Chapter 50

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Brett's pov:

The dreary sound of a phone call kept coming from the side table, the ringing wouldn't shut up. My mind slowly awoke from a peaceful sleep only to see that the clock said 5:50, I had maybe an hour before I should even consider getting ready for school.

"Ughh..." I groan as I try and turn over, but I couldn't. Why can't I roll over? Than my muscles begin to wake up and I feel a dainty arm wrapped around my waist and something warm behind me.

"Good morning hot stuff." She breathes into my neck and a shiver runs down my spine.

"What are you doing here?" I ask astonished, this is a dream this is totally a dream...

"Well I woke up early and thought it'd be only right to sneak in your room and climb in bed half naked." She says nonchalantly as if her being half naked in my bed was like tying a shoe.

"So, um, you-your not wearing clothes?" I fumble my words as I try and remain calm as my mind runs wild with that image.

"I mean you can look if you want." She teases and I can practically see that smirk crawling across her face.

I turn to face her and see that sexy face with the devious glow in her eyes, she knows how to tease me, she's basically just wearing a lace bra and some scandalous matching underwear.

"Wow, what a way to wake up." I tease smiling as I lean over to kiss her good morning, "I could defiantly get used to this."

"It's a one time thing, you and Reese think I can't be bad ass sexy, well, I have to prove u wrong." She says smirking and taking my arm and wrapping it around her.

She places my hand on her bare stomach as she uses my hand to draw circles across her skin. She lets my hand go right under her breast and I know she's testing me and I hate her for it. Such a mean thing to do, but at the same time so fucking hot.

"How did I get so lucky?" I murmur into her hair.

"I don't really know, why am I here again." She teases and tries to get up.

"No way princess, you're stuck with me." I smirk and pull her back onto the bed and she lands on my lap.

She smirks as she straddles me and my heart rate picks up. She is so hot, even when she's not sexy bad ass.

"You're testing my self control Ave, you really are." I croak out huskily trying to think of dead puppies or naked grandmas.

"Oh so you want a test-"

"Brett?? What's going on up there are you okay??" She's cut off my by my mothers concerned voice from downstairs.

We both give each other a look of complete panic as we hear foot steps ascending the stairs. She jumps off the bed and picks up her clothes off the floor looking frantically for a place to hide.

"Closet." I say pointing to the door as she rushes inside and closes the door.

"Honey, are you okay." My mother calls as she enters my room.

"Fine mom, Parker just called and asked if we could hang after school." I lie through my teeth, it's early and I couldn't think of a better reason and I'm just trying to get my mom out of here so Avery can get that sexy body back into bed with me.

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