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Chapter 38

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Avery's POV:

Decembers gone by in a fuzzy ugly cold blur. I mean it seems like yesterday was that stupid lock down, but here we are a week away from winter break.

I haven't heard anything from Jase since he left and I've tried calling and texting. I've never felt more clingy in my life. On the bright side he will be back on Monday.

Formal is in two days. I still don't know if I should go. Violet, Owen, Parker and Reese are all going but they all have dates, or as Reese likes to call them, one nighters.

"Hey lonely pants, want some company?" Violet asks walking up with a tray of cafeteria slime. I don't know how she eats that, it's all a bunch of artificial meat mixed with artificial vegetables and it's nasty.

"Yes please." I say pulling out a salad from my bag and pop open the lid.

Soon enough the empty seats at our cafeteria table begin to have butts in them. The gangs all here!

"So, Avery, you and Brett are the only two not going to formal..." Owen teases and nudges my shoulder making my salad fall of the fork.

"Yeah I guess... No one asked me so I don't really feel like going, no biggie." I say stuffing a forkful of green leafys in my mouth.

"Brett?" Owen turn and asks him for his explanation as to why he's not following society's deemed "norm" of going to formal.

"I don't know, really. I kinda though none of you were going but oh well."  He shrugs and everyone at the table passes glances and I know what they're thinking.

"Dude, just fucking ask her to formal already..." Reese rolls his eyes as he says what everyone else is thinking.

Brett looks across the table and gives m one of those "what are you gonna do?" -looks and I laugh.

"If I must." He sighs jokingly and stands up dramatically.

He walks around the table and kneels down next to me taking my hand.

"Why?" I mouth as I try and keep in my smile that spreading across my face, this is so cheesy.

"If I'm gonna do this, I'll at least do it right." He whispers.

"Avery Scarlet Summers, would you do me the honor of being my...(pause for dramatic effect)date to formal?" He asks loudly, intentionally pausing so people think he's proposing.

"Oh I'd love to!" I shout since we're obviously putting on a show for the whole school.

I jump into his arms as he stands up and he spins me around, I can hear the gasps and oohs from around the cafeteria. I hear some nasty whispers about how I'm dating Jase and am fooling around with Brett but I ignore it. As he set me down we clasp hands and bow as if we were actors or some shit.

"I'll only go with you if you come dress shopping with me." I say as soon as we are sitting again.

"That sounds fair." He says and the other guys groan, "what?" He asks turning to Reese.

"Bad move, dress shopping is the worst!" He deadpans.

"Fuckkkkk...." Brett groans.

"Nope you agreed." I say sternly as he try's to worn out of it with a pouty face.

"Fine meet me at my car after school." He whines and the bell rings for class.


"Hurry upppppppp..." He groans whinnying from outside the dressing room. We've been at the mall for twenty minutes and he's already antsy.

"Just chill out..." I whine back as I pull on the first dress. It's a black lace bodycon dress with lace sleeves and an open back.

"Ok I'm coming out." I warn him as I turn to open the door.

"Avery you're coming out of the closet?!" He joked an I stepped out of the dressing room to get his opinion, "I didn't know you were ga-- wooowww." His jaw dropped as he checks out my dress.

"Wanna take a photo?" I tease since he won't stop checking me out.

"You look so fucking great..." He says quietly with hi eyes practically bulging out of his head.

"So is this a yes?" I say turning around to show off the back.

"No," he says frowning, "it's a fuck yes." Smiling.

"Good, we're done!" I cheer and we high five. "Give me two minutes and we'll leave."

I step back into the dressing room and quickly change, picking up the super cute black dress and walk back out.

"Wow, and they said shopping would be painful..." He laughs to himself as we walk over the the cashier and I place the dress on the counter.

"Hi there hottie." The cashier girl said looking directly at Brett, not even realizing I'm there.

"Ehhemm..." I cough so the flirty little bitch can actually do her job.

"It'll be 47.36" she says shortly and turns back to Brett, "so you're single right?" She ask shamelessly as she flips her hair to one side and bites her pointer finger seductively.

I don't know why this girl is really rubbing me the wrong way but I can't let her have the satisfaction of getting a date with my best friend.

"Um no he's actually not single." I say bitterly but with a smile as I wrap my arm around his waist.

He looks shocked for a second than joins along by wrapping his arm over my shoulder. Flirty cashier bitch glared at me obviously not believing that we were together.

Was our chemistry really that bad?

"I don't actually believe you." She said laughing rudely, "I mean you couldn't even kiss him if you tried." She continued amused as she wrote down her number on a my receipt.

I don't know what crazy spirit possessed me but I glared at her and turned towards Brett and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him just to show that bitch.

I knew he was surprised but he didn't object.

She scowled at me as I pulled away and threw a $50 on the counter grabbed the dress and started walking out of the store.

As soon as we were out of ear shot Brett stopped and turned to me.

"Okay what was that about, not saying I didn't enjoy it but,come on." He asks clearly amused.

"Ugh.... I just...she pissed me off and I didn't wanna give her the satisfaction...of... Ughhhhhh!" I groan and storm off.

"Wow glad you're looking out for me." He smirks looping an arm around my shoulder.

"Yeah yeah whatever, it's shoe time." I smirk and he slumps over.

"Nooooo...." He whines and tries to walk away, what a baby.


Hi guys I'm finally back, schools been crazy! I've had multiple 10 hour days and I finally have time to write!

And please please comment if I should do a chapter on formal because I kinda don't want to do it.

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