Chapter 9

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Avery's POV:

I slam the locker shut and lean against it, I officially hate Tuesdays too. I mean everyone hates Monday's but I think Tuesday's deserve as much hate.

I mean, a pop quiz in three of my classes, I left my math homework at home and Mason just had to 'accidentally' spill water on my white shirt so the whole damn school can see my black bra through my now skin tight shirt and they all probably think I'm a slut, great.

"Hey." a voice says next to me and I'm completely fed up with the boys bullshit today.

"What?" I asked annoyed as I glance over at a surprised Jase, oh shit. "oh, god, sorry I thought you were-"

"Ave, it's fine, chill." he laughs and leans on the locker next to me, "rough day huh?" He either read my mind or I'm so done that you can read it off my face.

"Is it that obvious?" I slump to the floor and he soon follows, sitting next to me.

"Kinda." he exhales and we just sit there in silence for awhile, "do you want my jacket, to cover..." He motions to his chest and I nod as he stands up.

He offers me a hand and I gratefully take it. He pulls me up and walks me down the hall to his locker. He effortlessly spins the dial and opens it to reveal a varsity letterman jacket. I flash him a surprised look.

"What, do you think just cuz I'm vegan means I can't play football?" He says flatly but it's obvious he's hiding a laugh.

"Do you play football?" I ask knowing very well he doesn't, it's not his game.

"Nah, my brother did though." he says as if that makes a difference.

"Just be a sweet little vegan and let me use your fancy jacket." I beg a two cheerleaders walk by giving me death glares.

"Fine, you better give it to me after school though." he locks the locker and I give him yet again another confused look. "The project, Ave come on, get your life together!" He laughs and pats my head as he walks away.

"See ya later!" I call after him and he waves, shit, completely forgot about the project.

I slip in the large jacket just as the bell rings. Last class of the day, lets hope I survive so I can do the stupid English project.

I walk into auto and take my seat hoping for another workshop day so I can tinker on the car in silence then go home.

"Okay class, I need to grade some papers for Mr. Persh so let's go workshop it today and get something done." he says as he walks off to his office and I'm so relieved.

I walk over to my car in the corner of the shop and get working removing the rust, simple enough task for a day.

"Who's jacket?" I hear Brett's jealous voice ask as he walk up with a rag around his neck.

"Why do you give a shit? You're not my boyfriend." I say rudely, I'm not in the mood for him and his stupid games, I had realized the night after the pool party that his whole nice guy act was just that, an act to get me to kiss him. I felt like an idiot, and since then I've just been avoiding his drama and his flirting as much as possible.

I feel so stupid for letting him get to me like that, I mean I knew he had charm and was easy on the eyes but I isn't think I'd be thy easy, he thinks I'm easy now. Oh no, guards up and I won't let him get away with that dirty trick without getting my revenge.

"Is it illegal to ask a damn question around you, god I'm out of here." he throws the rag down on the floor next to me and picks up his backpack, ready to storm off. Even though I hate to say it, I really need his help with this car.

"Brett," I call out apologetic, "I'm sorry, please, I need your help." I give up my pride for this class, I totally deserve an A.

"See, how hard was that babe?" He flirts and my eyes grow narrow.

"Your pushing it." I warn and throw him back his towel. And he catches it putting his hands up in surrender as he laughs and sits next to me as begins to clean the rust.

"So, no really what loser lent you their jacket, I liked the view before." he pulls open the top button to see my wet shirt again and I slap his hand away.

"Jase okay? Happy?" I try and end the conversation as fast as I can. I just wanna work.

"No, but since you're PMSing I'll drop the topic." I wanted to bitch slap him so bad but I controlled my urge to pulverize him and finished the class in silence.

"Bitch." But not until I had the last word in.


The repetitive knocking on my front door eased up as I pulled it open.

"Hey," Jase smiles as he gently pushed me aside as he walked in, what a gentleman.

"Hey, so what are we gonna do for this thing?" I ask following him up the stairs as if this were his house instead of mine.

"We have to pick a poem and analyze it." he says opening my bedroom door.

"Doesn't seem too hard." I shrug sitting down on the desk chair and spinning around to face him.

"Not really no, so what do you wanna do?" He says as he casually yanks off his t shirt and throws it on the floor. I mean yeah today got kinda warm but it's not blistering heat to the point of ripping your shirt off.

"Getting cozy over there?" I ask leery and he flips through a book of poems.

He glances up, "oh Ave, stop pretending like you don't like seeing this so shut up and take in the view." he gestures towards his body with a smirk.

"Wow someone's a conceited little bitch today." I tease as I walk over to him and sit besides him to read the poems.

I mean his abs are great but I think he should be wearing a shirt.

"Haha, Avey, pick a poem." He says showing me the few poems he liked.

"Read me them." honestly I'm not in the mood for a project, my day was horrible and I just want to sleep.

"Ok fine the first one is called... 'What is Love?' Here we go,

What is love?
Is it that sparkle in her eyes?
The beauty in her smile?
Is it the way she laughs at nothing?
The way she bites her lip?

I don't care,
I don't care what love is,
I know I love her.

Does she love me?
Does she know what loves is?
Does she look at me the way I see her?
Does she even know I'm alive?
What is love?

She is love."

He read the poem, true passion in his eyes, I felt like that whole time, he was reading to me, meaning more than words but as if he's been feeling this way, and I don't know if it's my mind messing with me but I felt like it was real, like this was his way of saying he loved me.

I can't help myself, a giddy rush starts o flow through me and in that second we slowly, saying nothing, lean into a deep kiss. I know it's cliche but I felt the sparks.

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