Chapter 19

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Avery's POV:

I wake up at 6 that morning so I can get myself ready to walk my sorry ass to school.

Jase usually takes me but since he has to have the immune system of an elderly man and caught the flu, I get to walk ALL WEEK.


I pull on a pair of baggy sweat pants and a plain white cropped tee. Looking smoking hot is not my main priority. I mean the more I blend in with the walls the less idiots try to win me over with their "charm".

Me and Brett aren't really on good terms, if that wasn't already obvious. I even tried thanking him for saving me that night, no use. The Barbie burn has taken over any speck of a personality that Brett had.

I throw my hair into a bun and slip on my black converse high tops before grabbing my bag. I begin my torturous adventure to school, it takes 40 minutes to walk to school. I will die.

It's barely sunny outside, the sun rose about 30 minutes ago and the world is just beginning to defrost. It feels like it 12° outside, its probably really 40° but hey, dramatic effect. either way, it's cold.

By the time I reach school, my legs are numb and I'm exhausted. I have about 20 minutes until class starts and I don't see anyone worth taking to as I walk in.

My locker is on the opposite side of campus and since I jus walked over a mile, it's not happening. I look for Parker Reese or Owen because those boys are still my best friends.

"Looking or someone?" A deep voice asks while placing large hands over my eyes.

"Reese!" I exclaim excitedly as I turn around and hug him with a smile. He reciprocates the gesture and walks me toward his locker and my class.

"How are you?" He asks placing his arm around my shoulder as we walk, I don't mind all that much.

"Fine, a little tired..." I say contemplating if I should ask what I'm thinking. I finally give in and ask shyly, " have you talked to Brett since.."

"The Fuck fest?" He finishes for me. "Not really, he kinda turns into a dick and get too bitchy for my tastes." he shrugs and stops by a locker which I assume is his.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear." I grumble and roll my eyes as Brett walks in with Maddie on his arm like a nock-off Prada. Reese turns around and groans as he looks at the little man slut.

When Reese's gaze returns to me a small twinkle in his eyes appear and it worries me.

"Wanna make him jealous?" He asks with a sexy smirk. I laugh and nod my head, not fully know how we could make him jealous.

As Brett walks closer to us I can feel his eyes on us suspiciously. in moments Reese wraps his arm around me and leans towards my ear.

"Follow my lead and laugh." I laughed as Brett came within a few steps of us. He slowed down and Reese brought his mouth near mine but not ever touching. He whispered into my mouth, "pretend we are kissing."

So I did, Brett sent daggers our way and Maddie had to drag him down the hallway. As he turned the corner Reese let go and began laughing like a mad man.

"Holy shit, that was great! Did you see his face!" He bellows clutching his stomach in laughter.

"It was wasn't it?" I laugh a little. "why didn't you actually kiss me?" I spit out without processing my question.

"Because I didn't think you wanted me to" he shrugs like it was no big deal. It then suddenly occurred to me that deep down Reese was not a party going bad ass like people think but he's a sweet gentleman, but I don't think he wants people knowing that.

I smile as the bell rings and I walk into my first class waving goodbye to Reese, at least I know I still have the boys.


"Hi?" A groggy voice answers through the muffled phone.

"Hey, are you okay?" I ask sweetly like I'm talking to a puppy.

"Yeah" insert cough here. "just a little bit sick." Jase reassures me.

"It's settled" I say.

"What is?" He asks confused.

"I'm coming right now, I'm brining you soup and I'm gonna help you get better." I say as I grab the car keys off the entry table of my house.

" love me that much?" He asks teasingly.

"No, I'm just tired of walking to school." I say half serious. "I'm on my way I'll see you soon" I say before ending the conversations and starting the car.

It takes me 5 minutes to get to his house. Correction, It would have taken 5 minutes if I Haden's stopped for soup, and a bag of potato chips, and a six pack of soda and a tub of ice cream.

So I got side tracked. Sue me.

It took 20 minutes to get to his house and when I got there I hauled in my groceries and walked up to his room. Or those of you wondering no I did not break into his house or steal a key but people in this town never lock their doors, I have no clue why but they dont.

"Jase?" I call as I climb up the stairs with a tub of mildly warm soup.

"Up here." his raspy voice try's to yell.

I open the door and see him cuddled up in the corner bed on his laptop. his vintage quilted sheets keeping him warm.

"I come bearing soup." I say cheerfully holding out the tub of chicken noodle with a smile.

He coughs and takes the tub gratefully beginning to sip the warm broth. He looks worse than he sounded on the phone. His hair is a mess and his eyes are puffy and red, his nose looks like Rudolf and he's so congested he can't help but breathe loudly through his mouth.

There are crumpled up tissues everywhere, and it looks disgusting. I decide being the good friend I am to grab a clean tissue and use it as a glove as I pick up and throw away all the nasty used ones.

"Thank you." he manages to choke out with a faint smile and he looks like he's burning up.

"Are you okay?" I walk up and place my hand to his forehead and it's burning like I expected.

"Yeah I'm fine." he try's to convince me.

"I'll be right back." I run to the bathroom and grab a washcloth and wet it with cold water. I wring it out and run back to him placing it on his forehead and wiping his face.

His hand reaches up as I wipe his cheek gently and he holds my hand in his, looking me in the eyes. "you're so perfect you know that?" He asks sighing deeply. "if I weren't sick, id kiss you right now." he says breathily.

I don't say anything for a few minutes all I can do is smile. By the time words can be formed into a sentence he's asleep.

"You're perfect too" I whisper and bend down and kiss his forehead pushing aside his hair. Did this really just happen or am I watching a romantic chick flick?


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