Chapter 56

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Brett's POV:

I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been rough. Graduation felt sickly lacking without Avery there, all of us felt it. Grad nite was slightly less awesome without her snarky remarks and I know Violet felt lonely being the only girl in the group.

Long distance was terribly hard. Avery and I still kept in touch, daily actually. We'd FaceTime everyday on my walk home from summer school, talking for an hour or two before she had to go to work at the beach as a lifeguard. I bet she looked smoking in that red swim suit. I could just imagine all the dumb sun soaked jerks who'd try to place the moves on her. That's the hardest part I think. Not physically there to kiss her or hold her or to tell those beach bum guys that she's my girlfriend and to back off. But what choice do we have? We're thousands of miles apart. And there are days, like today when I can't even get a hold of her. She's busy with work or new friends and can't always pick up.

The walk home was excruciating. The teacher babbled in about something insignificant in the sticky and humid classroom all day. It was a cloudless day and of course there has to be no breeze at all today. And just to make matters worse Avery's not even picking up.

I walk up the steps to the front porch and wrestle to get my keys out of my backpack. I fling open the front door and set my bag down as I kick off my shoes. I hear the wood creak in the kitchen and call out to see who's home. Mom shouldn't be home yet so I'm a bit skeptical. I walk down the hall to the kitchen around the bend and there she was sitting up on the bar top.

"Honey I'm home!!" She cooed with a mischievous smirk. I was in shock for a moment I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Ave!!" I ran to her spinning her down off the table as I embraced her. She sweetly kissed me and grinned,

"Miss me brownie boy?"

The End

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