Chapter 16

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Avery's POV:

The civil war was a war from 1861 to 1865, in which the United States fought within itself to determine the survival of the union or independence of the confederacy.

This lesson is so boring, we've been on the topic of civil war for about a month now, I get it, we fought ourselves. People died, blah blah blah. Now can we move on?

"So class, we're going to watch a movie about this epic war!" The teacher announced giddily. More like epic snore, i shove all my shit in my bag and ask to go to the bathroom using the excuse that it's, 'that time of the month'. Half the girls are probably pissed they didn't come up with my genius plan and will now have to suffer through an hour of this shit.

I stroll down the hall, I don't really know where the hell in going but it's really better than in there watching the biggest waste of time ever put on tv.

"Oooh, babe, yes!" A high voice groans from down the hall under the stairwell. Like the idiot I am, I go look to see what the fuck sounds like a rhino who just got stabbed.

And there in the corner was Brett making some steamy nasty love to some underclass bimbo who wasn't HIS bimbo, Maddie.

"What the fuck?" I mutter as I turn to leave my mind pulling out that image I just saw.

"Hey sweet cheeks, there's enough to go around, maybe we could have a threesome in the closet?" He smirks and opens his arms for me to join him but he finally looks up and recognizes me.

"Go die Brett." I bite bitterly and storm off. How dare Thant son of a bitch do that, even ask that.

"Avery!" He yells at me not even moving from the arms of slut #4, he sighs when I keep on walking.

"Sorry, we'll play later." he cooes at the girl and arrogantly follows after me.

I shove through the door of the school and down the street a little bit until I hear him getting close. I stop and turn abruptly, our faces inches away, I take a step back not wanting to be closer than I have to with him right now.

"What the hell is your problem?" I ask, for some reason it comes out weak and shakey.

"Are you just upset that you don't have me all to yourself anymore, because you had your chance." he reasons level headed with a cold look in his eyes, never looking at me.

"You think I'm jealous?" I burn with anger at his narcissistic thoughts.

"Why else would you be stalking me and breaking up my make out sessions?" He asks coolly with no break in his tone.

"Because, unlike what you may think, I am your friend and I'm worried about you! Who the hell are you and what did you do to Brett?" I hold in tears, I hate this person who's here, he may look like Brett but it's not him.

"If you were my friend you'd stop acting like my mother and let me enjoy all these beautiful women." He barks at me with a rasp in his voice while he run as hand through his hair.

"Stop treating these women like they're toys!" I yell in frustration.

"Yeah, Avery, and treating someone who helps you like shit is any better." he sighs with a bit of bitterness, I see pain just for a second before it's masked again by nothingness.

"Is this about the party?" I ask a single tear escaping my eye, these five words, the only words able to come to my mouth out of the million word racing through my brain.

This could all be my fault.

"Just leave it alone Avery, I don't wanna have to deal with your shit anymore and you made it very clear you didn't want to deal with me either so can you just go?" He scolds and I can't help but be mad, how could he think this and do this when all I want to do is help?

If he wants me to hate him, to be cold, then so be it. But I realize something, he's fighting himself, morality vs pride. one side will have to win, but he chose to kick me out, he doesn't need me so it's not my problem.

Who cares about school, I deserve a day off with all the shit I've been through, I pull my bag up over my shoulder, turn my back to the boy who I now detests, everything he's become. I take a steady breath and begin my walk home, I don't want any more stupid drama in my life.

History 101-Civil wars

Stupid US Civil war- confederate unionist blah blah blah, independence.

Brett's civil war: a war fought within himself to determine the survival of his morality or pride, in the process burning friendships and making enemies. What will the outcome be?

Who cares?

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