Chapter 32

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Brett's POV:

The stupid beeping from my phone won't shut up.

I pick up the damn thing and check the time: 7:25. Aw fuck.

I stumble out of bed and slip on a pair of grey sweat pants and a white muscle tee.

I jog to the bathroom brush my hair and teeth and hurry down stairs. I have ten minutes to get to school before I'm tardy for the 5th time this week which may become a new record.

I grab an apple, a pair of flip flops, my backpack and my car keys and I'm out the door.

I start the car and drive off to school. It's been three weeks since Avery's been upset at me.

I pull into campus and turn off the engine with two minutes to spare. I head up the steps and jog down the hall, one minute until I'm late. I pick up the pace. Usually I don't give a shit if I'm late but 10 tardiness in one semester equals suspension, and my mom would kill me if I got suspended again.

I can see the door to my class in sight, thirty seconds I yank open the door and slip into the first seat I see just as the bell rings and I sign.

Mr Whittmore is obviously angry about the fact I made it on time. I swear this man has a vendetta for me or something.

I bet it's because he's 70, balding and alone while I'm everything he's ever wanted to be, young handsome, and well, me.

I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I know the bells ringing and I head off to the next class. I repeat this cycle until lunch.

I'm supposed to be taking Maddie out to lunch since its our 'one month-aversary' whatever that means.

"So Bretty, where are we going?" She asks me as I hear her heels click from a mile away.

"Cheesey's?" I offer since we only have about 40 minutes for lunch.

"You want to take me to a pizza shack for a date?" She gasps in horror am I roll my eyes.

"Well where do you want to go?" I ask slightly annoyed.

"Le Bon Fleur" she says fancily and nod since we're just killing time arguing and I'm starving.


"This is so nice." She purrs as she takes a bite of her crepe.

"Happy one month-aversary." I say half heartedly as I poke at my weird pastry that Maddie ordered for me.

"I'm so happy now that there are no distractions in our relationship." She smiles and take a sip of lemonade.

"Yeahhh." I agree not really knowing what the hell she's talking about.

"We are so perfect for each other." She says softly as she leans forward over the small table and I knowingly lean in for a kiss.

"We should go soon, class starts in 10 minutes." I remind her and she pouts but gets up with me. I leave money on the table or the bill and we head back to school.

"Brett turn up the air conditioner I'm burning." She whines as I crank up the air. I know it's the middle of November and it should be snowing or at least cold but the past few days have been scorching.

"This weather is so gross!" She says as I pull into the parking lot at school.

"I know." I say as we walk to class.


I throw my keys on the kitchen table and grab a cup from the cabinet. I drop a few ice Cubes in it and pour a glass of cold refreshing water.

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