Chapter 7

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Avery's POV:

"WHAT?!" This can't be happening, no, not to me, not today, fuck! Why?!?!?

"Yes, Avery, a pool party, and don't try and worm your way out of this, our neighbors will be there and you are a host." she wags her finger at me and sternly reprimands me.

"But mom, please..." I beg her falling to my knees shaking my pleating hands.

"Avery! Stop it! Go up stairs and get ready, our guests will be here in an hour." she yells at me and I know digging this won't help me, I defeatedly go up to my room.

I can't believe her, she just has to go and ruin a perfect sunny Saturday by making us have a pool party!

I reluctantly go over to my drawer and dig through my bikinis. If I have to be outside and socializing, I might as well look good. I set out a few choices to pick from. Pink striped triangle top with matching bottoms, black push-up with a tie bottom, or a strapless mint top with mint and cheetah bottoms.

I looked at my options and immediately wanted to throw out the other two bathing suits because it looked like I was twelve when I bought them. I decided on the black set and pulled in on, making sure my curtains were firmly closed first. I slipped on a white knit cover up dress and walked out onto my balcony.

It sure was a good day for a shitty ass pool party.

I got hot quickly and walked back in leaving the door open for some fresh air. I sat down on my bed and picked up my phone looking for something to do for another 30 minutes until everyone showed up and I would be dragged downstairs.

As if on Que; I got a text.

From:Brett The Sexy Animal

Are you excited to see me??? ;)

Wow, he had to put that as his name in my phone, that's what I get for letting him put his own number in my phone...

To:Brett The Sexy Animal

Wanna come over and shoot me?

I reply and wait for his response, I'm dreading this, I can hear Jake down stairs excited for his friends to come over.

From:Brett The Sexy Animal

Aw, babe, I'll be over in a minute don't die! XD <3

I laugh and throw my phone into my pillow, he's an ass hole but he sure knows how to make me laugh, I've been here about two week and besides Violet, he's the next best. Its a love hate relationship, but instead of love it's mutual tolerance.

Within minutes there was a knock downstairs and my mother screaming I have a guest over. I got up off my bed and was about to go down to meet him when I hear running up the stairs and he launched himself into my arms hugging me an spinning me.

"Ave? You still alive, aw baby I'm so glad I saved you!" He teased in a concerned voice and let me go as I laughed at his attempt to be caring.

"You're such a dork." I punch his shoulder playfully and turn my back to him getting my sunglasses of my night stand.

I feel his eyes scanning me and turn around annoyed, jutting my hip out and tapping my foot.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer. I say flatly and he raises an eyebrow.

"Ok." He smirks and pulls out his phone before I can process what's going on and takes a photo.

"Hey! I didn't mean literally, delete it!" I run up to him trying to snatch the phone away and him being the tall monster he is, holds the phone up where I'm jumping to try and reach it. "bitch." I grumble, giving up on getting that photo, today was not my day.

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