Chapter 23

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Avery's POV:

Today seemed like it would never end, my English teacher has been going on and on and on about the issues of American teens and their improper grammar.

I want to cry, it's the most boring thing you could ever experience.

I prop my head on my hand staring out the dirty windows and playing with the hem of my t-shirt dress. Yeah I know surprise surprise I'm in a dress.

The intercom I didn't know we had clicks on and everyone slowly silences.

I'm really confused, I turn to Violet and see her sleeping, I knew I wasn't the only one hating this lecture.

The monotone office lady's voice comes over through the speakers. "Can a Miss Avery Summers report to the office." She says plainly and a few questioning looks are sent to me.

I happily pick up my bag and notebook, excited to not have to suffer through another second of that lecture.

I walk down the halls to the office and take a seat in one of the chair as I wait for someone to ask for me.

"Avery? Please follow me." A woman in her forties says as she ushers me into the nurses office. "I know you are new here and at this school there is protocol that states each student must have a physical exam to show they do not need physical education, if You don't mind?"

She gestures for me to sit on the cot and I oblige as she writes things on a form. I feel like I'm at the fucking doctors office.

After the woman completes a few routine tests she leads me out of the office to the girls locker room and I'm getting very suspicious.

"We just need you to do a bit of physical activity..." She says then realizing the fact I'm in a dress. "Do you have any other clothes?" She asks.

"No." I say shaking my head hoping to not have to do this.

"We could lend you gym clothes?" She offers and I immediately turn it down and sigh.

"I have a sports bra and spandex on... Would that work?" I ask giving in to the fact I have to do this no matter what.

"Well, no ones out here so..." She contemplates and finally agrees, "just run a mile around the track in under 10 minutes and you will be set." She explains as she walks over to the shade.

"Can I put my things down on the bleachers?" I ask pulling off my dress and stuffing it in my bag.

"Sure, just come back when you're ready." She nods not looking up from the form.

I walk over and set my bag down on the first row of metal seats.

"Undressing for me princess?" A voice asks and I jump turning around to see who it was.

If you couldn't guess, it was none other than Brett.

"What the hell are you even doing here?" I ask as I pull my bag I front of my exposed stomach.

"Watching the cheerleaders." He says nodding off in the direction of girls in short skirts, one of which is his play toy Maddie. "Why are you here?" He asks in return.

"Physical exam?" I say unsure if he even know what this is. He just nods and laughs under his breath.

"So are you saying I get to watch your cute little ass run?" He teases as he leans forward.

"I hope you go blind." I bite at him and turn around and set my bag down away from him so he doesn't get any ideas.

I go over to the examiner and give her the go and I begin running.

I'm 4 minutes in and I begin to see the cheerleaders head over to the bleachers to gather their things.

I finish the mile in 7 minutes and the woman tells me I passed with flying colors and that I should head to class because the bell will ring any minute.

I pick up my bag and reach in for my dress. I don't feel it, holy shit. I pull open the bag and start rifling through it. God damn it.

My dress is gone. In its place I find a note. I perfectly written note that reads:

Dear ASS,

Since you obviously love being a slut and showing off your body to my boyfriend , I decided to let you show the whole school too and let them all get a glimpse.


That girl is literally insane! I sprint off into the bathroom as the bell to passing period rings.

I pull out my phone and dial Violet. I'm pacing in a stall as the call rings...

No answer, knowing her she's either asleep still or in trouble for falling asleep.

"What am I going to do!" I ask out loud to no one in particular.

I walk up to the wall mirror and sigh running my hands through my hair, I don't know what the hell in going to do!

"Fuckkkkkk!" I groan as kick the stall door causing to to slam and swing back and forth.

I slump to the floor holding my face in my hands.

"Ave?" A deep voice calls from outside the bathroom door, "you in there?" He says as I look up from my hands.

"Brett?" I stand up and walk over to the door.

"Yeah, I'm here... Can I come in?" He asks as he slowly peeks in.

"Yes, come help me." I say flustered and quite frankly pissed off.

"Where's your dress??" He asks me cautiously and I glare at him.

"Your girlfriend took it." I spit out venomously as he laughs.

"Oh god no, she's not my girlfriend." He chuckles as I roll my eyes.

"Just help me." I whine which cause him to laugh more.

"I'll be right back okay? I'm gonna check the lost and found for any clothes." He offers heading back to the door but I stop him, I don't have time for this I have a test in my next class that I can't miss.

"I need to get to class just... Lend me your jacket." I demand worriedly as the warning bell rings.

He slip off his worn brown leather jacket and puts it on me. I pull up the zipper and check the mirror, this will have to do.

"You look sexy in my clothing." He whispers huskily in my ear smirking at us in the mirror.

"Thanks, I have to go" I ramble off as I grab my bag and speed over to the door.

"Wait." He says pulling me back by the wrist causing me to stumble into his chest. "I think this deserves at least a thank you kiss." He says smirking as I give in since I'm in no way ready to deal with his whining while I'm trying to hurry off to class.

I stand on my toes and kiss him quickly on the cheek and dart off too class.

I slip into my seat just as the late bell rings and I finally breath, a sigh of relief escaping my lungs.

Yet again, Brett to the rescue.

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