Chapter 53

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Avery's POV:

"So?" I ask nervously doing a little twirl to show my mother the dress I was wearing tonight.

Her eyes gleamed as they gazed at the ethereal dress and all its beauty. It was a clean white with a golden ribbon laced around the waistline. In all honesty it looked awfully like a wedding dress and that's why my mother was close to tears.

Just the look of pride on her face to see what her daughter has grown into would have made me cry if it weren't for the fact I spent over 3 hours trying to perfect my makeup.

And to make matters even more sentimental this would be the last night I see Brett or anyone at this school I cared about for awhile because Monday morning I'd be on a plane to Los Angles. All my bags are packed upstairs. My gut wrenches ever time I think of leaving without saying goodbye, but I know I won't leave if he finds out.

A knock on the door yanks me back to the moment and I run upstairs to make it look like I wasn't just waiting by the door like I most definitely was. I mean he lives across the street he should have no reason to be late.

"Oh Brett, don't you just look dashing!" My mom gushes and the sound of Brett's name Jake comes speeding from his room like a puppy.

"Hey Brett! Nice suit, I got this really cool new FIFA if you wanna come check it out." He jabbers on as Brett gets pulled through the front door toward his room.

Time seems to slow down as Brett's grin grew into a hearty laugh as his smile bloomed and dented his cheeks with dimples.

Time fell back into place with my heart racing to catch up. His eyes scanned the top of the staircase until he saw me from the banister. His eyes lit up with enchantment and longing as his mouth became glued to the floor.

"Wow.." were the only words he was able to find as I slowly descended the stairs. A smile spread across my face. The way he looked at me had my nerves sparking fireworks all though my body.

"Why are you in a wedding dress?" Jake spat out and the feeling was gone just like that. I look at the little beast. Annoyance lit up my face like a trashy neon sign.

"It's not a wedding dress." I retort.

"It's a wedding dress." He says again.

"If only." Brett uttered under his breath and blood rushes to my cheeks as the corners of my mouth curl up again.

"Come on Brett I wanna show you..." Jake continues and pulls him toward his smelly little boy cave he calls a room. Brett sends me a warm smile and shrugs as if saying "what can I do?"

"Stop stealing my boyfriend you twerp!" I yell as I hear the door slam shut.

My mother places a protective hand on my shoulder and looks me in the eyes, "marry him." She states plainly as she looks back to where Brett was taken to.

A smile dances gracefully back across my lips, "I intend to." I whisper as she pulls me into a hug. "But if I don't get him outta there I might not get the chance to." I tease with a chuckle and go off to try and save my prom night.

"Give him back!" I demand as I bang on the door to hell itself.

"I'll come over Monday after school and we can hang out then ok?" Brett reassures as the door flys open just as I'm about to pound again.

"Ready gorgeous?" He asks turning back to be before taking my hand.

"Yep." I grin as we head to the door.

"Not so fast, I need a picture!" My mom yells from the kitchen and appears with her old Polaroid.

"Is the retro camera really necessary?" And she shoots me a glare as she raises the apparatus to her face.

"Brett get a little closer could you?" She instructs from behind the lens and Brett's arm follows and wraps me in closer.

"Yeah, at least pretend you like me." I joke through my smile as I quickly glance up at him.

"I mean that's a big job you're asking me to do, you're just so unloveable." He teased back and a shove him away holding in a laugh as one of his smirks leaks onto my face.

His hand tries to pull me back towards him but I resist and he sees it as a challenge and begins to pinch and tickle my sides as I squirm and kick.

Everything stops when my mother snaps the photo mid laugh and I stare at her in embarrassment.

She shakes out the photo and hands it to Brett after reviewing it and being content with her work.

He examines it like it were an ancient piece of art. "I like it, It captures your beautiful laugh." He says cheekily handing it to me and no matter how hard I wish I hated that picture and my laugh I didn't. It was a beautiful photo. And I'd never bring it up but the way Brett looked at me in that photo is the way most girls strive to have guys look at them.

"One more ok? A nice normal one for Avery." My mom tease me and I glare at her.

"Actually if you don't mind could we take a few more?" Brett asks sheepishly. And my mother nods giddily.

We take a normal stereotypical prom photo. Then I hop on his back and take a silly on while peering around his shoulder.

After that one I hop back down and without warning his warm lips are pressing against mine and his arms are enveloping me and are resting on my lower back as my arm laces around his neck. My mother snaps a photo and I blush realizing I just kissed my boyfriend in front of my mother.

"You two get out of here, you'll be late, have fun!" My mother shoos us out and we race down the drive way.

I push back the thought gnawing on my heart that this is the last night I get to be with Brett for at least 5 months...

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