Chapter 54

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Avery's POV:

The pulse of the music radiates through my bones as it vibrates across the dance floor.

"Commmmeee on Brett I wanna danceee!" I whine pulling his arm bringing us over towards the crowd of grinding teenagers.

"Avery, baby, how much have you had to drink?" He asks me sweetly  pulling me back away from the dance floor.

"I didn't have any alcohol tonight! How dare you accuse me!" I try to tell him but it comes out more of a pitter of slurs.

"Reese gave it to you?" He states obviously.

"Yup." I pop the p and smile up at him with a toothy childlike grin.

Sooo I'm drunk, it's all good, the whole last night with Brett thing was bumming me out so I told Reese my dilemma and made him promise not to tell Brett till I'm gone.

"Can we dance now?" I run my hand down his chest and loop around his belly button tauntingly.

His eyes fell closed briefly then flung back open. His hand stopped mine and placed my hands around his waist to keep them out of trouble.

"You're a little drunk princess, we should get you some water." He states and I pout.

"Or we can dance?" I suggest as my hands trail down to his aśs and I feel him move closer to me to avoid my grasp. He takes my hands in his smiling at me like I was some little kid.

"You're no fun." I mope and he chuckles walking me over to a table. My foot slips thanks to my 4 inch heels and I loose balance. I feel like a box of pizzas tipping over off the table.

"Careful." He chuckles catching the pizzas, I mean me...

He helps me sit down in a chair and my ankle is hurting. I guess I wince and he looks at me all concerned.

"You okay Avey?"

I giggle at him as he kneels down too look at me eye to eye. "You called me Avey." I poke him in the chest with an unsteady finger.

I wince again.

"Ave, are you hurt?" He places his hand on my knee and I point to my ankle. "Oh shit did you sprain it?" 

He lifts up my foot carefully like it were some small puppy child. He slipped my shoe off and did the same to the other puppy child.

"Butter?" He asked and I looked at him confused for a second, oh wait I think he said better? Oh ok.

I smile and nod, wow my head is spinning.

"I'm gonna get you some water ok? Stay here." He says before running off through the crowd.

He comes back moments later with a water bottle and some crackers. I munch and drink.

An hour passes and I feel so much better.the pulsing in my head has died down and I can think normally again. Luckily my ankle wasn't sprained but just hurt a lot.

"Can we dance now?" I ask since we've been sitting and he's been babysitting me for over an hour.

"Are you done trying to be sexy?" He asks and I lift a brow at that statement.

"Oh you thought that was sexy??" I question him as I swing over the chair I was in and straddle him placing my elbow on his shoulder in one swift motion. "I can be a lot sexier than that." I whisper seductively into his ear.

"Oh I bet you can." He smirks and whisks me up and towards the dance floor holding my thighs around his waist.

"Brett!" I squeal but he probably doesn't hear it since the music is ear splitting and there are so many conversations going on at once.

I feel solid ground again and I'm shoulder to shoulder with about 6 people. He wraps his arms around me making sure I don't get elbowed in the face.

"Are you ready for my sick moves?" Brett asks with a smirk still not letting me go until we get some room.

"I don't think you have sick moves." I tease him.

"Oh I totally do." He states matter of fact, "I've seen high school musical like 12 times." He says and breaks into a laugh.

I can't help the smile that grows across my face as I look at the dork I decided to date.

"Oh, I gotta see it now."

He steps back and begins doing the dance to "We're All In This Together" like an idiot and my stomach bubbles with laughter.

"You're such a girl!!" I tease lovingly as he continues to dance.

The song changes and the DJ called all the couples onto the dance floor for the first slow dance of the night.

Ed Shereen's Thinking Out Loud came on and Brett laced his fingers with mine putting a hand around my waist. The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile and I so wanted to take my moms old camera, capture this moment and live in it forever because I that moment I didn't think of leaving or of any issue that we've faced this year. In that moment it was just Brett and me dancing. It was magical.

As the song ended the moment was lost. The songs began blurring into one and soon enough the night was over.

"Let's head out princess!" Brett yelled over the roar of conversations going on around us.

"Wanna head back to your place and watch a movie?" He asked as we sat down in the car.

I almost said yes because that's the only thing I wanted to do after tonight and with the thought of leaving here tomorrow, I needed the comfort. Reality didn't agree though, my room was fully packed and if we went in he'd know something was up, and if I went to his house I wouldn't want to leave.

"No, I can't, gotta get home." I said reluctantly, going against every fiber of desire in my body.

"Then we must detour!" He announces as he does an illegal u turn in the middle of the road.

"Brett where are you taking me? I should go home you dork!" I scold hoping he doesn't listen to me because I don't really want to sit in that depressing room for another 10 hours until my flight.

"Do you trust me?" He turns over to face me a devious and slightly familiar is smile glowing on his face as he drives.

For a while I'm trying to figure it out then it hits me. We pull up next to the park.

"Did you bring me here to murder me?" I say dryly trying to relive that day of the failed pool party and he chuckles because he knows I've caught on.

"Yeah, duh." he says sarcastically.

We walk to near the lake and it's pitch black the only light is coming through the trees from the  huge moon that's out tonight.

"Too bad that kiss against the tree never happened." I say to him out of the blue.

"Ohh you mean... this kiss?" He says with that smirk coming back and the next thing I know I'm
pinned up against a large tree trunk and he's holding my hands above my head and he leans in just enough so I feel his lips practically touching mine. He's teasing me and I can't help loving it.

"I love you." I whisper against his lips afraid this is the last time I can say it to him for awhile.

"I love you too." He says and the next thing I know our lips collide and fireworks begin to explode between us.

I couldn't fully enjoy it though because my mind kept returning to the irony that we are having our last kiss before college at the same spot we kissed for the first time. The irony was painful but woke me up.

I'm leaving tomorrow and he has no idea.

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