Chapter 4

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Avery's POV:

I walk in and hand the teacher my schedule and he looks a bit surprised but signs off and sends me to a stool near the back, I was the first one there so I waited for the others to file in.

As people began to fill in the seat I understood the weird look my teacher gave me, I was literally the only girl. I don't mean it like some girls do where they say they're the only girl, and by that they meant there were no girls they liked, no I meant I was the only female human in this room.

All the under-class-men were gawking at me with their beady little eyes. The juniors and seniors at least has some class by sending me smirks and winks.

The bell rang, and Mr Benz stands up clearing his throat, "class, we have been very blessed to have the local impound gift us broken cars to fix, sadly, there aren't enough for everyone to have one, so we have to work in partners for the remainder of the year."

Most of the guys groan and send me glares, they probably think I'm a ditsy bitch who doesn't know what a radiator is.

"I'll pair you up." Mr Benz continues. "Kenny with-"

A loud slam rings through the garage and in walks the devil, shit, I mean Brett.

"Mr. Dallas, you're late." Mr. Benz chastised wagging his finger as Brett walked to the back of the room.

He looked up as he neared me seeing my boots, "Well who do we have he-" his eyes trailed up my body as I tapped my foot in annoyance. He started to suppress his laughter. " Av-Avery?" He laughed at my name like it was a punch like to the 'worlds-greatest-joke', "ah shit, this is too funny!"

"Language! Language Mr. Dallas." Benz warned as finished pairing up the class while Brett continued to laugh his ass off.

"Since it's obvious you have feelings for Miss Summers, you can be her partner for the year." he said bitterly. The class quietly laughed and Brett's face was priceless.

He sat there with his jaw dropped and a twinge of anger, "Benz, come on, anyone but her... she's such a bi-" Mr Benz sends him a warning look and he just sighs and pouts.

"Get to work everyone." we get shooed off to one of the cars.

"Are you still mad about the tea?" I ask bluntly standing up to find our assigned car.

"Fuck yeah, apologize." he demanded following me. Like hell, I'm not going to apologize to an asshole who basically called me a slut.

"Hell no." I drop my bag by our car at the end of the garage.

"You're such a bitch," he whines and opens up the hood. "do you even know a thing about cars or did you join this class to find a booty call?" So he thinks I'm clueless, well he's in for a surprise.

"Um, that thing," I point to the battery and use my best girly voice, "is the engine." I smile like I just got a puppy.

"Ughhhhhhh" he face palms and I laugh, he looks up and shots me a 'are-you-on-drugs' look and I keep laughing. "What the hells so funny?"

"The fact you actually thought I was that stupid, Brett I've been working with cars since I was born. My dad's made and designed over 50 Ferraris." I walk over to the shocked Brett and ruffle his stupid black hair. "it's okay, it's not your fault you completely gullible."

"Hold up, your dad is Adam Summers?" He asked completely shocked and surprised. I nod, no shit sherlock. "no fucking way!" He whispers. "babe, you gotta hook me up!" He's grinning like a kid and grab a wrench from the tool box.

"I thought you were mad at me?" I tease as I grab a flashlight to see if there's any damage done deeper under the hood.

He leans in near me and slips a kiss on my cheek. "please?" He begs and flashes me, I assume his lady swooning smile.

"Ughh, you're so..." I can't place the words.

"Sexy and Mysterious?" He guesses completely wrong.

" I was thinks more of annoying and perverted." I scoffed looking at the car engine.

"Well you're sweet," he comes and joins me rolling up his sleeves on his plad shirt.

"I know, check the radiator fluid while I check the oil." I smile trying not to be a total bitch even though he's really annoying.
"Shit, this cars fucked up." He slams the hood shut leaning against it.

"You're such a cry baby..." I wipe the little beads of sweat off my forehead and lean next to him.

"Aw, did you just call me baby?" he teased winking at me and I rolled my eyes.

He gave me a puzzled look and then reached his hand up and held my cheek, running his thumb over my forehead lightly.

"You had a little..." he pulled his hand back and my face was blank, what the hell? Was that him being nice or is it apart of his game? Whatever it was my stupid cheeks decided it was the first one and blushed.

He's probably gonna make some stupid comment about how easy I am, I wait for it but it never comes. He just looks around the classroom.

The bell rang breaking me out of my trance and I stood up and grabbed my bag, fuck my mind.

"You giving me a ride home?" I shake his shoulder, he is still leaning against the hood.

He shakes his head probably clearing his thoughts then looks up at me, " hm? Oh um yeah." he grabbed his bag and stood up walking out to the front of the school.

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