Chapter 21

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Avery's POV:

I walk into the house after the date with Jase after school today and a sweet aroma sweeps over me.

My mother never cooks more than a salad or boxed pizza since her skill set never included food making.

"Mom?" I call out as more of a question as I set my bag down by the door and slipped my shoes off.

"In here! Come see what we made!" She says practically singing her excitement out. The word "we" is what's scares me because Jake isn't much of a chef either, I'm scared to assume but I'm pretty sure we have guests over...great.

I slowly walk into the kitchen and see my mom and Mrs. Dallas, oh joy, that means Brett's here.

"Look at the lasagna honey!" My mom says giddily as Mrs. Dallas smiles at me and slips the tray into the oven.

"Hello Avery." Mrs. Dallas says sweetly as she sets the timer on the oven.

"Hi Mrs. Dallas." I say as I smile and grab a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Oh honey, call me Margaret." she said laughing and I nodded.

"Oh your brother is in his room with Brett, go check in on them will you Avery?" My mom asked as I started leaving the kitchen.

"Mmkay." I grumbled as I turned down the downstairs hall to Jakes room.

I peeked into the door way to see them both playing Fifa on Xbox.

"Aye! That was a cheap shot!" Jake yelled as Brett laughed and I couldn't help but chuckling a little bit too.

Jake turned to the door probably hearing me, a puzzled look on his face, " Avery? What do you need?".

With that Brett turns to the door surprised but quickly recovers and smiles at me. Damn he's bipolar. Now Brett's all smiley and back to being the sweet hot guy next-door?

"Mom wanted me to check in." I state as I lean against the doorframe.

"Well you've checked in." Jake said mildly annoyed that I'm killing his 'bro time' with high schooler. He thinks that it will make him cooler at school if he can tell everyone he is friends with THE Brett Dallas, even the middle schoolers know who he is.

"Someone's snappy." i walk into his nasty room covered in dirty socks.

"Come to watch me win again?" Brett teases as he scoots over on the bed so there's barely enough room for me to fit, I tried to half sit next to him. He wrapped his arm around my back forcing me to place my legs over his lap and has the controller in front of both of us.

"Ew, Avery stop trying to throw yourself at Brett." My brother groans as he scrunches up his nose in discuss.

"Yeah Ave." Brett jokes as I feel him chuckle and I roll my eyes at them both.

"Come on let's go eat, lasagna's ready." I say kicking my legs down and shutting off their consul.

"Ugh you're such a buzz kill Ave." Brett groans as him and Jake stand up and reluctantly follow me to the dining room.

"Oh good, Avery and Brett honey, can you two please set the table. Jake go help Margaret fill cups of lemonade." my mother directs as I salute her and grab a stack of plates and silverware to the table.

"Here put these on the plates." I say handing Brett the silverware.

"Yes ma'am." he jokes as I laugh slightly, its kind of hard to be upset that he dating a slut when it's so much more fun to be friends with him.

"Soo...maddie?" I bring up awkwardly as I set the last plate down on the table.

"Let's not okay?" He almost barks back at me and I raise my hands in defense, god damn this kid must be bipolar or some shit.

"Alright gosh." I scoff as I sit down since Jake just came in with the glasses and the mothers follow soon after.


"That was great, thank you mom and mrs da- I mean Margaret." I correct as i stand up and push in my chair, I am so happy it's jakes night to clean because this is a fuck ton of dishes.

"You're welcome." they say in unison as I walk to the foyer and up the stairs. I plop down on my bed the second I get in my room, today has been so busy with the date and than this dinner I'm socially exhausted. All I really want to do is go swimming or take a nice long bath but neither of those is an option until perv boy Dallas goes home, I don't trust him.

"Hey..." he whispers quietly as he knocks on the ajar door, his voice deeper than earlier.

"Hi." I say turning over so I'm leaning on my elbow facing him.

He walks over and sits on the edge of the bed by my feet, the mattress sinks a little and I'm expecting him to lay down and pull some sort of move because it'd be a very open shot for him. but he doesn't, he just sits there looking out the window in silence.

The tension that is building is between us is foreign and I don't like it in any way.

"So what did you need?" I ask sitting up cross cross applesauce.

He turns to me as if he just remembered I was there, "oh nothing our mothers told me to come up here. They apparently trust us." he says using air quotes for "trust us".

"Ahh I see." I tease with a snicker and stand up walking over to my dresser.

"Have fun playing with my kid brother today?" I ask as I pull out a pair of sweatpants and a sports bra.

"Oh loads, I wish I had a brother." he says while giving me a puzzled look for no reason.

"Take mine... please." I offer as I begin taking off my outfit and slipping into the one I had just taken out.

"Whoa there Avery." Brett says shocked as he puts a hand up to shield me and I laugh.

"What? I mean I was going to go to the bathroom but since you're a player I just assumed you've seen girls in their underwear before so you wouldn't really care." I say nonchalantly as I throw my date outfit in the laundry basket and walk over to him. To my surprise there is a faint pink blush in his cheeks and he won't even look me in the face.

"Aw! Are you blushing? Does a certain bad boy have a crush!" I gush at him with a massive smile spreading across my face as I burst into laughter.

"Ha. ha. very funny," he says dryly, " I don't blush, I don't do crushes and I don't do love Avery Summers." he says mater of factly which just makes me bust up more than I currently am to the point of pain.

God this kids a crack up.

"Go with me to the Halloween bash." he blurts out in the middle of my laughing, I almost don't hear him.

"What?" I say confused and slightly taken aback by his remark.

"You heard me," he says plainly.

"Brett," I sigh and look at his dark eyes that I can never read, " I'm dating Jase, you know that." I say quieter.

"So? it's just a school dance Avery." he try's to persuade me.

"No, I'm sorry." I say quiet frankly upset because I do feel kind of like a bitch for saying no, it must of taken a lot for him to ask even if it's just part of the game.

"Damn, rejection is a new feeling." he says placing a hand to his heart.

"Wait. You've never been rejected before?" I ask in shock an he shrugs simply.


"So I'm the first girl to reject you?" I ask giddily and he nods giving me a look that I'm completely crazy.

"Well I'm honored." I say sarcastically and we both start laughing maybe friendship isn't too far off.

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