Chapter 12

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Avery's POV:

The final bell of the day blares out in annoying rings. This torturous noise is our salvation as high schoolers, if classes were any longer I would literally stab myself.

I shovel my thin jacket into my bag and reluctantly get up as we are reminded of our assignments an blah blah blah who gives a shit.

As the substitute spits out his last word I pop open the door and breathe in the fresh wintery air, crisp and icy.

I make my way over to the main building where my locker is so I can get my books and go home and relax, well for a few hours that is until Brett has me meeting him at that stupid football game.

Within minutes I'm at my locker and taking my folder out as well as some books I need for the assignments my ass hole teachers decided to assign over the weekend.

"Hey Ave!" A familiar sweet voice calls from a little down the hall waving at me as his brown hair flops.

"Hey Jase." I smile as he comes closer and hugs me and checks his hair in my little magnetic mirror Violet put up for herself, in my locker.

"Any plans tonight? I wanted to see if you wanted to accompany me to the great game of football." he smiled releasing me from his firm hug while adjusting the strap to his backpack.

"Oh, I'd love to but I can't, I promised the boys I'd go with them." I said kinda hoping I could just break that off and still go with Jase.

"Oh, alright." he turned away sadly, overdramatize like the drama queen he is. That look he gave me though, had me melting to pieces.

"But! We could, um, get dinner some time instead?" I bargained and he faced me again with a wink and smiled.

"Will do Summers, will do." he said before he walked away and out the front doors.

What a weirdo, I thought to myself and I closed my locker shut and walked out to the parking lot were Brett was supposed to meet me.

Lucky for me, Brett was nowhere in sight so it looks like I'm walking home. yay...

I pulled the strap of my bag farther on to my shoulder to keep it from falling and begin the slow walk home.

It was kinda nice outside but not nice enough for me to walk 2 miles home.

To make my walk seem not as agonizingly long and painful, I pulled my headphones out of my bag and plugged them into my phone. I rounded the corner from the school into the neighborhood. I placed the little buds into my ears and pumped the volume on my phone so that the car vrooming and bird chirps were minimized to silence and replaced with The White Stripes.

After about twenty minutes of walking an throughly enjoying my personal ear splitting concert, my phone freezes up.

"Are you FUCKING kidding me!" I unintentionally yell, quietly loudly as a mother jogs by with her child in a stroller, as a result I receive a nasty glare from the woman and a puzzling look from the curly haired chubby little kid.

I throw my hands up in the air, I give up. Can I just die here?


I jump in surprise as a car comes speeding towards me swerving to the sidewalk. It slams to a stop inches from me and a cocky face pops out the window of the car that was supposed to pick me up half an hour ago.

"Hey, need a ride." he smiles as he pulls his black shade onto his head messing up his hair.

"Yeah ass hole." I crabily walk up to his car and open the door and climb in angrily. I buckle up and slam the door shut and he speeds down the street.

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