Chapter 10

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Avery's POV:

He leaned back a shocked expression plastered on both of our faces. What just happened?

"I- um- I should..." he stutters out running his hand along the back of his neck.

"Go?" I finish his sentence as I stand up, not wanting to look him in the eyes. I kept my gaze anywhere but on him. I knew from the second it happened it was going to create tension, I'm such an idiot.

"This was a mistake, I'm sorry Avery." he says as he pick up his book bag and shoving all the papers and poems into it.

I can't say anything, I can't fully agree with him because no matter how badly I wish I didn't, I really liked that.

He stand up and walks for the door slowing pulling it open, I still haven't turned to look at him but I know I can't just let him leave like this.

"Jase! Wait, can we... just forget I did that? Please?" I beg finally letting our eyes meet hoping he would be willing to erase that kiss.

He's quiet for a while, I don't know what he's thinking, but he sighs and I brace myself for the worst. The evening sunset is the only thing I can focus on as I wait for his words to come.

"Of course, anything for a friend." he smiles his voice calm and collected and I can't help but smile I know he's doing this for me because of the dumb ass move I pulled, "but I should go, it's getting late, bye Ave." he walks up and gives me a hug, kissing the top of my head. As he walks out the door I release a breath I was unknowingly holding.

What is happening to me? I'm can't wimp out and become a pussy! God why did I have to move to a shit hole full of hot guys?! Kissing him? Really Ave??

Ughhh why can't I be normal and not try and kiss hot guys? Like is that too much to ask for?

I fucking hate emotions.


I crawl into bed because it was pretty late, I clicked my phone to check the time. It was 11:17. I pulled up the covers and turned off the switch on the lamp and the room went dark.

I tried keeping my mouth shut at dinner and just keeping to my own. I was enveloped in my thoughts, that really need to learn when to fuck off and leave me alone might I add.

My eyelids are slowing getting heavier as I watch the reflection of the water contort on my ceiling and make wave of pale yellow light dance.

In moments my mind is fighting to stay awake and losing. Each time I blink the longer it takes for them to reopen.

I'm about to drift into peaceful slumber but the universe doesn't want to stop tormenting me. My phone buzzes on the side table and I try to ignore the vibrations and rattling but after what feels like an hour I give in an pick it up.

"Hello?" I say groggily pulling the phone up to my ear, I probably sound like a middle aged man.

"Hey! Avery! What's up?" A deep smooth voice asked a little to eager for my likings.

"Well I was almost sleeping... before you called." I deadpanned a bit pissed off the Brett would decide to call me this late at night.

Okay I get it, 11:30 wasn't that late but still, I had a long day and I like to sleep, deal with it.

"Aw, well wanna come over?" He feigned regret and quickly recovered with eager hopes.

"Would rather stab myself with twenty thousand needles in the vagi-" I began ranting until he cut me off

"Whoa there! Don't wanna know." he chuckled into the phone and I could just envision that twisted smirk that never left his face.

"Just leave me alone Dallas." I whine as I hang up the phone before he can keep talking.

I, the smartest girl ever, came up with the idea to put my phone on airplane mode and set it on my dresser. Finally I can sleep.


His soft lips collide with mine and move in complete synchronization as if they were made to be together. Small shivers run through my veins and goose bumps begin to raise on every place his smooth hands touch.

As he pulls back I feel my heart race and my breathing quicken and hitch. My eyes opened to see just who I was kissing.

Frankly I'm not surprised, the perfect brown hair gave it away, Jase.

I'm kinda happy it him but how did we get here? Where are we? There are white curtains everywhere and it's so bright.

It's really bright.

And now it's cold! Fuck!

My eyes open for real and I'm blinded my the light shining in through the balcony door an my blankets have been ripped from my body. I'm now completely freezing because someone didn't put the heater on this morning.

"Mom told me to wake you up." I hear Jakes innocent little voice coo and I know for a fact she didn't tell him to rip my blanket off.

"If you don't leave in 30 seconds you won't have a head." I bark at him angrily, I'm not a morning person. I hate the mornings, I pick up my phone as Jake scrambles out the door away from me. I read the time then rub my eyes, I think I'm reading this wrong. I check again and I was right, I'm fucked.

It's 7:47.

I guess the mornings hate me too because I only get 10 minutes to get ready. I bet Brett has already left for school too so I don't even have a ride.

I throw my hair up in a messy bun without brushing that teeny tiny knots out. Randomly pulling out a pair of sweats and a crop top I pull them on and run out the door with my bag slug over my shoulder and my mascara and phone in my hand.

I run down the street towards the school hoping I'm not late again, I can't get detention again, my moms gonna flip out.

She said how I need to keep my grades at a B minimum and try and stay out of trouble, If I do that until summer, She may not kill me.

But it's been a living hell.

In the distance I hear the hum of an engine, but not just any engine, a car engine that putters, just like Jase's!

I whip my head around probably giving me whip lash to see Jase coming to the rescue. I probably look like a homeless person who just got out of the sewers but I'm so happy that I won't be late that I'm jumping like a four year old.

"Jase!" I scream and wave even though he's already pulling over next to me.

"Damn did you get hit with a bus?" He teases an wrinkles his nose.

"Ha.ha. let me in." I pull open the passenger door and slid in as he guns it down the street.

I'm finishing up my makeup and redoing my hair as we pull up to school as the bell rings.

I gather all my shit into my bag and pull it over my shoulder hastily.

"Thanks, you saved my life Jase, I owe you big time." I smiled gratefully and pecked his cheek and bolted out the door to class.

To be completely honest, I'm acting like a love sick middle schooler and I fucking hate it. What next? Memories his class schedule? Ughhh...

I need to get my life together!

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