Chapter 34

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Avery's POV:

There are about two more hours left in school until we are officially on thanksgiving break. I know it's only a four day holiday but anytime away from school is fun.

Especially since Im finally friends with Brett again and since him and his mom are spending the holidays with us since its scorching and their ac repair man won't stop by until Saturday and it's currently Wednesday.

Ever since this morning when I give Brett his pancake I haven't seen him in class, knowing him, he's off somewhere having ten times more fun than me, yet again prisoners are having more fun than me.

I'm stuck sitting here counting down the minutes until I get to go home.

"Avery, get up." A voice says as I sit up from my well deserved nap I didn't know I was taking.

"Hmm?" I ask the anonymous voice.

"Class is over." The girl who was siting next to me says as she grabs her bag and walks out the door, I'm the last one in class.

I grab my bag and happily walk to my car, goodbye hell hole, see you in four days! I think as I walk to the parking lot and remember my mom had to drop me off because my stupid car wasn't starting up.

What a fun way to start vacation, walking home in the abnormal November heat.

If I'm lucky Jake is still at school and I can hitch a ride with whomever's picking him up.

Jake middle school is only about half a mile away and that's about as far as I'm willing to walk in this heat.

I'm walking up to the building just as their bell rings signaling the end of their day, lucky me, right on time.

I sit down on a bench in front of the school under a nice shade tree and wait for Jake to come outside.

"Avery?" Brett's voice startles me as I turn around confused.

"What are you doing here?" I ask completely dumbfounded as to why he's here at a middle school.

"I could ask you the same thing." He smirks and I roll my eyes, "I'm here to pick up Jake from school."

"Why are you picking him up?" I ask as I notice the motorcycle parked in the street. "in that?"

"Cuz he asked me to." He shrugs it off as nothing as kids start to file out of the building and the preteen girls begin to gawk and whisper.

"Is that Brett Dallas?" I hear one whisper.

"Oh my god he's so hot!"
"Why is he here?"
"Is that his girlfriend?" These are just some of the obnoxious whispers that are taking over the front of this dreary little school.

Soon a few boys begin whispering too, just great!

"Is that Jake's sister?" "Damn she's hot!" These preteen little dweebs are beginning to piss me off and I think Brett can tell.

"Don't like all the attention babe?" Brett asks as he wraps his arm around my shoulder and laughs at my suffering. I can hear a few girls gasp and point followed by more excited whispers.

"Hey Brett!" Jake calls as he walks out of he building, I see why e asked Brett for this, it's a total popularity boost. The sneaky little creep.

"Hey Jay." Brett says as they start walking off to the motorcycle and all the attention is now on Jake.

"You coming princess?" Brett calls and I sigh as I walk over to them.

"You really had to call me princess?" I ask rudely as I take a helmet from an hand it to Jake.

"Oh I defiantly do." He says with a smirk as he motions for me to get on the bike behind him.

"Ready Jake?" He asks as Jake smiles and nods, the next thing I know the engine is being revved like crazy and were racing down the street with the wind whipping everywhere.

As we pull into the driveway i jump off the bike and turn to the boys, "Mom never needs to know about this, right?" I warn with a sharp tone as they both nod silently and I walk into the house.

Good to be home for the holidays!


"Are you sure you don't need my help mom?" I ask as my moms shoos me out if the house.

"No just go hang out with your brother or Brett, I'm fine, Margaret will be back any minute with the emergency ingredients." She says trying to get rid of me, what a lovely mom.

"Fine." I grumble as I walk over to the living room and plop down on the couch turning on Netflix.

"Hey couch potato!" Brett teases as he walks down the stairs.

"Hey jerk wad!" I tease back as he comes to stand behind me, I don't even turn around, I'm too busy watching Lana get tortured by Sister Jude.

"Weird shit you're watching." He says as he slips on his converse.

"Don't tell me you don't love American Horror Story!" I gasp and turn to face him and he just shrugs, " and this is why you could never be my boyfriend." I tease him knowing he's still playing his stupid game.

"Whatever Summers, let's get you off that lazy ass of yours and go for a walk." He offers and I roll my eyes as he stands up and grabs the remote to turn off the tv.

"Hey!" I whine as I get up.

"Come on blubber butt." He teases as I slip on my shoes and walk out the front door.

"Fine." I huff.

"Oh, and Brett?" I turn around and face him as he's getting up from the stairs, "we all know you think my ass is hot so don't try and fool yourself." I say seductively and bite my lip for good measure as I see him gulp down  a lump in his throat and I chuckle as he walks out the door.

"Fuck you." He drawls out as he rolls his eyes and walks next to me.

"I know you want to." I tease flipping my hair in his face and smirking.


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