Chapter 46

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Brett's pov:

The sun is nearly setting as I near the bridge and as I break through the last line of trees I see her. I almost can't believe my eyes, seeing her sitting there and not laying in a hospital bed is almost like a dream.

I'm panting like crazy since I just sprinted over 3 miles to get here and it's finally kicking in.

I try and catch my breath as I walk over to her. She turns, I think she heard my heavy panting and looks over at me.

I immediately begin to feel self conscious I'm in a grey muscle tee and sweatpants, I'm sweaty and my hair looks like shit. I actually care about how I look right now considering she hasn't seen me in a long time.

Theses no expression on her face and it's worrying me more, I thought this reunion would be a lot more magical than it is right now.

We just stare at each other and I feel so awkward and unsure of what to do.

The guilt began to surface again and I felt the urge to apologize.

"Avery, I'm sorry for everything, I shouldn't have --"

"I hate you."she says coldly and my heart drops, I can't believe what I'm hearing right now, I mean I knew she might be mad and I was just kind of hoping she wouldn't hate me.

"What?" I ask pain prominent in my voice.

"I hate you." She restates plainly, I knew she blamed me for all of this too.

"I hate you because you come and see me with out bringing me some pot brownies you dick." She says motioning for me to sit down next to her and dangle our legs off the edge of the bridge.

I can't help but smile, this is what makes Avery so damn perfect. I take her hand in mine and she leans her head on my shoulder as we watch the sun set over the trees.

"You had me worried sick princess." I say breaking the silence after a few minutes.

"So I've heard brownie boy." She says cutely using her nickname for me I haven't heard in a long time. She waits a Second than turns to me, "Dallas I swear to god if you don't stop-"

"I will I swear, anything for you. I'll stop drinking, anything." I cut her of and she just looks at me a smile smile dancing on her small lips. She starts slowly laughing and I feel very confused.

"I was gonna say if you don't stop blaming yourself for my accident I'm gonna kill you." She says with a sweet joking smile and leans in closer to me and I wrap my arm around her.

"I just feel so bad..." I say quietly into her hair.

"None of it was your fault Brett." She says defending me.

"I just want you to know I'm sorry, I don't mean any of that stuff i said that night, I was just upset and--" I ramble and try to apologize yet again and she cuts me off.

"Brett I know, I don't blame you for anything, actually, I wanted to thank you." She says looking over at me.

"For what?" I ask completely oblivious to anything I did that was worth her thanks.

"Martha told me." She begins and I blush, "you were in my hospital room every day waiting for me," she says with a blush and a smile, "that the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me."

I move a hair out of her face, caressing her cheek.

We sit there and I'm thinking too much I'm in my head contemplating what to say. I have options here, I can tell her it's because I care for her and she's my friend, or I can admit I really like her or just change the topic completely.

I debated the outcomes of each one in my head and after all that I still can't choose what to do.

"Brett..." She says taking me out of my thoughts and I look over at her, "I wanna tell you something."

She won't look at me and I'm unsure of what she's about to say. She doesn't take her eyes off the orange pink sky and the sun falling behind the trees.

"What is babe?" I ask her taking her hand in mine again.

"Brett.i think I like you..." She says nervously looking away from me and I think my heart skips a beat. " I know I probably shouldn't because of the fact your my friend and a player but I just couldn't help it. Fuck I think I fell for you, and I don't really know why I'm telling you this, but I just had to get it out of me..."

My chest gets tight and she's biting her lip and can't contain my ear to ear smile as she keeps talking.

"Oh Avery," I sign happily taking her chin in my free hand and turning her face toward me.

In the dim light of the sunset I see her blushing and averting my gaze. I lift her chin and have her look at me, i see the worry and shame in her eyes as she keeps rambling on.

I take her face in my hands kiss her passionately. She's shocked for a second than I feel her loosen up as she kisses me back.

"I want to take you on a date." I say as we break away and she looks at me dumbfounded.

"Wait what? Why?" She asks confused but I can't help but laugh at how cute this is.

"Because I like you Avery and I want to do this properly and take you on a date." I explain and she processes what I just told her and she smiled up at me.

" me?" She asks as if it were crazy for me to like her.

"Yes! Avery I fucking like you, why is that surprising?" I ask her wondering why she doesn't think that this could happen.

"I don't know I just, thought you only did everything cuz you're a player and that's how you are. I never thought you could actually like me." She admits and I frown.

"Avery, every guy in school likes you, only an idiot wouldn't. everything I did was because that's how i felt." I explain to her and she smiles with tears forming in her eyes.

"Why the hell are you so perfect, stop it!" She yells at me as she punches my arm playfully and I laugh.

"I have no idea what you're talking about princess, you are the perfect one." I say truthfully and stand up.

It's dark now the Suns set, she's in a summer dress and I don't want her getting sick.

"Come on, walk me home babe." She says and I get goose bumps.

"Did you just call me babe?" I ask, my voice shakey, it sounded so sexy coming out of her mouth.

"That's what happens when you're boyfriend." She shrugs but I see the small smirk inch across her face.

"So I'm your boyfriend now am I princess?" I tease her as I throw my arm over her shoulder.

"I mean, if you don't wanna be..." She threatens and we laugh.

"I'd love to be your boyfriend you ASS." I joke and her face lights up.

"Well Brett Adams Dallas, you are the BAD to my ASS." She says proud of the witty joke she made.

"What can I say, were a pretty Badass couple."

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