Chapter 48

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Brett's Pov:

The noise from the cafeteria can be heard from down the hall, it's sounds like pigs are being slaughtered behind the doors.

Or that may just be because of that unnecessary lecture my freaky vegetarian science teacher gave about animal slaughter. I could have sworn she was hungover.

I toss down my bag as I lean back into the chair at our usual lunch table. Within seconds Reese and Violet pull up a chair and sit.

"So you turned him into a gushy preteen book character?" Violet asks and I look at her confused, she's looking over me and I turn to see Avery with a small smirk.

"Hi babe." She says leaning down and pecking me quickly as she sits in the chair next to me.

"You've ruined Brett." Reese teases and Parker chuckles, "I bet he can't even be bad ass anymore."

"Shut up, Reese. I'll always be better than you and you know it."  I counter and we both laugh.

"Avery, he's gone soft for you, time to step it up and show him how bad you can be." Violet says nudging her with a grin.

"Avery?! Bad ass?! No way, I bet she couldn't even come close..." Reese pushes her and I see that look in her eyes, I know that looks, there's a competition coming.

"I so can..." She says testing him.

"I dare you to go full out bad ass tomorrow and I'll be the judge of it." He dares her and she chuckles with a sly smirk.

"You're on."

I would be lying if I said I wasn't insanely excited for this. Add it to the list of things I need to thank Reese for.

Tomorrow couldn't come any sooner.


Avery's Pov:

I throw my bag down on the floor and set my house keys down on the table as I sluggishly walk to the fridge.

I don't know exactly how I plan to go all "bad ass" like Reese wants but I can't chicken out now. I mean I could have sworn when I arrived I was a stone cold bitch but I don't really know what happened there.

I pull out an apple from the fridge and walk over to the couch so I could binge watch orange is the new black. As I sink my lazy ass into the couch my phone buzzes and I reluctantly get up again to go check who it is.

I pick it up and check the message, the name that appeared was surprising,

From: Dad

Hey sweetie, sorry it's been so long, I finally got your car shipped to you, it should be there any minute :)

My dad hasn't texted me since we left Los Angeles, but I ignored that fact for a minute because of the message.

My Baby was finally here!! And it could have had a better time to show up, this car was fucking bad ass. I threw my phone and apple down on the couch and sprinted for the door hoping to see it. As I race out the door I see it pulling into the driveway! My black Ferrari F430 convertible and I couldn't hold back my squeal!

I ran up to the drivers side and yanked open the door. I expected one of my fathers executives to be dropping it off like John who would always give me chocolate bars everytime I visited the office or the shop. My heart stopped when I saw who it really was.

"AUSTIN!" I scream as I pull him out of the car and attack hug him, "what are you doing here?!?"

"Nice to see you too Avery." He chuckles wrapping his arms around me tighter, we stand there hugging for a few minutes in silence, "I work for your dad now and he thought it'd be a nice surprise for me to come up." He shrugs that adorable smile never leaving his face.

"Oh god I've missed you! Mom be Jake are gonna be so happy to see you! You've got to stay for dinner!" I'm bouncing off the walls, this is beyond amazing.

"Ok ok Avery relax." He laughs as he slips back in the car, "I'll pull this baby into the garage and than we can go eat."

I nod as I try and remove the smile that's plastered on my face but I had forgotten just how much I had missed this loser and how much I missed my old life.

"Come on A, let go." He said letting my old nickname slip out of his mouth. It felt so foreign hearing someone say that but it was also comforting.

He gave me his arm and I laced mine through as we went inside, i missed my best friend.

Brett's Pov:

I could have sworn I head a car zoom down the street but I didn't see a car.

I look out my window that faces towards Avery's house and check down the street.

I glance down at her house and see she's standing outside talking to someone. Me being the nosey son of a bitch I am I continue watching. It's honestly probably just Violet.

The second person talks and Avery's face lights up as she turns to the door. Curiosity is eating me up alive right now. The figure begins to walk towards her and my stomach drops.

A tall blonde guy with a sunny dark tan, I could even see his muscles through his white tee shirt. I would a liar if I said this guy wasn't making me really fucking jealous.

I mean I've never even see him in this town before and I've lived here for over 17 year...

Who the hell is he?! And why the hell are they going into her house??

I'm going crazy with jealousy and I hate it, this has never really been my thing. Generally girls fight over me and try too hard to keep me. I've never been the one who was jealous of anything.

I lay back down running my hands through my hair roughly. It's taking every piece of self control not to walk over there right now. I exhale a deep breath and try and shut my eyes for a minute maybe if I sleep through it I could calm the fuck down, I just need to chill.

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