Chapter 2

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Avery's POV:

I wake up to the most annoying beeping from my bedside table, (we finally moved everything in) I turn to see my phone going crazy telling me to start my prison sentence or you know, go to school.

I get up walking over groggily to my dresser pulling out a cream sheer school-girl top with a droopy bow in the front and a pair of dark washed ripped skinnies.

Walk into bathroom carelessly throwing my pajamas in the corner and slipping on the clothes for today.

I splash the water that this town imported from Antarctic on my face to try and wake me up but to no avail. My eyes had huge bags under them an it was just bad, I put some face makeup to lessen the ugly and applied a few flicks of mascara.

As I walk out of the bathroom I check my phone for time-7:50. Shit, I don't even know where the school is and my car hasn't been brought up here yet from LA.

I grab my phone and bag and i scramble down stairs taking my sunglasses from the entryway table to cover my baggy eyes and jog into the kitchen.

"Mom! I pray to Jesus you know where the school is-" I turn the corner from the hall and skid to a halt, standing in my kitchen, drinking coffee with MY MOTHER, is brownie boy.

"Oh hello Avery." He smiles cordially and sips the coffee, leaning on his elbows against the island counter top.

"Ave honey, Brett here was sweet enough to offer you a ride to school." She beamed at him, obviously falling for his fake charm.

"Yeah, thanks." I grab an apple and head towards the door seeing my moms shocked face as she almost spits out her coffee.

"Thank you Ms Summers!" He calls waving to her a he follows me to the door.

I stop abruptly in front of the front door causing him to run into my back.

"You came to my house?" I hissed turning to face him.

"You need to be a little more appreciative princess." he patted my checks and I glared at his hand.

"And you need to stop coming into my house uninvited." and walk outside and down the driveway.

"That one" he points to a motorcycle parked across the street and I nod walking over to it.

"Nice bike, a little old but classic." I turn to face him as I hop on and he gives me a look of confusion.

"You're not scared you're gonna fall?" He teases ruffling up my hair. I pull on my sunglasses and he gets on the bike in front of me.

"I've ridden a motorcycle before." I say in a duh tone, "shit it's cold." I shiver as a gust of wind goes by.

"Want my jacket?" He offers as he begins to take off a sleeve.

"Ah no, I know that trick, claiming your babe with an article of clothing, not gonna happen player boy." I drape my arm over his shoulder "lets go."

On the ride to school the wind picks up and I feel like a total dumb ass for not accepting the jacket.

We pull up within minutes to Westfield High and I step off the bike, adjusting my wind blown hair.

"Gimme your number." I say pulling out my phone and opening a new contact.

"Fallen victim to me already princess? I thought you'd be a little harder to get." His deep voice was taunting and I wanted to punch him in the face.

"Don't let your head get too big there brownie boy, you won't fit through the door... I need a ride home, I have no clue where the hell we are." I correct his misguided assumption and walk up to the front entrance rubbing my arms to stay warm.

"Want my jacket Avy?" Wow Avy really? But I really was cold, fuck common assumptions of this stupid competition.

"Yeah?" I asked relinquishing any shred of dignity I still had.

"Sucks. should have taken it earlier." He walks off ahead and I lose him in the crowd.

What a dick. Now how am I supposed to get home?

I walk into the office and up to the wrinkly old receptionist who looks like someone shoved a poll up her butt.

"Hi, I'm Avery Summers, I need my schedule." I say short and sweet. She doesn't even look at me and hands me a half sheet of paper shooing me away. "Gee thanks." My sarcasm forcing my eyes to roll.

I look down at the list as everyone in the hall looks at me like I'm god damn Lana Del Ray coming through here.

1-US History-Mr Freeman-207
2-English-Mr Kerr-824
3-Art-Mrs Jaxins-102
4-Calculus-Mr Green-213
5-AutoShop-Mr Benz-Garage

It was pretty good, I'm glad my day ends with shop, that's the one class I actually care about.

I bump into someone as I continue looking at my schedule, "oh, sorry."

"It's fine, you look new, need help?" He comes next to me checking over my schedule.

"I'm Jason, but call me Jase. I'm heading to Freeman's right now if you wanna come with me." he motions and walk with him. "you are?"

"Avery Summers." I smile half heartedly. He seems chill, not like all the so called bad asses in this school trying to get at any living thing that breathes. He flicks his brown hair out of his face and turns to me.

"From the way everyone's starring, I'd assume you were famous..." He jokes and I lightly laugh.

"Shoot you caught me!" I tease back. Some random girls by their locker are whispering an pointing like I can't see them jabbing their finger in my direction.

"You aren't famous are you?" He clarifies in worried tone and I laugh harder.

"Funny. I like you, you're a keeper." pat him on the back as we walk into the class room.

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