Chapter 33

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Brett's POV:

"Get up loser!" Averys loud obnoxious voice booms as I feel delicate hands shake me awake.

"Whatttt...." I grumble as I open my eyes slowly and yawn.

The light is shining in through the window and yank the blanket up over my head and turn my back to Avery hoping I can sleep in longer.

"Get up!" She whines as she grab my wrist and tries to yank me out of bed.

"Noooo." I whine back as I yank my hand back away from her.

"Woah!" She exclaims as she falls forward onto me.

I guess me pulling her wasn't the best idea. She's currently sprawled over me and I can't help but laughing.

"Get off of me you're so fat I can't breathe!" I laugh out as I help her up.

"You're such an ass!" She says dryly but turns and smiles to me.

"Why'd you wake me up?" I ask wanting to sleep even though I'm fully awake now.

"Breakfast time." She says as she walks to the door.

"Ugh fine." I groan as I climb out of bed and pull on a shirt.

I'm about to follow her down stairs when my phone vibrates on the desk. It's a text from Maddie. All the events from last night spring into the forefront of my memory and I realize something. The night of the party I saw Maddie darting out of the house holding an armful of clothes. I didn't think about it too much because I was so drunk but it all pieces all together. It was Maddie, it was a crazy ploy for her to destroy Avery because she was jealous and wanted to date me. I can't believe I fell for that. I can't believe I gave her what she wanted.

To: Brett

Hey hottie wanna meet up before school? ;*

Meet me by the gym at 7

I quickly pull on a pair of black jeans and my converse and head off to school without breakfast. It's 6:50 am, I have ten minutes. Time to fix this once and for all.

While I'm driving to school I hear my one buzz again and I check who it was from.

From: Avey
To: Brett

Where'd you go? Want me to bring you some cold pancakes?

I laugh at how dorky she is and respond with a quick yes as I pull into the deserted school parking lot.

I walk through the nearly abandoned halls until I get to the field by the gym where I see Maddie waiting for me.

I hate how I never even thought that it was so conveniently timed that Avery ignored me the same time that Maddie and I started dating. How oblivious am I?

"Hey Brett!" Maddie calls giddily as I walk towards her.

"We need to talk." I say sternly as state her dead in the eye, I can't believe I would date this girl.

Worry overcame her face as she reached up to grab my arm in reassurance but I pulled it away.

"Babe what's wrong." Her sweet flowery tone had melted away.

"Show me the photo." I demand sternly as I reach out my hand waiting for her phone.

"What photo?" She asks playing dumb and I roll my eyes.

"The stupid photo you're black mailing Avery with so that you could have me all to yourself." I bite coldly as she sighs and pulls out her phone.

I take it from her and delete the copy of the photo.

"If you have any other copies you better destroy them or I swear your life will become a living hell." I warn her as I hand back her phone, "oh, and Maddie? We're over."

I turn and walk towards the buildings again as I hear her start to sob, what a bitch.

"So why'd you run off this morning?" Avery's soft voice surprises me as I turn around and see her, letting all my horrible thoughts about Maddie float away.

"I had to deal with Maddie. She was was the one who did that." I say sharply at just the thought of her name.

She begins to complain and I chuckle.

"Will you ever just say thank you?" I ask as I place my arm over her shoulder lazily and she sighs.

"Thank you." She says graciously and smiles up at me deviously.

"What now?" I sigh as she begins to smirk.

"You know those cold pancakes?" She asks while biting her lip and averting my gaze.

"You wouldn't..." I warn as she smiles widely and begins to sprint down the hall. "I hate you!!!" I scream running after her, she ate my breakfast.

I am close to catching her when the bell rings and she freezes for a second and I speed up. I sweep her up and spin her around.

"You're a dick." I say flatly as I set her down and she starts laughing her ass off, I'm not joking!

"Here ass wipe." She says between laughter as she throws me a ziplock with a pancake in it.

"Thanks." I say flopping it around before I jam the thing in my mouth.

"I'm sure of it, I broke up with her too." I state with a mouth full of pancake.

"You're disgusting." She state teasingly as she smiles and I ruffle her hair.

"Yeah yeah yeah princess, get to class." I brush her off with a smile and a teasing blown kiss.

She rolls her eyes but makes a heart with her hands and waves as she walks off to her first class of the day.

I contemplate actually showing up but the idea of not showing see me way more fun so I walk back out to the parking lot and head out for an aimless drive, anything is better than school at this point, maybe I'll head down to the beach, it's still hot as hell.

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