Chapter 39

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Avery's POV:

"Avery! Hurry up we're gonna be late!" Brett groans from down stairs an I just roll my eyes.

"If you want me to look nice, you have to fucking wait..." I mumble to myself in the mirror as I curl the final strand of my hair.

I check over my outfit to make sure I'm all ready. My hair is curled to perfection and I finally decide, after much convincing from my mom, that I wear a full face of make up. But I glance down and see my bare toes, shoot where are my shoes?

Brett and I spent an hour finding the perfect black pumps.

"Avery!" Brett whines from down stairs and I laugh as I spot my heels. I slip them on as I stumble out of my room and toward the stairs.

I delicately race down the staircase trying to calm him down.

"I'm ready I'm ready." I reassure as I make it to the bottom of the stairs and look up to see him basically drooling. I can't help but smile, I mean I knew I looked nice but this is just crazy.

"But I think you need a few minutes to clean up all that drool." I tease and he snaps out of it.

"Shut up and let's go." He says through his signatures smirk.

"Not so fast kids!" My mom calls out and you can hear her race down the hall towers the door. " I need a picture first, smile really fast!" She says pulling out her ancient camcorder.

After about 7 failed attempts and 5 minutes later she decides to give up on the dumb ass camera.

"Ugh, Avery just give my your phone I'm sick of this." She say growing the camera on the couch and taking my phone and snapping a few photos.

"Nice smile ok?" She say positioning my phone one last time.

Brett being the ass that he is decides to poke me as my mom begins the count down. By the time she takes the picture we are both full out laughing.

"Ok mom we really gotta go." I say between laughs taking my phone back and dragging Brett out the door while we still can.


"Can we go now?" I whine over the annoying sound of Hotline Bling playing for the fourth time tonight.

"Avery quit being a baby." Brett jokes as he pulls me up off the chair I've been in for the last 20 minutes.

"I hate this music, it's crushing my soul..." I complain as he pulls me on the dance floor.

"Fine one song than we can go to my house, okay?" He bargains and I reluctant give in.

The song begins to change as Cant Help Falling in Love comes on and the lights dim.

I mean at least it's a good song to end the night, it's not like tonight wasn't fun, I just hate stupid music, it's not my fault.

Brett places his arms around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck as I lay against his chest. We sway calmly to the song and I can't help but to listen to the sound of his heart, the steady strong beating that is for some reason comforting.

"Ready?" He whispers into my hair and I realize the song has ended.

"Oh um yeah." I say letting go of his neck and following him out to the motorcycle.

The night air hit me like a drunk driver and god damn was it cold. I tried rubbing my arms to keep warm but it didn't really help.

"Here," Brett said nonchalantly as he removed his suit jacket and placed it over my shoulders, "I'm not cold anyways."

"Thanks." I smile and get on the back of his bike. It takes maybe five minutes to arrive in our neighborhood and he parks in front of his front door.

"Come on, we can chill here for awhile." He says smiling back at me as he unlocks the door.

"Hey, do you have any spare clothes? I'm dying to get out of this dress." I ask as I follow him upstairs and into his room.

"Yeah here's my smallest tee shirt, I think it'll fit you." He says tossing me a white muscle tee.

He pulls off his button up and slips on a flannel over his grey tee. I walk over to the corner by the couch in his room and slip off my dress, leaving my tights on and pulling on his shirt. It falls down to just under my butt but it fits comfortably.

I walk to him and he smirks, "what now?" I ask cockily putting all my weight to one side smirking back.

"I mean, you looks sexy as fuck in my clothes." He shrugs casually and I go over and punch him jokingly.

"Come on, I have an idea." He says, his eyes lighting up excitedly.

"Where are we going?" I laugh as he drags me out of his house and into the pool house.

String lights were on and the empty open room was full of soft music playing.

"Brett, what are you trying to pull here?" I ask suspiciously as he takes my hand.

"Oh shut up and dance with me." He says pulling my closer spinning me around. I laugh at his cheesy reference to the song he just quoted.

"Come on Summers, loosen up!" He teases and dips me.

Looking at his smile, I felt so at peace, like I could live in this moment forever. I think this is a side of Brett no one gets to see, and I'm really thankful I've been aloud to see it.

"You're such a dork." I say catching his contagious smile.

"Coming from you Summers? That's a compliment." He jokes and I stick my tongue out at him.

"Coming from you summers that would be a complement." I mimic his cocky tone and scrunch up my nose.

"Meh meh meh." He mimics back using an annoyingly nasally voice.

"Mehhhh!" I mimic back and smirks at me. "What? What are you smiling at?" I ask him annoyed.

"Nice thong." He says flirting and I remember that I'm in tights that a see through and he can see through them.

I embarrassedly slap him in the chest an he feigns hurt, "Ave, if you don't want me to mention it don't show me!" He jokes.

"Why I oughta!" I yell and chase after him.

"Catch me if you can princess!" He taunts from in front of me. That little bitch!

"You suck ass!" I yell and plop down on the floor defeated.

"Aw love you too undies girl!" He teases a he sits down next to me and envelopes me in a hug.


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