Chapter 14

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Brett's POV:

The music is thumping like crazy, it rattles my teeth, I'm surprised the cops haven't shown up yet.

I lost track of Avery a few hours ago but I think she's sick of me so I guess that's fine.

Maddie showed up about 3 beers into this thing and she's been all over me ever since. The thing about Maddie is she's hot as fuck, a cheerleader, and always willing.

We've had a history before but it's not like I'm really into her, she's a total snob but she's got a killer body.

"Hey bretty." She says giggling as she walks over and sits on my lap.

"Hi Mads." I say dryly sipping my beer, this bet or game with Avery is really boring now, she obviously won't be giving in any time soon. I think I should call it off.

"You're sooo hot right now B." she coos seductively as she begins rapidly kissing me.

She's drunk off her ass but this isn't as bad as she gets. I'm not in the mood strangely enough, I know it's never happened before.

"Maddie, I'm going to find the bathroom I'll be back." I say shoving her off me. I get up before she could say anything.

This party is shit, to be totally honest, I did want to hang out with Avery but I guess she's off with some guy having fun so why should I stop her.

I make my way upstairs looking for a vacant bathroom. why do people think it's hot to fuck in a bathroom I mean, people shit in there!

"Mason! Stop!" I hear a girl cry from the bathroom down the hall, oh fuck.

I push open the door to see Mason clawing all over Avery and kissing her neck. she's defiantly not into this and I don't know what comes over me but I yank Mason off of her and push him to the floor. I'm seething with anger and I want to beat the life out of him.

"What the fuck were you doing?" I ask with rage and anger, how could he stoop so low as to force her into this, force anyone into this.

"Just leave man." Mason says leaning against the toilet and rubbing his knee.

"Why the fuck would you try and do that to her, it Avery damn it!" I scream. I can't understand what would make him do this, even if he is shit faced drunk. there is no excuse.

"Brett, Its fine just go, I had it under control." She interjects and cross her arms angry, why would he be mad at me.

"What's your problem, I help you and you get mad at me, he almost raped you!" I screams furiously at her, am I the only sane person here !?

"Fuck off! He was drunk and couldn't hurt a mouse okay so just leave and go find your make out buddy Maddie!" She screams at me and I break, if she doesn't need me than fine, I should have just let it happen.

"You know what avery, I will. Have fun walking home bitch." I say spitting venom at her and slam the door shut. I hurry and gin Maddie still bubbling with anger inside me.

"Let's go to my place." I say dryly and walk out the door, she follows like a lost puppy.

"I'm done playing mr nice guy with a girl who treats me like shit, sorry Avery claws are out."

"What?" Maddie asked confused.

"Nothing. let's go" I smirk.

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