Chapter 44

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Brett's pov:

"Okay wait, she what?" Reese sits up confused.

"Like I told you, she kissed me... After she told me we were best friends..." I tell him as I sit down on my bed dropping my backpack on the floor.

"So she made the first move? And what about today at school, everything seemed normal? I'm so confused." He asks still confused.

"I don't know man, I really don't get her..." I say going to the fridge and grabbing a beer.

"So does she like your or what?" He asks taking a bottle for himself.

"I have no clue! I hate this... It gets me nervous and confused, god damn I just need another beer." I say finishing off this bottle.

"At least she's hot, so it's worth it." He tries to comfort me.

"Shut up you ass, I wish she'd just make up her mind!" I grumble.

"Oooh speak of the sexy devil looking who's walking across the street," he gestures out the window and low and behold there's Avery walking towards my house.

"I'm gonna let you guys chat it out," he says as he scales down my my wall out the window than in a fake girly voice adds, "text me all the details later!"

I chuckle and drink down another bottle of beer.

"Hey Brett? You home?" She calls as if this were her own house.

"Yeah I'll be right down." I call as I finish of my third beer in less than 10 minutes and jog down the stairs.

She's wearing the same dress she wore to school today, the one that stops right at her butt, it take everything in me not to check her out.

"What did you need?" I ask as I reach the bottom of the staircase.

"Nothing I just wanted to talk..." She shrugs as she sits down on my couch.

"Yeah, there's actually something I wanted to talk to you about." I say as I try to not look at her shirt which keeps rising up every time she moves on the seat.

"Is it about your burger at lunch? Sorry I was really hungry I probably should have asked you first." She assumes and click on the tv.

I walk over to the tv and shut it off, how is she so oblivious?!

"Not the burger Avery, that kiss up at the cabin? What was that?" I ask kind of annoyed and short tempered.

" I don't know, I guess just a way to get over all the Jase drama, a distraction I guess." She say so casually.

"I was a distraction? You used me to get over your stupid boyfriend?" I spit angrily.

"What? I thought you wouldn't care, you like getting action I thought it would just be a kiss." She says defensively and I feel my blood boil, I know I'm a bit tipsy but this is burning a hole through me right now, she doesn't get it!

"God damn it Avery you're so blind!" I yell hitting the side table.

"To what? Why the hells are you so mad? It was just a kiss!" She asks the tension rising.

"You're so selfish and inconsiderate you think you can just use people, people who you claim are your friends just use them and toss them aside! I'm human you bitch! I have feelings! Don't you see that? Yeah I use girls, but I don't stoop so low as to use my fucking friends!" I fire at her, I see her start to cry but at this point I don't even care.

"If that's what you think of me fine..." She says trying to be strong, playing the victim once again.

"See there you go again! You don't even acknowledge the fact you hurt me , but you pull the whole damsel act, get over your self!" I keep attacking her. At this moment I'm just trying to make her feel the same pain I do, it's like my heart was being run over by a truck.

"If I'm such a bad person why did you kiss back than? If you really thought I was all these things why would you still be here for me day after day? What do you have a crush on me or something?!" She hisses cruelly and that was the final straw for me.

"I'm done." I say calmly she looks at me confused, "get out."


"GET OUT! Get the fuck out of my face, get out of my house! Get out of my God damn life Avery Summers! I never want to see you again!" I yell at the top of my lungs and tears stream down her face as she bolts out the door.

I walk out the back door and down to the club a few blocks away, I have a feeling I'll be needing a lot of booze and very pretty lady's to forget about this.

[third person pov]

Avery rushed out the door rivers falling from her eyes, she never felt worse in her life. She sprinted down the drive way and into the street.

A black pickup truck comes swerving down the street the driver completely and utterly wasted. His car barreling down, and Avery unaware of anything but the pain within her head and heart was caught staring straight on into the headlights.

You can guess what happens next.

Within minutes the ambulance was parked, the pickup was long gone and there in the middle of the road laid Avery.

The paramedics loaded the ambulance and raced to the hospital.

"Will she be Okay? What happened? Please tell me anything." Mrs Summers pleated with the police officer as the ambulance carried away her daughter with an uncertain fate.

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