervert and a tease at times yeah, but he's usually sweet and fun to be around. He can't be the typical bad boy player, he cant.

"He means that I play girls, Ave, I know I've been nice but that's because were friends, but if you're my target there's no chance you'd win this." Brett says, the inflection in his voice changed completely and it scares me how quickly he can change.

"Oh," that's the only word I could spit out of my mouth, oh.

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