Chapter 51

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Avery's POV:

Spring break flew by in a whirlwind, the next thing I knew we were a month back into school and prepping for finals.

I surprisingly have pretty decent grades this semester and there are only two months left of my senior year! Times flown by and in less then two weeks Proms gonna be here. It's unfathomable that Brett and I and all our friends will be graduating and going off to college.

Violet got into UC Berkeley and she's crazy excited because Reese is gonna be there with her. Parker got into John Hopkins which is no surprise, it was between Hopkins and Dartmouth. Logan is staying local and Brett and I both got into our dream schools. By September next year I'm going to be going to UCLA ! I don't know how I got in but I did it and I still feel like it's a dream. Brett got into to Cal State Long Beach which is only an hour and a half away from where I'll be.

Well his admission is still tentative because he flunked most of his classes sophomore year and doesn't have enough credits to graduate so he's gonna be in summer school.

I feel like it was just yesterday I was pulling into this dinky little down in the moving van.

"Ave come on!" Violet nudges me, I guess I was zoned out because the bell had rung and we were the last in the classroom.

"Sorry, I was just thinking..." i follow her out the door flinging my back onto my shoulder.

"You better hurry and get to auto shop... don't you and Brett need to get that piece of shit running soon?" She teases cuz she knows our car is the only car that still won't start.

"I'm going." I grumble as I shove open the hallway door and wave bye to Vi.

I stroll over to the corner of campus where my final class is all the while stuck in my daydream of what college will be like.

I step into the auto shop that smells like gasoline and locker room not focusing on anything but what color I want my dorm to be.

Being the klutz I am I trip over a hubcap someone left lying around and go flying towards the floor. I close my eyes and brace for impact of the concrete floor.

"Careful there princess." I open my eyes that are not on the floor as I had assumed but thankfully face to face with Brett who luckily grabbed me before I face planted.

I smile up at him admiring his perfect smirk that is always plastered on his annoying gorgeous face.

"You're staring again babe." He teases and I roll my eyes, how am I still dating this dweeb. I lace my arms around his neck and run my hand through his perfectly styled hair just to screw with him.

"Love you too." I say against his lips as I kiss him quick and walk over to our car.

"Stop teasing like that!" He whines as he sits on the hood of the car. "I haven't seen you all weekend and that all I get? A peck?"

"Mhmm." I smirk at him as I shove him off the hood and pop it open.

"No, that's not happening." He challenges as he fits his chin into the crook of my neck planting little kisses along my collar bone.

"Brett stop we need to get work done." I say flustered and trying to hide the blush on my cheeks.

"I'm not gonna stop till you give me a real kiss." He whispers against my ear his hot breath giving me goose bumps and I give in.

"Ughh fine." I turn quickly and kiss him burying my fingers in his hair and smiling against his soft lips.

I pull away for a breath and he smiles. "Thank you." He says and ruffles my hair before getting under the car and begins working.

By the end of the period I've just about given up on the piece of shit and am ready to take the F. Brett's still tinkering with something near the engine.

"Brett it's hopeless this junk pile isn't gonna-"

"Got it!" He yells from the drivers side door as the engine begins to rev and my eyes go wide. I wrap my arms around his neck and he spins me around.

"Fúck yes!" I whisper yell my smile sprawling out over my face.

The bell rings and he sets me down and I grab my bag.

"Wanna ride? We should celebrate." Brett asks talking my hand and guiding me out to the car park. I nod and we hop on the bike.

He puts a helmet on me and I glare up at him.

"Do I have to?" I whine it's not like I'm eight and will fall off and scrape my knee.

"Yep, don't wanna run the risk of hurting that pretty little head of yours." He explains and I sigh, he just has to say it that way doesn't he...

We pull up in the neighborhood and I rip off the helmet as he parks.

I glance over at my house and my moms standing outside. That's weird, my moms never been home before 4, like ever.

"What's my mom doing outside?" Brett asks under his breath and I look now to his house and sure enough this moms car is in the driveway.

"This is weird... i guess we should go?" I ask throwing my bag over my shoulder.

"Meet up for dinner later okay?" He asks while he walks up the driveway.

"Sure, 7 o'clock." I call back as I walk closer to my mom who's waiting for me on the porch.

"Honey, we need to talk..." she says her voice low and solemn and my mind is thinking about all the things this could be about.

"Okay..." I step inside and walk over to the couch.

"It's about your dad..."

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