Chapter 43

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Brett's pov:

It's our last night here and as we all huddle around the fire the lake shimmers as the wood crackles. It's completely blissful and I just know that no ones going to want to leave tomorrow morning.

The silence is calming and I look around at these people I've know my whole life and wonder how I was lucky enough to find friends as awesome as them.

"Hey, I got you a beer." A hand is placed on my shoulder and I look over my other shoulder to see Avery's beautiful smile illuminated by the fire light. I smile and take a bottle from her, I fight every instinct within me not to kiss her.

She's just so effortlessly beautiful, I mean, it's like she doesn't even try she just glows and everything she does it's beautiful, she's sexy as fuck don't get me wrong but she's also stunningly beautiful.

Fuck me, I know I'm whipped and Reese won't let me forget it. For the past three days he's been up my ass about asking her out or just making a move, every chance he just insists that I kiss her or fuck her or just make a pass at her. For the first time I think that I legitimately like someone, and it sucks dick cuz she's maybe the one person in this whole city who's not head over heals for me...

"Brett? You good?" She whispers as she pulls up a chair next to me and leans her head on my shoulder. I nod.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Reese raise his eyebrow at me with his sly smirk. I wrap my around her and he smiles.

"Okay guys, last night lets make it count! Let's play dare!" Reese shouts excitedly and the rest of the group yells in agreement.

"Don't you mean truth or dare?" Logan clarifies, and he shakes his head.

"Nope just dare." He says nonchalantly.

"Well who's gonna start?" Owen asks excitedly sitting up and taking a sip of her beer.

"I will," Parker says sitting up. "Violet I dare you to chug a bottle of vodka."

She smirks and grabs a bottle downing the whole thing in minutes.

"Ok Reese, I dare you... To close your eyes and kiss the fist person you catch." She laughs and we all get up and run from Reese, with a few seconds he has Avery in his arms and I'm about to rip out his throat.

He glances at me as if to rub it in even more that he get to kiss her and I don't, he places his lips on hers and I see his hand snake it's way to her ass and I'm about to sock him. While they kiss everyone else whoops. I hate to admit my jealously cuz I feel like a god damn pussy but he's doing this on purpose.

As we all sit back around the fire Reese looks at Avery and I swear if the do something else together I'm gonna kill him in his sleep.

"Ok Avery, I dare you... To strip to your undies and go take a dip in the lake...and stay in them for the rest of the game." He says with an evil grin and I look to see her reaction, deep inside I'm hoping she actually will.

She shakes her head but rips off her shoes, than She stands up and peals off her jacket and none of us take our eyes off her, then her shirt and my heart begins to race, than her pants and she's wearing a matching set of underwear.

I have to thank Reese for this blessing later. Damn she's hot.

"Fuck, it's so cold." She says as she try's to wrap her arms around her to keep warm.

"Just wait till you get in the lake." Reese remarks as he shoos her to the water. She walks over and into the water as I watch her ass sway in those sexy underwear.

After she submerges she runs back up and try to slip on her jacket, she's shaking like a leaf.

"Tsk tsk..." Reese shames as she stops. "Can't get in your clothes remember, your dare?" She groans and sits in her chair shivering.

"Your turn Avery," Parker insists and I notice I'm the only one who hasn't gone yet.

"I mean technically to get out of it you can dare Brett over here to let you sit on his lap and share his Blanket with you." Reese suggest and I mentally praise the man.

She looks at me as to ask me for permission.

"You're freezing to death get over here." I smile and open up the blanket as she cuddles into my chest.

The game continues for another hour or so but I can't seem to focus on anything but the sexy girl clad in nothing but a bra and underwear siting on my lap.

"Ok I'm done for the night I'll see you in the morning guys," Parker says through a yawn as he stands up and walks back to the cabin.

"Yeah me too." Violet echoes and follows his back.

"Well I officially feel like a third wheel I'll leave you two love birds alone." Reese say sarcastically and I scoff and roll my eyes.

"Try to keep her clothes on!" He calls out from the back porch of the cabin and she raised her fist to flip him off and we all chuckle.

She is still shaking and I wrap her tighter in the blanket. "Do you wanna go inside?" I ask her and she shakes her head leaning into me a bit more.

"I kinda like this..." She says grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers. She places our hands on her bare stomach and her skin is icy and smooth, it sends shivers up my spine.

We sit there as the fire dies just listening to the small waves lap at the shore and the crackle of the fire.

"I'm so Happy we met, you're my best friend I love you..." She says out of nowhere and kisses me on the cheek, my heart drops ten stories and loosen my hand from hers.that was like a bomb.

This would be perfect if only she wasn't so interested in being my "best friend".

"What's wrong?" She asking leaning up and looking at me.

"Nothing." I lie probably sounding very passive aggressive. "Let's get you inside before you get sick.

What a drag, an almost perfect night, turned into this. I've been friend zoned after the biggest turn on ever.

She slips on her shirt and gathers her clothing walking off towards the cabin. I'm following right behind her and we get right in front of the cabin door and she stops in front of me.

Without a second thought she whips around and kisses me. I don't have time to react as she wraps her arms around my neck and as soon as it began it ends and she rushes to her room and shuts the door.

What just happened?

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