Chapter 18

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Avery's POV:

He's just laying there. On my bed, without a shirt. I don't really know what to do, the thought of seeing him casually laying across my bed when I came home from a day full of hatred as well as sweetness was a thought that never crossed my mind.

"Get the fuck out." I say bitterly as I throw my bag to the floor and sternly cross my arms over my chest.

"Not happy to see me princess?" He asks a tinge of mock hurt lurking in his snarky tone.

"Go die." I say blankly.

"What's up your ass?" He asks cockily.

"Why the hell are you even here?" I ask not responding to his question.

"Calm your shit, I just want my jacket back." he says sitting up and running a hand through his dark hair.

"What?" I ask caught off guard that it wasn't for some player shit.

"Are you deaf? My jacket." he says dryly.

"You're an ass hole." I mumble as I dig through my closet for it.

"So I've been told." he smirks as I toss him the jacket I had unearthed.

"Now get out." I demand as I point to the balcony considering that's how he got in.

"Are you sure you wanna play this game princess?" He asked cautiously as he stood up.

"And what game would that be?" I ask in my neutral tone, which was laced with venom.

He chuckled, " just stay out of my way and if I were you I wouldn't push my lucky, you're already getting on my bad side." he said harshly as he walked onto the balcony and down out of sight.

I watched him walk across the street until I couldn't see him but I knew he wasn't going home, no that would be what old Brett would do, considering he's on his "Barbie burn" who knows what he's doing.

No ones home, or will be for hours. I think my mom pampers Jake a little too much. They go out all the time and seem really close. I wish they'd include me but I was always more of a daddy's girl, why couldn't I have stayed in LA? Life would have been easier.


An annoying buzzing from my phone shakes me from my thoughts. I slowly and instinctively pick up my ringing phone.

"Hello?" I ask a little louder hoping someone would actually respond.

The line goes dead with the monotonous beeping and I end the call. That was a little weird, I look out the window to make sure there's not some murderer lurking out side.

I slowly pull back the curtain.

"Holy fuck!!!!" I scream as I stumble back, masons face was pressed to the glass as he leans in through our windows.

"I'm not a monster God calm down." he says laughing under his breath.

"You scared me half to death." I pant trying to calm my raving heart beat back to a steady thump. "Why are you here any ways?"

His vibe changes and he smirks as he pops his chest and chin out a little bit as he leans on the window frame.

"Let's finish what we started at that party." he says with a deep voice.

"What?" I ask still a little foggy on what exactly happened that night.

"I think you know." his smirk widens as he walks over to me and caresses my cheek with the back of his hand.

"Mason, stop." I say as firmly as I can but my mind is beginning to run to every possibility of what could have happened with this ass hole. I almost forgot what kind of a person Mason really was.

"Come on, Brett's not here to save you this time." he says cockily and a shiver runs up my spine sending little volts of electric shock into my skin making my hairs stand in fear.

"Mason, this is never going to happen!" I scream and shove him off of me.

I turn away from him and he pulls me back quickly. as my head turn back to face him our lips collide violently as I try to pull back. He feels me resisting and takes my hair in his hand and shoves my head against his making our lips smash harder against each other. He is trying to force his way into my mouth but I hold my ground keeping my lips locked like prison gates.

I resist every move he try's to make and I can feel his grip tighten and he doesn't like how I wont give in. His hand around my wrists loosens for a mere second as I question his motive. I feel a sharp slap on my ass and I gasp, with that one second his tongue is in my mouth, his breath reaks of alcohol and his tongue like an invader in a foreign land.

Tears roll down my face, burn as each one falls. He continues kissing me angrily, his disgusting hand groping my butt. I reach for my phone and dial the latest number.

"It's you're fault Brett's like this." he accuses with the burning rage of his pent up anger.

"You're a fucking whore." he says as he returns to kissing me.

I am just praying that someone on the other line will pick up and come help me.

"Mason, leave, now." A husky voice demands as Mason abruptly turns around throwing me to the floor.

I look up through tear stained eyes to see Brett yet again saving me. Mason looked pissed off and it feels like a memory replaying.

"Make me." Mason hisses.

"Mason I'm done with your bullshit, leave now while your face is still intact." he says drying looking mildly annoyed.

"You're making enemy's here Brett." Mason warns.

"You're making an ass out of your self." Brett says casually as he gestures to the window. Mason growls and slowly walks out bumping shoulders angrily with Brett.

Brett stands there watching as Mason climbs out and into his house.
"Learn to lock your window." Brett states annoyed.

"Thank you." was all I could manage to get out of my tainted mouth, with a jaw still quivering like a leaf. I ran to him and hugged him pulling him tightly against me relaxing slightly as his warmth radiated off him and his familiar scent filled my nose.

"Stop getting yourself in trouble, it's becoming a hassle saving your ass all the time." he says rudely while shrugging me off.

"What happened to you?" I ask pain filled and confused stepping back from him.

"You wouldn't understand, so can you just mind your own damn business?" He asks harshly.

"Brett, I get it, you're dealing with shit but so is everyone else, Mason just shoved his tongue down my throat, we all have shit we have to live with so get yourself together and stop acting like nothing matters, like some player, like some person I don't even know. what happened to the Brett I cared about?" I burst out, he look at me with this flash of hope, than in seconds it's gone and he's down the rails and walking to his house.

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