Danny is back, right?

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Picture of the stranger----->

Elena's p o v:


Guilt was a bad bad thing. Guilt always ate us alive. I had never felt this horrible in my entire lifetime. My whole world was wrecked. I mean who's wouldn't be?  Nick had finally kissed me and what had I done? O yeah, I had told him to f*ck off. How messed up could I be?

I jolted awake because of the horrible tone of the alarm. I walked in to the shower, dreading today already. I wore faded blue jeans with a black tee, which read, "KILL ME". I would feel much better if somebody did that before my guilt could.

I dragged myself downstairs. My parents were sat on the table discussing one of their cases.

"Well, I don't think he could have done that. Only a person without an ounce of feelings, a cold heart could have done something so merciless. He doesn't seem like that.", dad spoke up.

That reminded me of Nick. I got interested in their conversation.

"Maybe he was being threatened into doing this, accepting the crime.", mom said.

Now I could understand what that scrawny was telling the other day. 'If you go against us, then this is nothing.' Was that why Nick always kept telling me, 'I want to, but I can't'.

"Somehow, he doesn't seem to be the one who could be easily threatened to do something you know.", dad added.

Well Nick didn't seem like one too. I mean he was a damn good fighter. Jason would know that the best. But then, why would he take the blame?

"Which means that he is most likely taking the blame on himself for somebody else,  somebody close to him, somebody he loves.", mom added.

Usually their talks never made sense to me, but somehow today I could relate to it. Of course Nick was doing the same thing. He was taking the blame for someone close, someone he loved, Danielle.  But that didn't make sense. I mean why would Danielle kill somebody? I crashed into an open cupboard, diverting my parent's attention to me.

"Hey honey, you up so soon?", mom asked me.

"Yup. Couldn't sleep at all", I replied.

"Why so?", dad questioned me back with a look of concern on his face.

"It's nothing really. Teenage troubles", I tried assuring them. I couldn't cause anymore worry to my parents.

"Ok, care to share, kiddo?, my mom asked me, gesturing me to sit down for a talk.

"I think I'll pass", I grabbed a cereal bar, "There's a game today, so I'll be going there straight from work.", I informed them.

"Honey, don't be too late.", mom added.

"Ya, if you have any trouble just give me a call. I'll come as quickly as possible", dad told me.

I simply nodded my head, and kissed them goodbye. As I came out of the house, Nick appeared from his. He looked damn sexy in his grey shirt and dark blue jeans. He was twirling the keys on his fingers and whistling some tune from the 80's. He looked really happy about something. I really wanted to ask him about Danielle. My mind was swirling with questions, to which only he had the answers. As soon as his eyes met mine, the smile on his face vanished and it was replaced with an evil smirk. I really didn't like this. It was creeping me out.

I moved over to my car, cruising past his house to the school. I trotted to my locker, wary of my surrounding, because I expected Nick to do something.

 "Woov, you seem to be in a hurry.", Meg was by my side a wide grin on her face, "You've got to give me a detailed picturesque description of your first date."