Chapter 15

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Avery's POV:

Thank god it's Saturday! My head hurts and I'm exhausted. I miss partying yeah but I don't miss the morning after effect. I can't remember shit.

I grab my phone and wiggle my feet into my fuzzy shoes and sluggishly walk down stairs.

The house seems strangely quiet, the only noise is the sound of my shoe on the wood. I wonder where mom and Jake are?

I pour a cup of cold coffee into a mug and put it in the microwave. I pull out my phone hoping for some answers and I see I have a few texts.

To: Avery

Hey Honey, Jake and I went to the park for one of his friends birthday parties, won't be home till late, love you!

Well that answers that question, but I still have 2 more texts.


Make Up Date- this Friday ;)

I subconsciously bite my lip an smile scrolling to the next and final text as I pull my cup from the beeping microwave. The coffee is steamy and perfect.


Urgent text me now!

Im unsure of how Parker got my number but he's not the urgent type so whatever's going on it must be bad, the text was sent only a few minutes ago. Why would Parker text me? He's acting strange, it worrys me.

I quickly dial his number and run up to my room waiting for him to pick up. The ringing is making me anxious.

"Avery, oh finally." His voice sounding desperate and concerned.
"Holy shit what happened?!"
"It's Brett."

Those two words make my mind race, don't you dare say he's dead! Hundreds of monstrous possibilities run through my head, all of them worst than the last.

"What happened?" I ask concern building up In me.

"He's relapsed, and it's bad. Can you come over?" Holy shit well at least he's not dead.

I mumble something which I hope he takes as a yes. I throw on whatever is closest, a halter and some shorts, no time for real shoes so I run out of the house with bunny slippers.

I drive off to Parker's house as he gives me directions over the phone. I near the front door of Parker's house I'm worrying again, what the fuck could be wrong that Brett relapses?

I barge in without nocking,luckily his parents aren't home either.

"In here!" He yells and I run.

I turn sharply into the room and I'm not prepared for what I see.

Lying on the bed is a calm sleeping Brett and I'm about to flip the fuck out.

"Why did I have to come?" I ask a bit harshly.

"Avery, you don't get it, I found him on my morning run stumbling around crying without half of his clothes." he explains.

"I mean it's weird but what's so urgent about it." I ask still very confused.

"This has happened only once before, when he got dumped in the 9th grade by Morgan Sallos. He got super drunk and banged about four girls all in one night, he was a heartless animal, it took us all weeks to get him even close to normal and about a year to calm him off of it, he on what we call a 'Barbie Burn'."

I'm still lost.

"I don't get it." I mumble walking over to Brett, he's sleeping soundly now, his eyes still red from hour of crying I assume and his lips chapped and torn.

"He becomes a grade A player,just, watch out okay?" He says compassionately and I've never seen this side of Parker. He's so worried.


"Hey do you wanna get coffee after school?"

"Do dogs hump fucking everything?" I answer with a question as I re-adjust the books in my hands.

"Um... I'm not sure what the answer to that should be." Jase laughs confused.

"Sorry, yeah I'd love too." I smile a little bit out of it.

"Where's the dog thing come from?" He teased nudging my shoulder.

"We had dinner at one of my bothers friends houses and their perverted little dog kept humping my leg..." I sigh pushing away the memory.

I faintly hear Jase say something but my mind is too caught up to focus, I'd been worrying all weekend.

I know Mason told me it wasn't something I should lose sleep over but I'm just expecting the worst. Brett, being even more of an asshole player is something I don't want to see.

I turn back to Jase but he's nowhere to be seen, I guess he was saying bye or he had to go to class but none the less he wasn't there.

I continue to walk to class when through the front doors of the school walk in a person that I thought I knew. I swear it was one of those stereotypical TV show entrances that the bad boy player makes.

Brett walks in like he owns the place and all the girls turn too look an the 'new and improved' Brett.

All you can hear over the layers of silence are the whispers of sexually frustrated teenage girls just begging to get used and thrown out like an old toy.

The lightbulb turns on and I fully understand the name the boys have given to this filed up form of Brett. He plays with the girls like Barbies, with every girl just waiting to get burned.

From down the adjacent hall, a stiletto heeled, cake faced, slut named Maddie slithers down and into the protective arm of her new found fuck buddy. No other than Brett. It like he flipped some switch and isn't even a person anymore.

As they strut down the hall, he turns ever so slightly making eye contact with me for a second through his big black sunglasses. Even through the shades, I could see the emptiness and pain he had, I couldn't place it's origin but I knew something was way too wrong.

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