Chapter 52

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Avery's POV:

"What? What's wrong with dad?!?" I ask frantically and she looks around confused for a second before chuckling to herself. This isn't funny....

"I worded that badly didn't I? Your dad is fine." She says and my body relaxes, "Let me explain..."

She sits down next to me a hint of sadness in her eyes.

"Your dad and I were talking about your college, and you know how I'm so proud you got into your dream school, but i don't make too much, and can't afford UCLA, so I asked your father for help, and he was more than happy to, under one condition..."

"Which is?" I ask nervously.

"Well you know your dad was always upset that I took you and your brother when I left him, so... He wants you to spend the rest of the school year with him in LA before you move into the dorms." She explains and my heart breaks.

"So what does that mean?" I ask shocked trying my hardest to process this.

"He wants you to move back in two weeks, he's letting you spend prom here but you have to finish senior year over there and spend the summer with him before you go... It's the only way he'll pay for all of your tuition."

"So that means leave You and and Jake and Brett and all my friends? Just up and leave? I can't even stay to graduate??" I ask holding in tears.

"I know baby but it's college! You can't pass this up, this is your future!" She explains to me as I come back to reality and know she's right no matter how painful, she's right.

I somehow make it to my room and stare aimlessly at the ceiling until I pick up the phone.

I'm not sure what I wanted to do with it until I'm calling Violet.

"Hello?" She picks up."whoa! Why are you crying??" She asks concerned and I touch my cheek and sure enough I am crying. I couldn't even hear myself until now, hitched breaths and sniffles.

I explain to her what my mom had told me.

"What are you gonna tell Brett?" She asks me as I hear the sadness leech into her voice as well.

"I don't wanna tell him. This could break him, life's finally working out for us and telling him I have to leave is gonna ruin the last two weeks I have with him." I say sitting up.

"You have to tell him you're going. If you just up and disappear and he has to hear it from your mom or rumors around the school he'll never forgive you." She says and I know she's right.

"What do I even say then?"

"That you're leaving at the start of summer. It's a lie but it's better than not telling him.

"You're right, thanks Vi..." I say with a heavy heart and hang up.

I look over at the clock, 6:50... time to break the news.

Brett's POV:

"What's up mom?" I ask taking off my shoes and walking to the kitchen for a snack.

"Brett listen." She says Kinda sternly and I nod while digging through the fridge.

"No Brett really, sit down we need to talk." She says in a voice I've never heard her use and I sit on the island bar stool.

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