Chapter 37

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Avery's POV:

First day back at school after the turkey festival that went down at my house and I feel like a bloated cantaloupe.

Brett's finally back at his own house and I can once again sleep in my undies without worrying he'd walk in and see. I know Jakes beat up about it, he loved having his "bad boy bestie" sleep over. Apparently being friends with Brett gets him cool guy points with all the middle schoolers.

But enough about that, I have to get ready for school, which means tearing through my closet to find an outfit that stealthily conceals my food-baby.

After about an hour of digging I found a beautiful pair of sweatpants and a trusty sweater I had from my old school. I quickly jam all my supplies in my bag before rushing down to grab some toast and leave for school.

I walk out the front door into the chilly wintery air and down the walkway.

"Hurry up!" I hear Brett call from the inside of his moms car across the street and I pick up the pace ever so slightly.

"What no motorcycle?" I taunt since his mom wouldn't let him drive me to school on the motorcycle because I bitched about it being too windy and cold.

"Shut the fuck up and get in loser." He jokes and unlocks the passenger door.

As we ride to school I decide to check Instagram which I rarely do because I could careless for social media. I believe is just a way for people to find acceptance and "friendship" though an online network, it's pitiful.

As I'm scrolling through the stupid selfies and dumb posts something catches my eye. A picture of Jase with his grandma at the park.

It's kinda sad to see considering she's dead and all but it's a lovely picture.

"Are you just gonna sit here all day?" Brett's voice springs me back into reality and I jam my phone in my backpack and step out of the car.

"Come on, last one to class has to buy brownies!" He challenges as he starts jogging to class. I smirk, and start sprinting, I'm getting a free fucking brownie!

In seconds I pass him and dash into our first period and take my seat. I'm panting a little but the calorie, singular, I burned will soon be replaced 100 times over with a brownie I will not have to pay for.

"You bitch." He teases as he jogs in and plops down next to me, without a single sweat broken.

"You owe me a brownie thank you." I gleam with pride and he just laughs.

"Ok princess, okay." He chuckles and throws his hands up.

The teacher walks in with the rest of the students and I begin to zone out.

One minute I'm staring out the windows at the bare tree outside, wondering if it's an oak or birch or what, and the next minute a blaring alarm is screeching.

I snap back into reality as everyone frantically looks around eyes wide.

"Students stay calm, this has to be a drill!" The teacher says obviously convinced himself it's not a drill.

And to prove him wrong, the principal announces over the intercom the news, "teacher and students this is a lock down, I repeat, this is not a drill!"

"Please get down on the floor and shut the blinds." The teacher says as he runs to lock the door and turn off the lights.

I slip down to the floor and sit against the wall, I can't say this scary but it is a little nerve wracking.

"You all good?" Brett asks as he slides down next to me.

"Yeah, just thinking a bit." I shrug.

"Yeah? What about?" He ask.

"I don't know... Nothing, everything?"

The lock down lasts through 3rd period and we still have idea why we're on a lock down.

"So you're saying you hate lemonade?" I whisper yell, since apparently we can't really be talking at all.

"Yeah that shit is nasty." He scrunched his nose at the thought and I wanna smack him.

"How can you hate lemonade it's like hating babies!" I protest.

"I do hate babies, they just puke and shit and cry." He says and laughs a little an I can't help but laugh too.

"That's true, they are kinda gross." I say bubbly.

"Shhhh." The teacher hushes from under his desk.

With that the alarm blares again and the intercom switched on.

"Thank you all for your cooperation, the lock down is over and all is now well. There was a shooter near campus and we had to ensure safety, please proceed to lunch."

The principle drones as we pack up our things and head to the cafeteria.

The hallway is like a river full of fucking fish. They all crowd toward the cafeteria.

"Can we walk through the courtyard instead?" I beg Brett and he nods, grabbing my wrist and pulling me into the open air.

We quickly cross to the exterior door of the cafeteria and try and open it. It's still locked from the lock down so we're here looking stupid banging on it hoping someone could be nice and just open it.

"Hey," Brett says as he stops banging and points at a winter formal poster, "are you going?"

I look at it a bit before someone opens the door and we walk in. I haven't really thought about it, I mean since Jase is gone and all. I mean might as well just go, but than I wouldn't have a date and that'd be lame.

"I don't really know, how about you?" I finally say after stepping out of my thoughts.

"Maybe." He shrugs and places a brownie on the table, "a bets a bet." He smiles and I unwrap the yummy treat.

"Mmmm, yum! You're the best I fucking love you."

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