Becoming his Old Lady (A Sons of Anarchy Story) by hicklife
Becoming his Old Lady (A Sons of hicklife
Elle beautiful, smart, funny and has always been as known as the rich kid with the rich friends and had the most beautiful mansion. She loved it all up until highschool...
  • adventure
  • romance
  • clay
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Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Dorm [Completed] by Cellienda
Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Cellienda
Krystal Hayden, treated as an outcast in this rich school she doesn't even want to stay in, aren't like any other girl. She isn't spoiled with money and can't meet any c...
  • quiet
  • reject
  • girls
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Kid napped by the gang leader by slayingelui
Kid napped by the gang leaderby oooooo Shane
Lea Is just a dander who had a dream. It all gets ruined by one simple mistake Will she learn to love him Or be disobedient and hate him
  • love
  • gangleader
  • elui
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I Shoot Webs Too (Spiderman/Peter Parker X reader) by XenaArrow
I Shoot Webs Too (Spiderman/ Xena Arrow
When your a girl that is in love with superheros, and you go from living in a city with no supers to moving to another city with no supers, plus that are extremely far a...
  • loxo
  • shoot
  • art
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Odio amarte tanto...(2° Tenias que ser tu) by Anabelenv_2006
Odio amarte tanto...(2° Tenias Anabelenv_2006
Logan: Oh,venga ya! Eres lo más preciado para mi,nunca te odiaría Ana...-acaricio su mejilla Ana:-le miro a los ojos y un par de lágrimas caen- Odio amarte tanto...
  • marina
  • youtube
  • laia
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My Thug! by mayababy811
My Thug!by Maya💫
Amelia Walker and Amanda skilts meets Ryan's Nd his gang because of Amelia's cousin Peri,what happens when Amelia goes missing? Gets kidnapped? A drug deal gone left? Fi...
  • shoot
  • badday
  • kidnapped
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Play Pretend | ✏ by livingonchocolate
Play Pretend | ✏by Roo
[Highest rank as of May 2018: #132 in Teen Fiction] Liz Townsend and Tyler Callahan had been best friends ever since they discovered they had a mutual dislike for Rapunz...
  • samway
  • shoot
  • college
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That's My Girl! #TMC Book 2 by Bunny_Heart12
That's My Girl! #TMC Book 2by nicviii 🍃
If the book one makes you smile then this book 2 will make you cry--- just kidding, it's frustrated. ^^, Dara-- No! She's now Akira Sandara Tanaka. She doesn't just let...
  • eunhyuk
  • shoot
  • exo
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Shot: A Jeffmads Fic by Quillique
Shot: A Jeffmads Ficby Quillique
It was just a normal debate between Hamilton and Jefferson. James was there to support Jefferson and back him up against Hamilton. Everything was going fine. Until a dru...
  • shoot
  • debate
  • fluff
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Brink of Insanity by maddielikestacos
Brink of Insanityby maddielikestacos
Told through the eyes of his only friend, Will Stewart has constantly been bullied, but hides his true feelings inside. No one knows how close he is to snapping. When Br...
  • friend
  • shoot
  • guns
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no todo tiene un final feliz by _juliesgt_
no todo tiene un final felizby Lidia pitarch
intentos de suicidio,desamor,peleas,amor,odio... quieres saber mas lee la historia
  • nil
  • logang
  • squad
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Arkham Asylum  by LaurenGrant9
Arkham Asylum by Lauren Grant
Ok ! so this is my fanfic of me and my friends (me , jodi , shannon , olivia and lillie) as villains in the batman universe , in this story we get captured and get sent...
  • joker
  • villains
  • comic
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Boku No Hero Academia ONESHOTS by imaloooserrr
Boku No Hero Academia ONESHOTSby Ima Looossseeerrr🎈
I will do Lemons, Fluff, and Limes 😏 thought this would be good for my comeback.
  • izukumidoriya
  • shoot
  • midoriya
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Protect Her (mafia) -Jungkook  by taebaelae
Protect Her (mafia) -Jungkook by Dream
She was the light in the night. He would do everything to save her. She was an innocent child who's dad was a head of a huge mafia.But what happens when his only child,h...
  • gun
  • love
  • rapmonster
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Zombie Killers (completed!) by HollymayBroadleydarb
Zombie Killers (completed!)by Holly-May_18_Author
When a group of best friends are thrown into a zombie apocalypse, tough decisions have to be made even if it means leaving someone you love behind. A new world full of h...
  • thriller
  • fantasy
  • action
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"Can I Kiss You...?" by SydnicAj
"Can I Kiss You...?"by ~ThatAkwardBlueMarker~
"This may sound dumb....... But can... can I kiss you....?" -Sinon (Don't use these characters) Will Contain -Swearing -Violence -Sexaul Content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°...
  • gay
  • osain
  • fanfiction
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MARCH INTO THE SUN | poi by holoalura
MARCH INTO THE SUN | poiby babygirl
the world is her simulation. and if there's anyone who knows how to manipulate them - it's shaw. death to stop death. how fitting, for her. -x- [ PERSON OF INTEREST; sea...
  • au
  • sameenshaw
  • violence
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Silver by futurecomplications
Silverby futurecomplications
❝The world is made up of two classes - the hunters and the huntees.❞ - Rainsford, The Most Dangerous Game A young man is driven to madness by his peers at school, and de...
  • murderer
  • anger
  • sad
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Photography  by TeabagProductions
Photography by Teabag Productions
I'm not a professional. Just an idiot with an iPhone camera.
  • album
  • pictures
  • photoshoot
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Find Me by ThatShaw
Find Meby ThatShaw
An alternative way to finding Shaw
  • rootandshaw
  • crime
  • mystery
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