Chapter 41

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Avery's POV:

"Guys! We're here!!!!!" Violet screeches as she opens the car door, before we even stop she out the door and running to the cabin.

I can't lie, this isn't a cabin it's a fucking winter mansion. It looks so unreal with the snow all around and the crystal clear lake right outside and a hill on the other side.

"There's only four bedrooms though so some of us will have to room together." Brett says as he puts the car in park.

"So Violet and I get our own rooms, right?" I ask him with a small smile and he rolls his eyes and helps me pull my suitcase out from the trunk.

I roll it into the massive cabin and make my way to the masters bedroom, hoping that Violet didn't come by and claim it already.

"Hoping you could snag my room?" She asks startling me from the back and she's chuckling.

"Damn it Vi, really?" I ask her annoyed but I follow as she beacons me towards another room.

"This is second best, it has two beds but I mean it's spacious and has the best views so..." She offers and I smile throwing my bag down on the floor.

The boys soon file in and claim their rooms. I unzip my luggage and begin placing all my items into drawer or on hanger.

Since that Jase incident two days ago I haven't really been up to all our semantics. It's just been a lot to process and deal with, I just want to relax and let all of Jases emotional shit drain out of me.

"Last one outside gets pelted with snowballs!" Owen yells and a stampede follows after his voice. I'm honestly not in the mood for all their jaunty games and putting on a fake smile like I have been for the past two days, I just want to be alone for a bit.

A blur I assume is Brett, rushes by my doorway and than back tracks and peers in.

"You coming Ave?" He asks smiling at me and I shake my head.

"Nah, maybe later I just wanna unpack first." I say solemnly as I force a smile and he nods and races outside with everyone else.

I try to drown out the screams and yells from outside with some quiet music as I finish unpacking.

I'm folding my pj shirts and I realize my cheeks are wet and that I'm crying. For the first time I'm actually showing the pain that's been bottled up inside from my humiliating and heart shattering breakup.

I shove my last shirt in the drawer and walk to the bathroom to dry off my face.

This trip wasn't supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be fun and I should be out there taking part in their stupid snowball fight instead of pent up in here crying my eyes out.

I make my ways over to the floor to ceiling window and take a seat in the accent chair and torture myself. I get a perfect view of all of my friends enjoying themselves without me and I, being the stupid shit I am, decide to just sit here and watch them making myself feel about one hundred times worse.

Than I start to question everything. Why did Jase ever decide to do this? Did he really never care about me and was I just so naive that I couldn't see it? Am I not even worth it? I mean he did only date me cuz he was bored. Would anyone ever like me? Why the fuck do I care? I never used to be like this, boy obsessed and dependent. Why would anyone like me? I'm bitchy and rude, I'm not very pretty or nice... I don't let people in and when people get to close to me I decide to push them away. An I so god damn stubborn! Brett's been warning me this whole time and I was too proud to listen to him!

"Avery? God are you okay?" I look up and see Brett run over to me concerned. I didn't realize I was crying again until I heard my shaky breath.

"Yeah," my voice cracks and I try it again, wiping my eyes ashamed of my tears,"yeah I'm fine."

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asks kneeling in front of me placing a hand on mine.

"No, um, nothing." I say trying to keep my lip from quivering.

"Avery please."

"It's Jase. I'm finally letting it get to me, God I'm so stupid for dating him!" I verbally beat myself up over it.

"You know none of this is your fault." He consoles me trying to make me feel better.


"Ave, I'm so sorry." He says moving to sit on the arm rest and wrapping me up in a hug.

"It's fine,i should have listened to you. You've been warning me all this time..." I say holding back tears again.

"He wasn't good enough for you." He reply a sharply. We're quiet for awhile. "come out with me, I don't want you sitting in here all alone."

"Actually, can I just sit here and cry about it?" I beg him with a small but genuine smile, I don't know how he gets it out of me.

"I simply won't all allow it, come on don't ruin this trip for yourself!" He says goofily as he stand up, his face beaming with hope.

"No brett..." I resist.

"Come on, I promise you won't regret it!" He begs me as he folds his hands and flashes me his puppy dog eyes.

"Fineee..." I give In as he pulls me off the chair. "Calm down wait I need shoes and a jacket." I stop when we reach the door where Reese is about to enter.

"Fine but hurry up!" Brett whines as I go to put my shoes and coat on, I can't believe he convinced me to go outside.

Brett's POV:

She slinks off sadly to her room to get ready. I hear Reese clear his throat intentionally and I turn to look at him.

He's smirking at me.

"What?" I ask knowing he has something to tease me with.

"You are so in love." He laughs out quietly.

"I don't do love remember?" I retaliate defensively.

"Brett, give it up, you like her. All of us see it, just tell her already!" He hinted to me and I sighed in frustration.

"Ready?" Avery asks unenthusiastically and I nod, brushing off the conversation with Reese.

"Let's go have fun, you need a pick me, right now." I tease as we walk out side and a microscopic smile inches onto her face.

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