Chapter 13

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Avery's POV:

That bitch, how could she treat people like that? Oh wait, that's just how popular stuck up snobs are. I should know, I was one.

Looking back I see all the signs: the sassy hair flips, the fake nasally voice, fake friends and a clan of mindless followers.

I hate my old self, I was repulsive, I promise I will never go back down that road. Ever!

I make my way into the mostly vacant parking lot, the frosty wind nipping at my nose, this weather is bipolar.

I dressed for the warm night air that has been Here for weeks, and of course the night I'm outside it turns to fucking Antarctica!

I cross past a few empty cars abandoned here for the night by crazy partiers.

"Hey, ready?" Brett smile as I pull open his car door, I can barely hear him over the pulsing music coming from the stereo system.

"Yeep, lets go." I pop the 'p' and brush of Madie's bitchiness. Completely erasing her from my mind so that I can try and enjoy my evening.

"Okay!" He smirks and slams his foot into the gas pedal. And I stiffen in my seat as he swerves around the curbs and lamp posts.


After the ride from hell, we pulled into a spot in front of a quaint hole in the wall ice cream parlor.

I assume this is Main Street because besides school, this is the busiest place in town.

The parlor was cute, it had a little striped awning and a barbershop pole. It was the definition of retro.

"Here we are." He smiled childishly as he got out of the car.

I quickly followed after him, if I was any slower I know I'd be left in the car.

"Slow down, Lightning." I call out dryly as I speed walk to catch up to him.

"Hurry up then!" He calls back without even looking back. I roll my eyes, 'as hole'.

We walk in and it smells so sweet it hurts. The cool air coming from the ice cream coolers is freezing me to the bone, we better not be eating in here.

"Can I help you both- oh! Brett dear I barely recognized you!!" A sweet grey old lady said grinning from across the cooler.

"Hello Paula." Brett greets and flashes her a genuine smile that is contagious, I've never seen him be cute an compassionate.

"You're so big now! Oh dear, how are you? Would you like you usual?" She asked pulling out a bowl and filling it with chocolate chuck ice cream.

"I'd love it thank you." he smiled again and looked over at me. "Paula this is Avery, she moved into town awhile ago."

Paula smiled and pulled out a cup for me, not sure yet what to put in it.

"So are you his girlfriend?" She raises an eyebrow and before I can stop her she continues, "I'm glad, you're a very beautiful girl, an you're sweet looking too, I saw the way you looked at him, it quite adorable, you two are a great couple!" She rambled off.

"Paula, she's not my-"
"I'm NOT his-"
Brett and I try and correct her. This just got so awkward, Brett has turned red as a tomato and I probably look the same.

"Oh, you kids," she brushes it off and scoops me a cup of vanilla mocha, one of my old favorites, weird.

"Thanks!  I love that flavor! How'd you know?" I ask inquisitively.

"A little intuition, and a good read on people." she smirks and it's the cutest thing ever.

"It's five bucker-oonies kiddo." she looks to Brett and he looks at me and I shrug.

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