Expecting the Unexpected...

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Picture of Elena's dress----->

Elena's p o v:

With a new day I hoped for a new start. I was free of all bandages and wounds. My heart was also welded by now. I took a quick shower and wore my blue denim skirt with a baby pink blouse. I braided my hair. I was running a bit late so I bid my parents a goodbye. Andrew was waiting for me outside our house.

I smiled on seeing him. He looked as handsome as ever in his light blue shirt and dark blue jeans. He was holding his car's door open for me. "Hey, good morning", he wished me, "You look pretty."

"Thank you, good morning to you too", I replied.

I slid into the passenger's seat.

"So...", he drawled on.

"So...", I imitated him.

"I was thinking...", he spoke up running a hand through his tousled hair, "If I could take you out on a date, I mean if you're free."

I had made up my mind to give Andrew and I, 'us' a chance. In fact I was a bit glad that he had asked me about it.

"Yes, I am free today. And I would love to go on a date with you."

 I could see the twinkle in his eyes. "Great!", he exclaimed, "So, I'll come to pick you up at 6, it's fine right? And wear something nice. It's a posh place"

"You have everything planned?", I asked him.

"Of course, but I didn't expect you to say a yes.", he admitted ingenuously.

"Well, I like surprising people."

"That's a characteristic, men really adore. It's kind of a turn on", he smirked.

I was a bit embarrassed and a blush rose in my cheeks. To my surprise we had already reached school. Andrew parked the car and quickly came over to open my door. I thanked him and got down. 

"Thomas, what's up dude?", I heard Riley speak.

I turned my head to the direction of his voice but to my disappointment, I didn't find Nick there. Andrew fist pumped Riley. "I'm good McCain, when's the game?"

"Tomorrow night. You guys have to come. We need as much support as we can get.", he replied.

"We will make it Riles, I have a good feeling this time. You guys will do great."

"Thanks, Elle. How are you feeling by the way?"

"I'm good."

"Have you seen Nick?", he asked me.

Nick hadn't come to school today? I could feel the guilt rise in me. I really hoped that he hadn't done anything stupid.

I was brought back from my thoughts as someone shook me. "Elle, you ok? You seemed lost.", Riley said.

"Sorry, I got to go. I'll see you guys later.", I waved both the guys a good bye and started walking towards my locker.

I heard Jason's voice from a near by janitor's closet.

"Amy, I'm not going to do it."

"Why not Jason? You never used to refuse me before?", Amy purred.

"Amy, It's not the same now. Nick is always around her. I can't bear another hit now, besides...", he left it unspoken.

"Besides what?"

"Let it be Amy"

"No Jason, speak up!", she screamed.