Chapter 3

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Avery's POV:

I took a seat near the back of the classroom and Jase sat next to me by the window. The dim lights on the ceiling were doing nothing in terms of actually making light.

The obnoxious bell rang signifying class had begun. Mr Freeman, ironically enough, was totally obsessed with the idea of U.S. history and gaining freedoms.

He quieted the class and cleared his throat, adjusting his massive glasses, "Class, please welcome Avery Summers to our school, she moved here from Los Angeles, please be friendly to her, Avery stand up will you." he ushered me to stand.

I huffed and stood up slowly pushing myself to stand flashing the class a tight smile and dropping back into my seat.

"Hey. I'm Violet." a girl with blue ombré in her jet black hair said as she slid into the seat next to me about 5 minutes late.

"Hey." I replied over Mr. Freeman's grand lecture on the power of Americans, oh gosh. "is this guy for real?" I ask her pointing to him and laughing.

"Sadly yeah he's like this everyday." she laughs with me her shoulders bouncing with each breath. As we both quiet down because of the glare Mr. Freeman shoots at us she whispers, "Oh, hey lemme see your schedule."

I pass her the slip of paper and she runs through each class. "do we have any classes?" I ask curious as to if I get to talk with her in any other class.

"This and Art." She passes it back and I sit back in my seat since we're starting notes and I kinda wanna nap for half an hour.


"Oh god, Ms Jaxins is on crack, I swear!" I walk out of the classroom heaving in laughter with Violet at my side.

"Well at least I know who to hit up when I need some." She teases and pretends to be high wobbling around and giggling.

"Where do you eat you druggy." I shake her denim covered shoulder getting her attention.

"Follow me kiddo," she yanks my arm as she runs down the hall, "wee." What a crack head.

She pulls me into the cafeteria and walks towards a table in the back of the huge human-meat-locker.

Jase was sitting eating a sandwich with 'vegan bread' whatever the hell that is. He looks up and smiles with his cheeks like a squirrels, "Hey Avery, what's shakin'?"

He's such a loser, but I love how unlike basically every guy here, he's not interested in getting in my pants.

"Nothing's shakin'," I laugh lightly watching Violet fall into her seat and pull out a bag of orange chicken, Jase cringes at the meat. I'm more concerned why it's in a plastic zip-lock.

I feel a little awkward as I just stand here, "Hey, Vi, I'll be right back I'm gonna get some pizza or a salad okay? Save me a seat."

"Will do." Jase pats the seat next to him reserving it for me and I smile walking over to the food line.

Looking at every revolting piece of 'food' I decide on a salad and place it on my ratty lunch tray.

A pair of hands suddenly block my vision and pull me backwards into a warm muscular chest, I try pulling away an my body tenses up.

The hands peel away from my eyes and wrap around my shoulders, hugging me.

"Calm down, I'm not gonna kill you." A deep voice laughs in my ear as Brett's annoying face appears in my peripheral vision and his chin rests in the crook of my neck.

This creep needs to get the fuck off of me.

"Can't you just leave me alone?" I beg him as I squirm out of his grasp.

"Nope, you're too amusing." Great! I'm amusing.

I reach the front of the line and hand the woman in a tacky hairnet a dollar and she waves me away.

"Come with me." He takes my hand and I yank it away. "If you want a ride home, come with me."

"Wow. Stooped so low as to bribe me, thought you were classier than that." I follow him reluctantly, rolling my eyes and mentally beating him with me tray.

We stop at the center of the cafeteria at a table full of popular stereotypes, I could list them all:
Player, Badass, Prankster, Hot Genius, and the band of Jackass followers.

"Boys, this is Avery." He places his arm around my shoulder and I give him an icy glare and he quickly removed it. His friends whispering and laughing under their breath.

"Hi. Bye." I turn to walk back to my table but he pulls me back down and into a chair next to him.

I look back to face Violet and Jase who are giving me confused glares. "Help me!" I mouth to her and she laughs waving me goodbye. I'm so loved.

"Come on Summers, scared of a couple of boys?" He wiggles his worm-like eyebrows.

"Scared they're going to all be like you." I pull open the plastic lid to to my salad and pop a straw into my glass of tea.

"And what would that be princess." He leaned in with a smug look on his face expecting, 'hot' or 'perfect'.

"Annoying." I smile and giggle but immediately put on a blank face again.

"Oh come on baby, we're not that bad!" Said the Player flashing me a perfectly practiced smile. "I'm Logan Fisher, I'm your Prince Charming babe."

"Logan dude, stop annoying her, hey. I'm Parker Newman." a brown haired nicely dressed boy said smiling at me humbly.

"Nice to meet you Parker." I smile genuinely because he doesn't seem like that bad of a guy, but I'm cautious because if he hangs out with Brett he has to be in on the game.

Brett shots him a glare and Parker just laughs casually, I join him because it's fun to annoy Brett.

An older guy look up, he must be a senior or something, "I'm Reese." He looks back down, wow, he's probably too important to even say anything else, it's fine I didn't wanna talk much more than I had to.

"And of course, I'm Owen Daze." says a dirty blond, faking a hair flip, "I'm the king of pranks if you didn't know." he beams at his impressive title.

"Oh okay." I say taking another bite of salad and a sip of tea.

"You remember me, right princess?" Teased Mason-Shit-Face.

"No, who are you?" I say dryly trying to get him pissed off.

"Aw, you can't say you don't remember me?" He sees through my joke and I start laughing, "see you do know me." he smiled back and I just kept eating.

They began to talk about 'a hot ass' that walked by and I am completely forgotten by them, all except Brett.

"So how do you like Westfield?" He asks with a hint of, wait, consideration?

"It's fine thanks." I keep eating and try to smile lightly.

"Ooh, Brett tryin' to get at that ass?" Reese inquires trying to embarrass him. It works, Brett's jaw clenches and he glares at Reese and I smile at their competition.

"It's okay babe, don't let him pressure you into bed." he teases and takes a bit of a pizza.

I pat poor Brett's shoulders affectionately, "If he ever tries, the only bed he'll be in is a hospital bed." I smirk and the boys 'ooh' and gasp.

"I like her." Owen laughs out while pointing at me.

"Well who need a bed, I could take you in the bathroom." Brett wraps an arm around my waist, and that's my line.

I bounce up and take my can of Arizona and impulsively dump it on his head, drenching him head to toe.

"Your welcome, we all knew you were thirsty." I grab my bag and storm away leaving them all with dropped jaws and surprised expressions.

The bell rings and I head to Calc.

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