"I've been heartbroken before, I know how it is." I study her. She's short, like really short. Missy's has blonde hair that falls in her face, she's wearing a light pink sundress that cuts off right before her knees. She's not bad looking, but she isn't as hot as my brother's new girlfriend. That's probably why Cole picked Noah instead of Missy. It's shallow but it's true.

"You're the guy, the guy never gets hurt." She starts to cry even harder then whispers "It isn't fair." under her breath. I'm guessing she thought I couldn't hear her.

"Um no, the mother of my child, who I was madly in love with, left and never looked back. She left  Claire and I. So, don't say that the girls are the only ones getting hurt here. They just show it a hell of a lot more then guys do."

"I'm sorry that happened to you. Did you know that happened to him?" Missy asks Andrew, clearly not knowing that he's my best friend.

"He must have forgotten to mention it." He smirks

I don't think Missy realized that Drew was joking, I go to explain but my phone starts to ring. "Can you hand me that?" I ask Drew since me and him switched seats without realizing it since we have gotten up so many times. Instead of just giving me my phone, he just answers it instead.

"Hello?" Drew says, he puts it on speaker so everyone can hear.

"Hey baby." It's Hannah, she must think I'm the one who answered. I mean it's my phone, why would I answer.

"Hey, I've been thinking about you all day." Drew says into the receiver.

"Oh yeah, You should come over. I just put the kids down. I'm sure if we're really quiet we can get away with that." I can feel my face getting the deepest shade of red possible. I call out to Hannah but Drew is holding the phone away from me so my girlfriend won't be able to hear me.

"I would so love that babe. I was thinking about you so much while I was in the shower this morning. If you know what I mean." Drew pulls the phone away from himself due to him laughing hysterically.

Hannah laughs and then says, "Well, are you going to come over or just keep talking dirty from Drew's?"

Note to self: Kill best friend.

"You should come over here,we could try to get in trouble." Drew says like he's turned on.

"Shane, I have two kids."

"Bring 'em. Kelsey loves kids."

"Alright, I'll see if you and I can get into some trouble." She sounds so sexy on the phone, it's making my body want to lose control just by listing to her. But I have to be in control, I'm not even suppose to be having sex my doctor said so. What did I just get myself into.

"Okay, I'll see you soon." Hannah says in the phone."

"Bye, love you." Drew says back and then hangs up. Wait what did he just say?

"Um, what did you say?" I'm ready to deck Drew in the face.

"Shit, you haven't said I love you, have you." Drew says slowly, he just realized what he did.

"What's the big deal?" Missy asks. To be honest I forgot she was even here, and I kinda wish that she would leave.

"Why would you say that?" I yell at Drew.

"I'm so use to saying it with Kelsey that I just forgot! I didn't realize that you and Hannah haven't gotten there yet." Drew says ignoring Missy.

Cole comes walking back into the kitchen with Claire in his arms,"Why are you two screaming at each other again? Did you find out that Drew slept with another girlfriend of yours?"

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